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The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Where to go shopping in Europe’s fashionista mecca’s.


Two of the most fashionable European cities, Paris and London, beckon the fashion obsessed for a shopping experience unlike any other. Treating myself to a getaway in these stylish capitals, I can’t imagine a better way — or place — to shop for this season’s high-end scores. I love how fashion has infused itself into everyday city life; from amusing London museums to quaint Parisian cafés, there is a sense of fashion everywhere.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The joie de vivre found in Paris is especially palpable in its most fashionable districts. Paris has always been synonymous with fashion and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Staying at the Hotel Shangri-La near the Eiffel Tower leaves shopaholic travellers like me set to shop the Parisian way – after a good night’s rest.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The Eiffel Duplex Terrace Suite in the Shangri-La hotel, Paris

A croissant and an espresso gave me the boost I needed for a walk to the Galeries Lafayette — a department store like no other. Walking is the preferred mode of transportation in Paris, although there is a vast Metro subway system if you prefer.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The Moynat pop-up shop in Galeries Lafayette

On my way, I stopped by the landmark Eiffel Tower located near my hotel, which is marvelous to see (but not worth the line-up for a climb to the top — especially if you have some serious shopping to do!). Continuing on, I took in the sights and sounds of the city, with hurried traffic, little corner stores, and stylish Parisians lending to the charm of the capital.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The interior of Galerie Lafayette is quite a sight

From the outside, the Galeries Lafayette looks like any other mall, but inside is a true Parisian retail experience.  It’s part traditional shopping mall and part art gallery. The art gallery on the main floor, the Galerie des Galeries, features contemporary French and international art, fashion and photography. Using the gallery designs as inspiration, you can shop big-name brands like Zara and Urban Outfitters, or lesser known brands like Aime. I fell for a floral print Aime dress, on sale for just over 100 EUR.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Plenty of fashion to choose from at Galeries Lafayette

Sale buyers beware that some signs offer additional discounts but only for French residents – tourists are out of luck! Before leaving the Galeries Lafayette I browsed the Designer Laboratory, where each season showcases a different up-and-coming luxury designer. You’ll likely leave the department store with a few fabulous purchases — and definitely with a heightened sense of fashion.

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After obtaining her Honors B.A. and postgraduate journalism degree, Pegah has written and researched for a variety of magazines and newspapers, with celebrities, fashion and travel being her topics of choice. Now settled in Toronto, she has lived in many corners of the world, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan. In her spare time, she divides her love unevenly between her poodle, chocolates and shopping.

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  1. Hazel Collins

    Thank you so much for your article! I would say that London is my dream vacation. I’ve read great things about London because most of the books that I’ve read were set in London. These books told me some of London’s history,culture and its beautiful places. I love your shots and it gave me goosebumps. i will go there someday.

  2. I might just book a flight to Paris, later. Au revoir, girls!

  3. I’ve stayed at the Shangri-La. Love that hotel – great views and really good food.

  4. Courtney Watson

    Beautiful Paris! My shopping hub! My fashion city… On my next visit, I’d make sure to check out the places you mentioned. I missed 90% of them…. too bad…

  5. Sarah Evanston

    WOW – the Shangri-La hotel looks insane! I’m going to see if I can convince my guy to take me on a romantic weekend trip there. I mean, a girl can dream, right??

  6. Truly great suggestions!

  7. Pegah Aarabi

    There’s no place (and definitely no man!) quite like Paris!

  8. You’ve just rekindled my desire to visit Paris! It’s simply my favorite city on the planet. I’m such a sucker for the people, architecture, and history. Everytime I go back I fall back in love. Wish it was that easy to find a man I felt that way about! 😉

  9. Francis Woods

    These places are so decadent!! What a great guide 🙂 I’m going to make this trip happen this year 🙂

  10. I’ve visited Paris several times. And I want to, no, I-need-to, visit again, and soon. I really enjoyed shopping in a brilliant mix of big stores, markets and boutiques. Can’t wait to go back there! I will check out all these spots you mentioned. Thanks a lot!

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