The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

A quick-and-dirty guide to the shores in one of the sexiest countries on the planet. (Bring a thong!)


Looking for an escape? One of my favorite places to relax is on a beach in Brazil. Brazilian culture revolves around the beach, and with 4,578 miles of coastline it comes as no surprise. I’ve been going every winter for years, and I love turning my friends onto the spectacular beaches that line Brazil’s shores.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

My friends often ask me to list my favorite beaches in Brazil, since I’ve traveled all over the country to find the most pristine, beautiful beaches. Actually, my girlfriends ask which beaches and towns are the prettiest, while my guy friends almost always ask where the prettiest women are.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio helped give Brazil the reputation of being home to many gorgeous women.

That’s a tricky question, and one that nearly everyone has a different answer to. Women in Brazil (especially in Rio) are a very broad mixture of races and cultures — there really isn’t one cookie cutter sort of woman. What I can tell you is that, regardless of their background, in Brazil all women are universally interested in fashion, fitness, and bragging about their man. It’s the plastic surgery capital of the world (if you don’t count Asian women getting eyelid surgeries), despite having so much poverty.

Many men visit Brazil because the women have a reputation for being very sexual and easily seduced by the promise of an American boyfriend. This is only partially true. It’s the same as anywhere in the world, basically. Men who have comparatively large wealth will be able to seduce women who look for that. Just like anywhere else.

That said, if my guy friends are going to Rio, I tell them to go to Ipanema beach. It’s the most high-end beach in Rio, surrounded by a cleaner and safer area of the city. The women who hang out at Ipanema beach are healthy (they are the wealthy crowd, so they eat less junk food) and –of course– gorgeous, but since they’re not living in poverty, they’re also less easily seduced.

As for the beaches natural beauty, they all have their own charm, but I prefer beaches that are clean and less crowded. So, without further adieu, from the Amazon to a small peninsula off the coast, these are the best of the bountiful:

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Praia Lopes Mendes beach

1. Praia Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande

Located off the coast between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (and a short walk through the jungle!), the wild and sexy shores of Lopes Mendes stretch out two miles in front of you. The beach is adorned with exotic vegetation, like almond and apricot trees, and crystal clear water that creates beautiful waves. There is absolutely no development, making this isolated beach a great spot for uninterrupted R&R. Praia Lopes Mendes is everything you would imagine a secluded tropical paradise to be.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Alter do Chao beach

2. Alter do Chao, Pará

One of the best beaches in Brazil is actually separate from the coast. Located in the heart of the Amazon, beautiful white sandy beaches surround the clear waters of the Tapajós River. Positioned between the Amazon and the Tapajós is the Green Lake, or Lake Muraquitas. However, there’s more to this beach than just the sandy shores, there is also an abundance of beautiful wildlife and vegetation. Start off your trip by enjoying the scenery of the Amazon and end your day relaxing by this gorgeous gem.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Praia do Sancho beach

3. Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

Located near World Cup host cities Recife and Natal, Praia do Sancho is a beach that seems to be created for the adventurous travelers. This beach is not only perfect for diving and snorkeling, but with its clear waters, miles of coral reefs, and a busy sea turtle mating season, there’s a lot to see. There’s no getting bored at this place! Unfortunately, this isolated beach can be hard to get to because of the steep cliffs that border the shores. There are only three ways to arrive – by boat, ladders (located in a rock split), or scaling the rocks of neighboring Porcos Beach. If you’ve got the guts to take one of these avenues, this definitely is the place for you! Don’t worry, regardless of which avenue you choose, the trip to this beach is definitely worth it.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Taipus de Fora beach

4. Taipus de Fora, Bahia

Located at one end of the Maraú Peninsula, the Taipus de Fora is the third largest beach in the country with about 25 miles of beautiful beaches. This tropical paradise is the main attraction of the Maraú Peninsula.  There are pool reefs, coconut trees, waterfalls and mangroves.  Equipped with hotels and authentic Brazilian lodges, it’s actually possible to wake up to this view every morning. Honestly, is anything wrong with this place? Paradise is the only term that can be used to describe this gorgeous destination.

