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Chemical Detox Tips: 10 Toxic Products in Your Home

These common products are poisoning you. Here are easy, healthy alternatives.


Forget spring cleaning; it’s never too early (or too late!) to detox your home of items containing harmful chemicals. These poisons could potentially be contaminating the air you breathe and food you eat while simultaneously being marketed as safe.

Chemical Detox Tips: 10 Toxic Products in Your Home

Somewhere on the order of 70,000 different chemicals have been identified as toxic, and yet the FDA has banned only a fraction of a percent of those. Why? Thank the powerful industry lobbyists that make huge donations to dysfunctional American politicians. The bottom line: it’s up to us, as consumers, to educate and protect ourselves!

Don’t let corporations put your health at risk in the name of profit. Fight back by voting with your dollar!

Chemical Detox Tips: 10 Toxic Products in Your Home

Here is a list of 10 items that you should get rid of; and if the act of throwing things away makes you want to simply give up, I’ve provided healthier alternatives to help you avoid the feeling as though you have just been robbed!

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  1. It’s amazing that it’s legal to sell products that cause cancer. I mean, with cigarettes everyone knows… but this?!

  2. Jen Spillane

    This is a great overall guide with suggestions to boot! Love it!

  3. Good tips on what to eliminate for a healthier, less toxic home. And really, bottled water is so passe, especially since it's so well known about the plastic leaching and the plastic bottle pollution issue.

  4. Excellent tips on what toxic products to eliminate – that you may not even know were toxic – plus suggestions for non-toxic alternatives.

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