Mill Valley: A Charming Retreat

Undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in America, Mill Valley has something for everyone.


Just a handful of miles away from San Francisco, Mill Valley is a charmingly beautiful retreat; perfect for any kind of nature lover, it’s the place to go for a hiking vacation, to admire nature’s work or to enjoy cultural events.

Mill Valley: A Charming Retreat

Mill Valley, California

The town of Mill Valley is known for its European flair and lively cultural activities (which happen to attract a host of famous names). With well-known events such as Mill Valley Film Festival, The Mountain Play and the Marin Mountain Bike, Mill Valley won’t disappoint visitors who are looking for an unforgettable California experience. It’s the ideal getaway for both families and couples looking for a romantic retreat.

The typography in Mill Valley is nothing short of spectacular. One of my favorite things to do while in Mill Valley is drive the narrow and winding cliffside residential streets and look at the houses. Some are tucked away in redwood-surrounded valleys, while others, perched on the cliffside amongst the towering redwoods, are quite the vertigo-inducing sight. Yes, that’s right; here, houses are built right into the sides of cliffs. 50-foot drops under the living rooms of these homes is considered normal.

Mill Valley: A Charming Retreat

A Mill Valley home

However, what foreigners and locals mostly love about this charming slice of California is its surroundings. Let’s have a look at the charming environment in which Mill Valley is graciously located, and how you could enjoy it at its best.

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  1. Avatar of Anastasia Harper

    What a cool place this is. Really looking forward to visiting sometime. Thank you for the great review.

  2. Avatar of Sandra Brown

    I’ve been – it’s absolutely the whitest town in history LOL

  3. Avatar of Ansley Barrington

    This looks like a little slice of heaven!

  4. Avatar of Arabella Clarington

    Mill Valley Cottage looks absolutely wonderful! I’m going to book it ASAP and bring my family. Maybe this will be our twice-yearly spot… I’ve been searching for the perfect place, but this looks like it could be just right! <3

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