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Ipanema beach in Rio is famous for the beautiful women who hang out there

5. Ipanema, Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro

No Brazilian beach list is complete without Ipanema. (This classic beach is the place that made bikini watching an acceptable pastime!) Much more of a tourist’s beach, the shores of Ipanema are strewn with bodies and energy. Although it’s a little more crowded and well-known than the other beaches on this list, Ipanema is still a favorite of many. Aside from spending your day in the sun, there are tons off high-end shops, not to mention a vibrant nightlife in the neighborhood nearby! On Rua Vincius de Morais, a street lined with restaurants and bars, is the famous Garota de Ipanema Bar where the lyrics to “The Girl from Ipanema” were penned.  You can literally lay in the sun all day and have a girls night out all in the same place. Does that sound like the perfect vacation, or what?

The 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

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Reader Discussion: 109 Comments

  1. Avatar of Susan Lopez

    Susan Lopez

    I love Brazil and its beaches…Tanned skin, salt in the air, warm weather and happy people.

  2. Avatar of Melissa Richardson

    Melissa Richardson

    I bet you had a hard time finishing this article. I mean it’s hard to choose top 5 when there are other dozens of worderful beaches in Brazil.

  3. Avatar of John Lineberger

    John Lineberger

    Ahhh Brazil. Such great memories. Got drunk and woke up buried in the beach. Lost my room keys. Luckily i found my friends and got all sorted out. hahahaha

    • Avatar of Marvin Allen

      Marvin Allen

      Starting a story in the statements “getting drunk” is always a good story! *virtual high five*

  4. Avatar of Francis Armstrong

    Francis Armstrong

    Booking a flight to get there now!!!! Just needed a divine intervention to go there… and this article is the sign I’m needing.!!!

  5. Avatar of Eleanor Honea

    Eleanor Honea

    IMO brazil is overrated. just saying.! #beachplease

    • Avatar of Joss Butler

      Joss Butler

      #NoOneCares #WhoGivesAShit #IMHO #BURN

  6. Avatar of Jennifer Baker

    Jennifer Baker

    I want to visit Brazil the women and the country is pretty!! I wonder if the people are friendly? Does anyone know some scenic mountains to visit in Brazil?? because I like beaches but I want to visit other places also?

    • Avatar of Eric Satine

      Hi, Jennifer, i’m brazilian and I can assure you that the people here are very friendly and very warm. I venture to say that there is even an overvaluation with tourists.

      Places with scenic mountains, indicating the Pico Paraná (in Serra do Ibitiraquire) and the Três Picos, in Nova Friburgo / Rio de Janeiro. All of these have access via trekking.

      I will indicate a beach that is not on this list and, in my opinion, it is the best one. It is the beach of Maragogi, in the state of Alagoas. The state of Alagoas has the best coastline in Brazil.

    • Avatar of Victoria Lawson

      Victoria Lawson

      Brazil never runs out of sight to amaze. It is home to Amazon forest, the holy “mecca’ of football, samba carnivals, and cities that attract travelers globally.

  7. Avatar of Janice Way

    Janice Way

    IS THERE ANYONE HERE WHO NEEDS TRAVEL BUDDIES!!!! after reading this, i called up a bunch of my friends to confirm. now we need 3 more to complete a group. is there anyone o.k with strangers?

    • Avatar of Jossen Row

      Jossen Row

      o.k lady. im sure your trust worthy. *dials 911*

  8. Avatar of Clarice Ratcliffe

    Clarice Ratcliffe

    thanks for this great article, gonna jot down another travel destination for when i travel hahaha

  9. Avatar of Donna Tate

    Donna Tate

    I heard that some beaches in Brazil are the most dangerous place. I have even heard that you can get robbed or even killed do not go to Brazil. There are so many counties that you can visit but not Brazil.

    • Avatar of Eric Satine

      I’m brazilian and I’ll be honest. The only beaches on this list that an outsider can visit safely are Fernando de Noronha and Taipus de Fora in Bahia. The others are very insecure, mainly those of Rio de Janeiro that undergo a horrible security crisis.

    • Avatar of Samantha Tran

      Samantha Tran

      That’s unfortunately true!! They have not mentioned the astronomical crime rates, the polluted waters, the catastrophic traffic system and impolite people that treat you bad all the time. seriously Brazil and these are beaches is no paradise.

  10. Avatar of Tammy Fuller

    Tammy Fuller

    if i may add? pipa beach is good too. dolphins are often seen the bay, and surfers will enjoy the big waves here. i know i did hahah 😀

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