4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

Four fun festivals worth visiting Mexico (and dressing up) for.


Mexico is mostly known for its beaches, tequila and picturesque views. But let’s face it — you can find better beaches in many countries. When I visit Mexico, I go for the cultural attractions. But many people don’t realize that it’s a big country filled with a variety of unique and textured cultural flavors.

4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

There are said to be between 5,000 and 6,000 celebrations every year, ranging from local events to national celebrations. This makes it easy to choose a place and time of year to visit — just go wherever there’s something to celebrate.

4 Mexican Festivals for Your Bucket List

Tropical forests and turquoise beaches are great, but our neighbor-to-the-south sure knows how to throw a great party. Here are four festivals to attend if you want to experience a traditional Mexican celebration:

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  1. Avatar of Sara Grey

    Sara Grey

    All these festivals and all this food I can’t eat. ((sigh)) I will travel there in the future. Wait for me Mexicooooo!!!

  2. Avatar of bruce parker

    bruce parker

    great post! will try and visit Mexico someday just for the parties and food. the best reason for traveling is food, the best reason for partying is travel. what great combination indeed

  3. Avatar of Pepa Washington

    Pepa Washington

    The easiest way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is through food, with some of the best-known dishes of Mexico. Things like guacamole, salsa, and tortillas – it all makes for a tasty holiday! Just don’t forget that date.

  4. Avatar of Carol Joyner

    Carol Joyner

    Take my money and send me to Mexicooo! Let me live there for a year! Huhuhu

    • Avatar of Francis Lockwood

      Francis Lockwood

      I also wants to visit in mexico but I dont like to live there. I mean yes you might have the money but do you speak spanish as well? If you dont, study the language first then gooo.

  5. Avatar of Evelyn Harris

    Evelyn Harris

    Loving this post! Brings out my inner party animal! I want to see and experience all those 6,000 festivals and the Mexican culture.

  6. Avatar of Kimberly Holder

    Kimberly Holder

    Arriba! Party in Mexico is the best! Everyone should experience our party here maybe once in their lives! Best experience you’ll ever get!

  7. Avatar of Frances Shapiro

    Frances Shapiro

    This is a great article. It shows how great Mexicans celebrate their festivals! And how much they love to party and celebrate! (Well, it’s obvious from their 6000 festivals every year! Hahaha)

  8. Avatar of Jennifer varner

    Jennifer varner

    I love this article! This is made for every party people around the world!

  9. Avatar of Cries Moris

    Cries Moris

    Carnaval in Mexico looks so amazing! I want to experience the Mexican kind of party before I reach my 30’s.

  10. Avatar of Mary Beyer

    Mary Beyer

    I’ve always wanted to experience any party in Mexico being celebrated in the streets!

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