Doing the 8th in Paris Like a (Glam) Parisian

Glam spots to stay, eat, shop and party in the Champs-Élysées area.


Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Eiffel Tower, Monet, fromage, macaroons, cognac, the Louvre, Les Miserables – I could go on and on about all the famous things France is known for, but the best way to know France is to go there and experience everything on our own. And where can you find the epitome of a glam Paris experience? Where else but in the posh Champs-Élysées district.

Doing the 8th in Paris Like a (Glam) Parisian

Strolling one of the many marvelous side streets in the 8th

In case you’re not familiar with the Champs-Élysées, it is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris and runs between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle, where the famous Arc de Triomphe is. This place is bombarded with high-end shopping, culture and art, starting with a variety of theatres, cafés, and jaw-droppingly luxurious shops.

Doing the 8th in Paris Like a (Glam) Parisian

Paris… my favorite city

So, if you would like to maximize and live the glam Parisian life, here are the spots that you simply must visit:

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  1. Avatar of Sara Wilson

    Great photos and article!

  2. Avatar of Jae Medina

    Jae Medina

    Very useful information, not the same rehashed tips we’ve all heard before … and (refreshingly) written without all of the “ohhhh Americans!” sneering that sometimes seems to be the standard tone of Parisian travel advice for Yanks in the City of Lights. Great read. Merci!

  3. Avatar of Lena Dzeko

    Lena Dzeko

    The French and Italians are appalled by the way the average American and Brit dresses. They think a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are peasant clothes. They’ll spend an hour polishing their shoes before they go out, while we’re out the door with a tattered, old pair of $20 Chuck Taylor’s. It really offends them. :/

  4. Avatar of Cassi Braun

    Cassi Braun

    Paris…. London…. and perhaps rome are where they have the most american tourists, I’m not impressed. This is called the bandwagon effect in psychology. One does it and brands the city as “exotic” the other goes. I’ve been to all three places, about 3 years ago. Since then I’ve been looking into places tourists don’t go, like Malmö, Warsaw, Copenhagen, kaiserslautern, and Yorkshire. A vacation or escapism should be free of similar people and surrounding. I get embarrassed when American answer Paris, London, and Rome when they’re for their vacation, it shows simplicity and still xenophobia…

    • Avatar of eva gordon

      eva gordon

      Please pull the stick up your ass. Thank you 🙂 traveling to all that destination doesn’t make you any better than us you know. So what we want to visit Paris London and Rome. WE WANT TO GO THERE, Nobody asked you to travel to Malmo Warsaw Copenhagen Kaiserslautern and Yorkshire. So why tell us that we are simple.

  5. Avatar of Felicia Stewart

    Felicia Stewart

    My family had encountered a pickpocket twice during our three day stay in Paris. What’s worse, I stepped on dog #$%$ twice too… Would never go again.

  6. Avatar of Matilda Parker

    Matilda Parker

    My tip is not to do all the touristy things. I mean if you REALLY have to, make it a short part of the day. Don’t center it around the trip. The very BEST way to enjoy Paris is just sort of stroll around, relax, hang at a cafe, explore. Eat some cheese, some patisserie, have an espresso, talk to and maybe have sex with locals. I guarantee you will enjoy your trip. You’ll understand the Parisian lifestyle and go home longing to come back. Everyone that I know who does the touristy thing goes home hating Paris.

  7. Avatar of Chanelle Lewis

    Hmmm…I really had no trouble in Paris, but the rest of France was a lot nicer. Paris smells TERRIBLE, as well, much worse than NYC, which is also somehwhat “pungent”.
    The countryside, villages, and farm communities were pretty cool.

  8. Avatar of Anouska Leigh

    Anouska Leigh

    So many comments say French are rude but I disagree. If you use excellent manners there, people in France are fine (or anywhere in Europe). Just learn Hello, please, thank you, excuse sir/madam……it will get you very far. Also, lower your voice. You shouldn’t talk loud there. Definitely ask a younger person if you need help. Their English is usually better. And please…NO WHITE SNEAKERS!!! You might as well put a target on your back that screams…American tourist here!!

  9. Avatar of Kimberley Foulkes

    Kimberley Foulkes

    Interesting! I made an effort to speak French the times I visited–I had transportation language etc. written down on notecards.
    And I took a tour of Notre Dame that included a climb to the top! 🙂
    And rode the Metro.
    Paris is cozy, the tap water tastes great (unlike where I’m from), and I’d love to visit again.

  10. Avatar of Susanna Milton

    Susanna Milton

    Okay i went there, and would never go back, the city is no better than anywhere else i went to, and here is my rule, be nice to me and i will be nice to you period. No need to be rude at anytime, or make excuses for bad behavior anywhere.

    • Avatar of Cathy Mitchell

      Cathy Mitchell

      I don’t think many French people will see your comment here lol. Try to make friends with them is not easy because of the language barrier, but with some efforts and talking with young people you should be good. And by the way, Paris is really stunning, but you need to get away from touristic paths and try to understand the city by yourself.

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