5 Reasons to Visit the Hamptons Year-Round

A local’s guide: Five great reasons to visit The Hamptons in the spring, summer and fall.


The many and various pleasures of the Hamptons scene in the summer are no secret. Anyone who’s taken the Long Island Expressway on a Friday afternoon in the summer knows that the Hamptons are a magnet for many.

5 Reasons to Visit the Hamptons Year-Round

Hop on a Hampton Jitney bus or LIRR train and you’ll find yourself crammed in with young, beautiful people (many still in their business attire), armed with their iPads, overnight bags and hopeful expressions, all eager to get to the pristine beaches, the farmstands, and the vibrant nightlife.

In the early 2000’s, people started coming to the Hamptons well beyond the summer season. However, the financial crisis of 2008 caused the season to revert to a three-month Memorial Day to Labor Day window of time. Which is a shame, because the area is beautiful to visit in spring and autumn.

5 Reasons to Visit the Hamptons Year-Round

The quintessential Hamptons view

Some argue that it’s even more appealing in the off-season because the crowds are absent and the restaurants are glad to see you. Also, don’t discount the advantages of being able to park without risking a heated encounter with another frustrated driver. Or being able to drive from Southampton to Montauk on Route 27 without resorting to the convoluted map of the back roads because traffic is bumper-to-bumper.

So here are some of my favorite things to do both during the summer season and before/after:

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Frederica Pellman was born and raised in London, and educated at a private convent in Notting Hill Gate. She moved to the West Village, NYC with one of her sisters - they had no jobs, no contacts, no place to stay and virtually no money! After a brief but memorable stay at a hotel, they found jobs, friends and an apartment, and eventually husbands. She now she lives in Southampton and spends her time writing, walking, and working as a life coach.

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  1. Avatar of Jaime Mcgee

    Jaime Mcgee

    Take a weekend getaway at Hamptons. If you’re a first-time vacationer looking for awesome things to do in the Hamptons, Urbanette’s got you.

  2. Avatar of Shelley Gibbs

    Shelley Gibbs

    The Hamptons is my dream summer getaway destination and I;m glad my parents finally allowed me to be with my friends,did a lot of research about the place and I just made a hotel reservation recently. Can’t wait!

  3. Avatar of Anne Hogan

    Anne Hogan

    Of all the New York beaches, the Hamptons and Montauk have a reputation as the land reserved for the rich and pretentous.

  4. Avatar of Evelyn Higgins

    Evelyn Higgins

    Over the years I’ve discovered a very different side to this coastal getaway. Low=key seafood shacks, antique shops, and beautiful beaches.

  5. Avatar of Roxanne Andarson

    Roxanne Andarson

    Finding a great place to stay for a short weekend in the Hamptons is very challenging because hotel options are limited.

  6. Avatar of Anita Cortez

    Anita Cortez

    There’s so much you can do in Hamptons. If you’ere a first-timer vacationer looking for aweseom things to do in the Hamptons, you’re in the write blog because Urbanette got you covered!

  7. Avatar of Marian Cox

    Marian Cox

    At last! Ubanette featured Hamptons. Good article! Love this place.

  8. Avatar of Clara Lopez

    Clara Lopez

    Aww take me back. This where my husband proposed to me. Remembering Hamptons. Such a lovely place.

  9. Avatar of Amy Bailey

    Amy Bailey

    We are coming to see Hamptons one day! Hehe

  10. Avatar of Eloise Hines

    Eloise Hines

    I want to live here! So peaceful and I love the beaches! Hope to be there again someday soon. 🙂

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