The Dangers of Multitasking + other Weekly Discoveries

How multitasking affects our brains (& how to do it right), super fascinating facts about cows, a pro-abortion nun, and more…


We all multitask. We check our email, then switch back to our work, then check our phones… but this isn’t actually how the brain was designed to work. Apparently, we’d be much more effective and productive if we took 15 minute do-nothing-but-stare breaks every couple of hours. I’m going to try to start doing this. Are you?

The Dangers of Multitasking + other Weekly Discoveries

Super-Fascinating Facts About Cows

No, really — you’ll be amazed by this list of facts (and the adorable photos that accompany them!)

The Dangers of Multitasking + other Weekly Discoveries

Multitasking Drains Your Brain’s Stored Energy

For all us multi-taskers, taking breaks doesn’t seem to come naturally anymore. But science shows that’s exactly what we need to do

People generally (mistakenly) think they’ll get something better by paying more for it. See what happens when a Brazilian pet store passes of shelter pets as purebreds for sale:
The Dangers of Multitasking + other Weekly Discoveries

20 Creepy Pictures of Celebs Next to Their Younger Selves

This collection of photos is surprisingly interesting. I think they’ve all gotten better-looking with age! What do you think?

The Dangers of Multitasking + other Weekly Discoveries

Catholic Nun Explains Pro-Life In A Way That Will Stun Many

In one amazing, simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B., PhD,  sums up the hypocrisy in the ‘pro-life’ movement.

‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.’

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Reader Discussion: 21 Comments

  1. Avatar of Sarah Ubitel

    Sarah Ubitel

    That younger self thing is freaky. I’m now messing with Photoshop to see what it looks like for me. I’m kinda stressing about it….

  2. Avatar of Ketty Ben

    Ketty Ben

    Pretty amazing stuff.Multitasking is increasingly common in our digital age, multitasking may be causing a state of heightened mental stress “because we’re constantly scanning the environment and we know that chronic stress is not good for the brain.”

  3. Avatar of Naincy Winget

    Naincy Winget

    Cows might seem to be simple animals, but they’re not! Cows are fascinating animals. I’m so amazed that Cows carry their young for nine months ….I mean I didn’t know that before now; its so amazing.

  4. Avatar of Monika Smith

    Monika Smith

    Amazing series!! Multitasking is very dangerous for our brain. When we multitask all day, those scattered habits literally change the pathways in our brains.Very interesting to know facts about cows.

  5. Avatar of Issabbell Symon

    Issabbell Symon

    Great article!! Everyone know women multitask, it’s an accepted thing especially when you have children other wise nothing would get done. Then going to work if someone’s speaking and your typing or you get a telephone call usually you have half and ear on the conversation or you’d miss it so we call it nosey but I prefer to call it interested

  6. Avatar of Delit L'Angelier

    Delit L'Angelier

    These articles are great ! 🙂
    I realized that when I work on something important, I grab a cup of coffee almost every 2 hours. I drink too much of it. I needed to find out what to do to drink less of it, and now I have the idea. 🙂 Celebrity photos are a bit frightening, I must admit. 😀 Nevertheless, their younger selves are quite cute, but they also aged quite well to be beautiful ladies as they are today ! 🙂 Sister Joan Chittister is absolutely on point. I like the distinction between pro-life and pro-birth.

  7. Avatar of Amanda Young

    I sincerely hope lawmakers take into consideration Sister Joan’s words…

  8. Avatar of Sarah Evanston

    Sarah Evanston

    I got the message of the video, but I still wish there’s an English translation or subtitle.

  9. Avatar of Melissa Smith

    I don’t multi-task (well I do because I check my phone while drinking my afternoon tea or coffee). But that’s it, I mean I set schedule for everything. I feel more productive that way. I also organize and prioritize work loads. I finish a task first before touching (or attempting) to work on the next. Great research!

  10. Avatar of Katie Miller

    Can’t believe it was Kate Hudson! #surprised

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