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5 Reasons I Love Carlsbad

I had never heard of Carlsbad, but by the end of my trip I was calling all my friends, telling them they had to go…


My travel bucket list is long and seemingly insatiable. The top tourist spots – Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens, London – have already been crossed off. And yet, when I was invited to Carlsbad — a city I had never heard of — I wasn’t sure what to expect.

5 Reasons I Love Carlsbad

In the four days I spent in Carlsbad, I learned that this town, just north of San Diego, is a scenic SoCal destination that’s surrounded by pristine golf courses and hill-top homes. It has all the perks of LA without the hype; the scenic views of San Diego, minus the congestion. After just a short trip, I was ready to call all my friends and tell them that they needed to go check it out. What makes this resort town such a hot-spot? Read on to find out…

Here are 5 reasons I loved my visit:

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