Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

Just like many A-listers, we’d spend all our time here if we could.


My husband and I are not first-timers to luxury resort accommodations, being the type of travelers who see to it that we do something special together at least once a month. We’ve heard so many nice things about Twin Farms in Vermont (never a bad review, so far!), that we thought it would make a really memorable trip. We booked three nights and immediately regretted our decision. We should have booked at least a week!

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

If you’re lucky, you’ll run into one or more of the resort’s regulars (like just about every famous billionaire, rock star, movie star and other type of celebrity you can think of – we’d list them, but Twin Farms prefers to keep the names private), who are lucky enough to relax, decompress and enjoy the resort on a regular basis. I understand why – we just left and already can’t wait to go back! Twin Farms is undoubtedly at the top of our Most Wanted list of the most luxuriously heartwarming vacations you can find in the USA. Luckily, it’s only about four and a half hours from NYC.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

The Chalet suite bedroom

Customized and Effortless

Twin Farms is the wealthy woman’s preferred vacation experience. I had to say that because most resorts that offer the feel of luxury can sometimes make guests feel limited and very careful about how they act.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

When the ultra-rich go on vacations, they command a very high level of privacy and demand experiences that go beyond the common fare in a way that is very customized and entirely theirs. Twin Farms offers these unique, customized and very private moments in a beautifully designed 300-acre natural environment for roughly $2000 per night.

Before we arrived, we were asked to fill out a form specifying our favorite foods, and what we’d like to avoid. Once there, we had no decisions to make (unless we wanted to), and every tiny detail was thought of, even before we had a chance to ask. No tipping allowed, and  only fun decisions to make – my kind of place!

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

The Willow Suite

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

The Willow suite bathroom

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

My hubby, joking around with some of the props in The Willow Suite

Complete Privacy

Our Twin Farms stay happened at a time when only about five couples were staying, which enhanced the private feel of the entire resort. If privacy is your thing, Twin Farms has some 20 differently themed and sized cottages spread a good distance from each other so you always felt like you’re the only ones there. We didn’t see housekeeping staff once, despite always finding our accommodations crisp and pristine whenever we got back from enjoying the amenities.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

Aviary – One of the most secluded cottages

We stayed in the Willow Suite, one of the four huge rooms of the Farmhouse at Copper Hill. The four rooms are connected by a reading room and a lounge, making it perfect for families coming in to spend some quality time with each other or four couples taking a trip together. But since it was just us, we had the entire house to ourselves. Willow has a private entrance that opens to a wide lawn that’s located very close to the tennis courts and a large pond with canoes. It also had a porch with a private hot tub, where we spent a good couple of hours from our early mornings eating breakfast and simply basking in the moment.

The Ultimate Foodie Trip

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

What we found most overwhelming about Twin Farms was that we never had the same type of food twice. The resort doesn’t have a menu. Everything you order is according to what you want to eat for the day — literally, anything! If you can’t decide, you can expect the chef to whip up something spectacular based on the freshest of ingredients delivered in the morning.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

While we were there, we had the opportunity to go on a guided mushroom hunt (for fantastically delicious “morels”), headed by two of the foremost mushroom experts, Nova and Les, and accompanied by the resort’s chef. We now know what we can and can’t eat if we ever get lost in the woods (ferns with a U-groove down the stock are yummy!) We got to talking after the walk and learned that they also run a farm animal sanctuary in Vermont. You can check them out here: www.wildgourmetfood.com

That evening at Twin Farms, we had the luxury of trying two dishes with fresh picked mushrooms from that day. It was one of the best culinary experiences we’ve had to date.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

Entrance to the Farmhouse at Copper Hill

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

20,000-bottle wine cellar

To top it all, the foodie experience is not just limited to the restaurant, wine bar or your suite. You can have your meals or afternoon tea at ANY place within the resort. Do you want cold poached lobster for picnic lunch? You can have it at the groves, in town, or in a row boat. Fancy a romantic dinner under the stars? The staff can set up a nice table with all the trimmings anywhere you feel you have the best view of the sky. You can get all creative with your locations and requests and find yourself indulging in style.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

