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8 Popular Travel Scams You Should Know About

Don’t let these clever scams ruin your vacation.


Foreign Petitions

This travel scam is most often deployed in Paris, in high-volume tourist spots like the Pont des Arts foot bridge. If someone comes up to you asking you to sign their petition for some ‘really important cause’, in a foreign language no less, don’t do it. The poetic french writing is really saying something to the effect of “if you sign this you have to give me 200 Euros or else.” Don’t sign anything you can’t understand, regardless of what the young activist is telling you about it.

8 Popular Travel Scams You Should Know About

Play it safe and don’t accept anything from strangers

The String Trick

My mother always told me not to accept gifts from strangers, and when traveling, this is one of the most important rules to follow. This scam is particularly prevalent in the Montmartre area of Paris, where tourists run rampant. If someone comes up to you with a piece of string, yarn or fabric and asks to make you a bracelet or ring as a gift, say no and walk away. They’re planning on tying the string around your wrist or finger so tight you won’t be able to get out of it, and then they’ll force you to the nearest ATM and only free you from the string if you empty your bank account for them, usually with the help of some burly friends. As they say, don’t take candy from strangers. It’s a common trap that way too many vacationers fall for.

Being an educated traveler is essential to staying out of trouble and having an amazing vacation. You often don’t even need to leave the US to get scammed by someone banking on a gullible tourist falling into their trap. The most important words of wisdom to remember when jet-setting are that nothing is free, and don’t accept anything from strangers. In other words, do your best to not be a tourist! You’ll look cooler anyway.

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Reader Discussion: 128 Comments

  1. Claire Martinez

    I would just add that in a lot of countries, taxi drivers are just charging a lot more because you’re a tourist and they’re aware that you don’t know the prices there. So ask a local to book your taxi or someone that knows the country very well.

  2. Sandra Walling

    There was this kind cab driver, and I ask for his phone number so that I can easily contact him when I need I ride. He has been my driver for almost 2 years now 🙂

  3. Mary Shirley

    Those crazy CD bullies! It happened to me, one time. I threw his CD back to him! I was like, Dude, I don’t even know you!

    • Mira Kent

      Haha! I love your come back to that dude! ?

  4. Bernice Miles

    You should always have phone records in case of emergencies. Aside from your phone contacts, you should have a phone book.

  5. Cindy Simon

    Oh, scammers! They’ll do anything just to have some easy money from people. Why don’t they just find a decent job!

  6. Sharon Novak

    Paris. This is a sad news to read that there are a lot of scammers in the city of love 🙁

  7. Delores Mullen

    I’m sad by those fake baby scams. You’re going to help that lady and yet they’ll be taking advantage of that kindness that you’ve shown.?

  8. Ann Amos

    I’ve never liked traveling alone. I can travel alone as long as the trip will be by a group. I prefer that than being alone, by myself, in a strange place I don’t know.

  9. John Lineberger

    I’m gonna share this with my girlfriend because she and her family loves to travel. It’s better to know about this and be careful than be sorry at a later time.

  10. Donna Mack

    Poor camels! Those Egyptians should be the one who’s TAKING CARE of them since they’re making use of them.

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