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Beware the Pseudo-Intellectual!

Is he for real, or just trying to get into your pants?


Not quite sure why this is, but “Pseudo-Intellectuals” are definitely one of the more unfortunate things I’ve noticed in the dating world. You may remember that classic scene from Good Will Hunting, where Will shuts down a pseudo-intellectual who is trying to pick up a girl at the bar. “My boy is Wicked smaht!” If you don’t remember, here it is:

Sometimes it begins with an animated discussion about certain books, authors, stories, how they affected so-and-so’s life, and oh… how the list goes on. Other times it begins with an awkward conversation, one that happens so slyly underneath a blanket of vodka tonics that the victim doesn’t notice the embarrassing amount of fallacies that they’d usually point out if sober. Often times it doesn’t even occur in an intoxicated situation; rather it could be in a normal conversation at a coffee shop. You’ve seen that guy sitting near the window looking down into a thick book filled with impressive words and philosophies, but what you don’t realize is that he’s looking up to make sure you notice.

“Do you read?” No? Oh. Gasp.

Beware the Pseudo-Intellectual!

The media is all over this too! Blogs have begun to pick up on the sudden attractiveness of men reading. Various other sites, books and movies depict the dreamy man as a smart, refined, beautiful gentleman. So of course guys are going to try and be perceived as such!

The sexuality and power of intellect is undeniable. But whether it’s intriguing insight or raw knowledge, which is what? In reality, it’s not so much the pick up lines or the questions that get us peeved, but rather when that someone begins to lie about books they’ve read or even the one you’re reading for the sole motivation of getting in your pants.

Beware the Pseudo-Intellectual!

Don’t worry gals, for here are quick and easy tips on how to avoid these fallacy-filled predators:

  1. If he says he’s read the book you’re reading, get specific. If this guy really has read this book, he’ll remember distinct characters or scenarios.
  2. If someone is staring off into the sunset in a contemplative manner or reading a monster of a book, double check to make sure he isn’t looking around to make sure people know he’s a deep thinker. Deep thinkers are normally too lost in thought to realize it.
  3. Check his Kindle to make sure he’s not reading cliffs notes! Or worse, contacting someone on fiverr for information about a book.
  4. Eye contact. This goes for any time you’re picking out a liar. If their eyes are going off in the distance or they get fidgety, keep your guard up.

Unfortunately, when it comes to literature, it’s easiest to sling BS and get away with it. Themes can be abstract, interpretations can vary and sometimes even if we’ve read the book, some facts don’t stick with us. It may just take a little luck for them to slip up with their facts. Or it just might be a gut feeling that he’s angling for something more than your home library. Regardless, you deserve to be treated with the respect to not be lied to!

Beware the Pseudo-Intellectual!

I’ll leave you with this: Go out there, be brave, and brace yourself for the storm of new wave pseudo-intellectuals dotting the seas of the dating world. Happy hunting!

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