A gourmet picnic in a canoe, on the small lake down the hill from Twin Farms

Total Relaxation

As if the accommodations, privacy and food weren’t enough to create that total dream package, Twin Farms also boasts spa that features an apothecary line made specifically for it. Their ‘Out of the Woods’ product line was created by top perfumer and product formulator Richard Howard inspired by Vermont’s rural setting. The 100 per cent vegetarian bath and body line features natural ingredients and essential oils prepared by hand in Somerset, England and then shipped to the resort for its exclusive use.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

All suites and rooms are also stocked with bath and body products by Out of the Woods so we got to give ourselves a treat even before we set foot at the spa. And let’s not forget their Out of the Woods Spa, where you can indulge in sea­sonal treat­ments and prod­ucts designed by Arca­nia Apothe­cary of Eng­land. You can also relax in the 104-degree Japan­ese furo. And because Twin Farms is known for being very accommodating with special requests, yes, you can have your massages and facials anywhere.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

Part of the entrance area at reception


I’ve said a lot about how blissful a Twin Farms experience is, but, frankly, words cannot do justice to what it has to offer. The tranquil surroundings certainly supports why it is popularly dubbed the summer camp for adults, but I find that given the good distance between the accommodations and capacity of certain cottages, Twin Farms could also become a great vacation experience for families or groups of friends. Check out their spe­cial “Bring the Kids” weeks and long week­ends through­out the year. Imag­ine shar­ing the Twin Farms expe­ri­ence with your chil­dren, with the added fun of wagon rides, cir­cus acts, star gaz­ing with an astronomer, fish­ing, arts and crafts, scav­enger hunts and much more. Each spe­cial week or week­end has a dif­fer­ent set of planned fam­ily activities. We’re already planning to bring the entire clan there for our next family outing — in a separate cottage, of course.

Twin Farms is the Height of Luxury in Vermont

Luxurious and relaxing in any season

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  1. Avatar of Ann


    I can’t wait to bring my family to Twin Lakes. Been looking for a place where we can really have a good time with each other and this place seems like a perfect fit!

  2. Avatar of Jessie Williams

    Jessie Williams

    Fantastic review! I have never written a review myself, but felt excited and a bit obligated to do so because your article brought back the excitement and wonderful experience I had when I went to Twin Farms! Superb staff, amazing customer service, great food, personable and extraordinary accommodation! It was beyond my expectation and I’m definitely going back!

  3. Avatar of Samantha Anthony

    Samantha Anthony

    I love that the menu is completely different daily. That must be so much work for the chef, but so much less boring for everyone. I love that I won’t have to have repeats when I visit (which will/MUST be soon…)

  4. Avatar of Carla Marie

    Carla Marie

    Ok, I’m now officially obsessed with this resort. Like, wow. I can’t wait to go!

  5. Avatar of Molly Twain

    Molly Twain

    WOW – Twin Farms looks amazing! I love that rustic style. I’ve been following Urbanette’s Pinterest board on rustic style — it’s the best. Definitely going to make this retreat be my next romantic vacation away…

  6. Avatar of Tinsley Mortimer

    I’ve had friends mention Twin Farms to me, but I hadn’t looked into it until now. Just kept forgetting, until I was browsing travel ideas on Urbanette. Looks incredible. I’ll book this for a long weekend out of the city next month. I love how private it is…. it just may become a monthly getaway for me!

  7. Avatar of Chloe Ambrosia Miller

    Wow – amazing! I'm going to convince my family to book this for our Christmas reunion this year… would be perfect!!

  8. Avatar of Francis Woods

    Francis Woods

    I have heard a lot of nice things about Twin Farms but never realized how picturesque it was until I saw the images above. I would love to visit while the leaves are changing!

  9. Avatar of Ansley Barrington

    Ansley Barrington

    The choices of inns in Vermont are endless but this one seems to be the best of the lot! I think a girls weekend is in order very soon and Twin Farms will be the venue of choice!

  10. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    This place looks amazing! Wish I can afford it… LOL But some day in the future I will definitely have to take a trip there….Maybe if I start planning (and saving for it) now….

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