From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

A few quick DIY tricks for making your home party-ready in no time!


It’s the night before (insert any special event here) and there’s absolutely no way that your home will be nicely decorated in time. You’re pacing around your house nervously in hopes of somehow coming up with a last minute save-the-day type solution. Flipping through magazines for inspiration is only making you wish you went to interior design school (who would think to hang a plate on a wall?!) and you’re really regretting the bland DIY job you did decorating. No worries, your home will soon be party-ready after just a few simple Shabby Chic touches.

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

Dress The Door

What better place to start decorating than from the very first thing your guests will see – the entrance to your home. You can make a pretty, seasonal wreath with minimal effort, so your guests will know your home is party-ready even before they enter. Here’s how:

  1. Make a base using two wire coat hangers, stretched out to form a circle. Wire the hangers together and cover with duct tape.
  2. Cut several 8″ to 10″ long branches of greenery (redwood, pine, douglas fir, etc.)
  3. Using lightweight floral wire, secure the branches to the wreath base. Overlap the stems. Keep adding stems until the wreath base is fully covered.
  4. Add and secure decorations with floral wire or hot glue.
From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way - shabby chic decor2

Wreaths are easy to make and have a big first-impression impact

Start From the Bottom

Layering rugs can quickly and easily bring your home decor to the next level. If you have time, look to purchase another area rug for your space. Besides for providing a home-y, designer’s touch, a rug will protect your expensive carpet, Persian, or hardwood underneath. Now you won’t have to scrub that wine stain out of your expensive carpet or rug with a toothbrush, or worry about those new marks your friend’s aggressive Louboutins made on your floor. Even if you have carpeted floors, layering a rug on top can look effortlessly chic and totally party-ready.

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

Layering rugs is an easy trick you can use to transform your home in time for your event

Style Your Table

The last time you played thought of a table in a creative way was probably when you were a child, but I’m sure some of the energy you used to Sharpie your stick-art all over your parent’s kitchen table and walls can be revived to inspire your creativity. Your table is like a canvas, and you should let your artsy spirit shine. Don’t be afraid to purchase mismatched patterned runners, plates, and cups. You can pair complimentary designs and test out different color schemes until you reach the look you’re going for.

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

Mismatched dishes create a fun and cozy atmosphere, and it matters less if someone breaks one

Who has time to purchase fancy flower vases seconds before guests arrive? I love the girly-rustic contrast when fresh flowers are placed in empty kitchen bottles. They look even better when you paint them. It allows for a laid back, casual, country-like vibe that is especially perfect during the summertime and warmer seasons. I also keep a stash of silk flowers and some metallic paint on hand for occasions like these.

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way - shabby chic decor

Empty bottles are chic alternatives to flower vases

Scentsational Mason Jar Air Fresheners

Everyone loves the feeling of walking into a warm, apple-cider smelling home on a cold winter night, or an airy, lemon-scented summerhouse after a long day at the beach. Why not bring these wonderful scents into your own home yourself, and kiss that Bath and Body Works visit goodbye? It’s one less stop to make before the guests arrive…

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

Mason jar air fresheners will keep your home smelling pleasant during your event

Besides for the fact that you could practically make them in your sleep, these Mason Jar room fresheners could perk up any space with their bright colors and fresh looks, ideal for any party setting.

Citrus Mint Freshener – I love how the citrus compliments the mint in this fresh scent combination.
Ingredients: One lemon, grapefruit, lime, or orange cut into circles. Water. Mint leaves.
Instructions: Place fruit and water into a pot, and bring to a simmer. Add more water to the pot as it evaporates.  When ready, transfer the liquid to the mason jar, and put in a few mint leaves. Enjoy the scent!

Cinnamon Freshener – This scent is especially great during the autumn and winter.
Ingredients: Whole cinnamon and water. Place ingredients into a pot, and bring to a simmer.
Instructions: When ready, transfer the liquid to a mason jar, and display in your home. Breathe in the goodness! For a nighttime party, add floating (beeswax or soy) tea lights.

From Flavorless to Fabulous, the Shabby-Chic Way

Tip: To keep your bathrooms smelling fresh during your party, place a freshener in each one. If you want to make the scent even stronger, add some essential oils to the mix.

How will you spruce up your home for your next event?

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  1. Avatar of June Ryden

    June Ryden

    These jarred air fresheners look so exotic! Did you make them? They look so chic. ?

  2. Avatar of Jadie Dennison

    Jadie Dennison

    What kind of essential oils would you recommend?

    • Avatar of Hilary Rowland

      Lavender and peppermint are safe ones. Everybody loves them, and they’re very therapeutic. Peppermint for morning and parties, and lavender for relaxing and romantic.

  3. Avatar of Arda Daschel

    Arda Daschel

    I’m more into modern minimal interiors but I love these tricks and ideas you’re talking about in this article. Good job as always!

  4. Avatar of Aubrey Nikolaus

    Aubrey Nikolaus

    I’ve found your blog through your Pinterest. I’ve come across so many great ideas, and added them all to my ideas board. I’ll be a follower from now on, all your social network platforms. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Stephanie Hutchinson

    Stephanie Hutchinson

    I have no idea how to spruce up my house for the next event! My husband’s surprise birthday party that is… That’s how I ended up on your blog in the first place. I was Googling for ideas.

  6. Avatar of Heather Ashworth

    Heather Ashworth

    Can’t get enough of your amazing DIY ideas! Can’t wait for more. I hope you post more soon. 🙂

  7. Avatar of Belinda Martinez

    Belinda Martinez

    Found your website while searching for shabby home deco ideas on the web. Seems like I’ve found just the right place! So many articles full of amazing ideas. Can’t wait to read them all in details!

  8. Avatar of Amanda Hodge

    Amanda Hodge

    Oh god yes! I need to get some stylish and colorful tableware. Thanks for the reminder. ?

  9. Avatar of Rose Wiles

    Rose Wiles

    I love the idea of decorating the door with a wreath. It could help any place look homely. 🙂

  10. Avatar of Alma Harley

    Alma Harley

    Beautiful ideas! I haven’t changed the decoration of my house in a few years, and I’m starting to get real bored of it. Everybody compliments how beautifully decorated my house is, but it’s starting to look dull to me.

    • Avatar of Claire Martinez

      Claire Martinez

      It’s like starting a new life when you redecorate right? 😉

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