The Marriage Threat

Are you more offended by gay marriage, or Kim Kardashian?


Marrying for the sake of money has found its way onto reality television. TV stars can, and do, make millions out of televised weddings. Then when things become difficult or unpleasant for them later, or they’ve simply gotten all the publicity they wanted out of it, they file for divorce, get even more publicity, and then simply move on with their glamorous lives.

The Marriage Threat

The consummate example, just 72 days after saying “I do” to basketball star Kris Humphries in a fairytale-like wedding, reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. The Kim Kardashian wedding was no ordinary affair. Sponsors and other associated commercial deals aside, Kim reportedly made around $18 million for selling the rights to her wedding.

Kim has apologized to her fans for the supposed failed marriage, and her Kardashian family, of course, stood behind her all the way. But critics didn’t let her get off that easily. They, like most of the rationally-minded planet, figured that 72 days is just too early to call it quits. Considering all the laborious preparations made to give the perfect princess-themed wedding, including the Vera Wang gowns, $500,000 bachelorette party, and $2 million ring – less than three months really does seem to be far too early to throw in the towel.

Like many thinking people, I don’t have any faith in reality TV. The situations and people portrayed are never “real”. They are but a surreal form of entertainment where the so-called reality is fabricated to attract more viewers and eventually increase advertising revenue profits. So when someone on reality TV decides to marry, it is more likely just part of the show.

Nothing makes this clearer than the show ‘Married at First Sight’, on which a matchmaker sets up couples to be married. But get this — they don’t even get to meet or see a photo or even know the name of the person before they’re at the altar (yes, legally) marrying them. Seriously, it’s like someone thought “how could reality TV turn marriage into even more of a joke?” and then found the answer.

The Marriage Threat

Despite all the young women marrying older tycoons and the made-for-TV marriages we witness in technicolor, I still have a lot of respect for the ‘institution of marriage’. Society has put so much value on marriage that no matter what, it inevitably becomes a serious affair. Most people don’t just enter marriage to have divorce later. Divorce is usually only an option for those who, after trying to make marriage work, still find the union disparaging to both parties.

Dr. Drew is just one of the many television personalities who just had to comment on Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage. Surprisingly, he said something quite insightful: “I really think this is disheartening and maybe infuriating to gay people that are fighting desperately for this right, and here, somebody is profiteering… Was this a casting call? That to me is disgusting.”

While gay people fight for their right to get a legal love-based same-sex marriage, some heterosexuals treat their social union like a fleeting rendezvous on television — like it has no real meaning.

My question is: why do some people focus so much energy on trying to prevent two same-sex people who are in love from getting married, and no time trying to prevent all the faux for-money marriages that happen? Someone who’s making a sham out of something that should be taken seriously – like marriage – I consider to be worse than reality TV itself (and that’s a hard feat!)

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Reader Discussion: 11 Comments

  1. Avatar of Randie Cadiogan

    Randie Cadiogan

    Marriage is indeed a sacred union and must be respected by those who chose to be involved in it. It’s not something that you get money from. It should always be nurtured with love. And as for me, once you get into it, there’s no giving up, instead all you have to do is to make it grow… everyday… as long as you live…

  2. Avatar of Hannah Mayers

    Hannah Mayers

    I personally believe that marriage is a sacred union and only people who are “truly” and “genuinely” in love should jump into it. I also believe that couples who want to get married should be very much aware of the responsibilities that come with it. For me, it’s not just a “one-day” celebration that you can even forget afterwards. 

    But I’ve observed that there are really “significant” changes. In the past, “having a ‘third party’ ” (infidelity) is the only threat to marriage. But now, so many things are threats to marriage. Still infidelity is a threat but money, fame, career and many more are threats to marriage.

    It’s really depressing and dismaying that same sex couples are continuously fighting to have their union legalized while heterosexuals are just taking this for granted (and to earn and be famous) 🙁 I just wish that time will still come when people will realize the true importance and value of marriage!

  3. Avatar of Auriane Desombre

    I completely agree with this article! I respect the "institution of marriage" as well and believe that it should come from a place of love between two people. I understand arguments saying that marriage isn't necessary (it is after all just a piece of paper that doesn't inherently change the relationship) but I think that the symbolism of the act means a lot. Or, at least, it should.

  4. Avatar of Sara Liz

    Sara Liz

    That marriage was a total publicity stunt. I agree that flaunting it was extremely insulting, particularly to the gay community. There is nothing real about reality TV!

  5. Avatar of Maria Bolevich

    "Marriage is about love; divorce is about money" , I am anti-marriage girl 🙂 Why any one should get married? And why some people trying to prevent two same-sex people who are in love from getting married, well Kim makes money and she knows how to sell story and romantic love stories are OUT.

  6. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    It's a shame that gay people who truly love each other are fighting for the right to get married while others just lower the value of it. Kim is on her third marriage and we will see how long this one will last. Marriage shouldn't be about the glitz & glam, the publicity and the revenue coming from it. Marriage should be something special and precious between two people who love each other.

  7. Avatar of Man & Wife Married 20 years

    Man & Wife Married 20 years

    Here’s the thing. Marriage is cheapened and weakened by divorce, infidelity, abuse, celebrity quicky marriages, marriage for money, etc. But none of those things change the NATURE of marriage. Same-sex marriage changes the DEFINITION of marriage, and as such, is a much more fundamental change. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that in their arguments is either blind or pushing an agenda.

    • Avatar of Courtney Watson

      Courtney Watson

      Man & Wife guy — You’re an ass. Seriously. “The definition”?? So lame.

    • Avatar of Hilary Rowland

      The definition of marriage needs to change then. It should simply be a union between two people who love each other.

  8. Avatar of Stanislav


    i dunno the term is right? but FAME HOG. that what i think is KimKardashian, fame hog.

  9. Avatar of Nini Realista Garado

    Seems that nothing is sacred anymore.

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