How To Plan an Amazing Girl’s Getaway

There’s no time like the present to get away with your best friends — especially when it’s this easy!


Ok, admit it. You can be a bit obsessive. Hey, that’s love! It’s not your fault — it hijacks the brain! If you’re like me, you want to spend all your time with your boo. But, is that really healthy?

How To Plan an Amazing Girl’s Getaway

We all hate it when our best girlfriends go MIA after meeting a new squeeze. So why be that girl? It’s important to have your own life, your own friends, and your own interests. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

So what’s the solution? A girl’s-only getaway, of course! Here’s how to plan the perfect long-weekend away:

  1. Start a Facebook Group and invite your best girlfriends. Make sure it’s set to private so you don’t get randos or non-besties trying to join.
  2. Find a long weekend that works for all of you, to go on a trip together. Make sure everyone comments and confirms! @Tag your friends to make sure they see the most important messages.
  3. Pick a vacation destination. My favorite way to do this is to pick an event, festival, concert, or destination spa and base the trip around that. If you need ideas, here’s a list of the best music festivals.

    How To Plan an Amazing Girl’s Getaway

    Going to a music festival? Buy fun floral accessories and get reimbursed via Square Cash

  4. If you haven’t already, download the Square Cash app and create a custom URL (like$YourName). Get your friends to pay you for their flight or their share of the car (or yacht, maybe?!) rental, concert and event tickets, etc. by going to your custom URL (it’s super fast and easy!)
  5. Book the tickets (it’s better to have one person do this so that you can all sit together) after your friends pay you via Square Cash. Trust me, you don’t want people backing out after you’ve already paid for their non-refundable flight and concert tickets!

    How To Plan an Amazing Girl’s Getaway

    Me, getting reimbursed via Square Cash

  6. Then, when you’re on the trip, you can charge meals (and allllll those drinks), gas, or other shared expenses to your rewards-based credit card (or expense it for business) and get your friends to reimburse you using the Square Cash app.
  7. During the trip, get everyone to share photos in the Facebook Group.
  8. Wash, rinse, repeat! (ie. back to step #2.) 😉

What destinations, concerts, or events do you think would be perfect for a girl’s getaway?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Reader Discussion: 55 Comments

  1. Avatar of Olivia Young

    Olivia Young

    I’m letting my best friends read this. They need to go on a vacation getaway with me.

  2. Avatar of Alice Wood

    Alice Wood

    My girl friends need a lot more convincing than this. We don’t mind hanging out for a few hours or so but getting out of town is a different story. I love my besties but it’s so difficult to leave our husbands/boyfriends! It’s like they could burn the house down if we leave them alone with the kids. Seriously, they’d miss us too much! ? I remember us girls planning a trip this one time and our husbands/boyfriends wanted to come with us and they kept telling us that they’re not going to bother us during the trip and that they’d sleep in another hotel. ? It was too funny!

  3. Avatar of Alicia Kim

    Alicia Kim

    Thanks for the tip. It’s like I’m being nudged and told: “Hey, go on a vacation already.”

  4. Avatar of Blanche Rivera

    Blanche Rivera

    I really want a vacation soon. I’m going to go search your previous article from your travels. You go to the best spots!?

  5. Avatar of Marguerite Fowler

    Marguerite Fowler

    It’s important to do this ahead of time. We all live such busy lives and we all have responsibilities.But I think it’s really important to also relax and enjoy life as it is. Being a workaholic isn’t always good, you have to learn how to have fun too or else you’re going to be burned out. Taking a vacation with your girls will really make you feel refreshed. I just think that planning ahead of time will really help all of you to save up first and plan ahead. I just hope that plans don’t get cancelled instead.

  6. Avatar of Pat Gomez

    Pat Gomez

    My girls would definitely love to go somewhere relaxing. A spa day would actually be great too, or 3 days spa? ?

  7. Avatar of Caroline Beck

    Caroline Beck

    Geez, I really do deserve a vacation with my girls. Sometimes, you just need to let loose and feel like a bachelorette again. I love my marriage but there’s nothing like a girl’s only vacation or night out.

  8. Avatar of Jenna King

    Jenna King

    I feel like my friends would murder me if this happens. Making a group just to bug them out of their regular lives?

  9. Avatar of Fannie Hall

    Fannie Hall

    The only problem is convincing my girlfriends to get out of work and go on a vacation!!

  10. Avatar of Camilla Collins

    Camilla Collins

    Here’s what we do when we agree on vacation: Agree on dates and a budget. Make sure each member of your group of friends blocks off time on her schedule. You don’t want your getaway plans derailed because of a child’s birthday party or spouse’s business dinner. Also, make sure everyone agrees on a budget before planning to ensure that no one feels pressured to spend over her limit.

    • Avatar of Donna Duncan

      Donna Duncan

    • Avatar of elijah jones

      elijah jones

      and then there will be a friend when on the day of the trip will say “sorry guys I can’t make it. family emergency :(” and then all of you will run out of steam and say are we still gonna do this? and then say let’s reschedule. next week? and then everybody will say “I can’t (random excuse)”. and that’s how a vacation turns to dust. the end 😀

      • Avatar of TAYLOR


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