Things You’re Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging

The upside? You can change them today.


So here’s the deal. Many of the things that pretty much everybody does on an almost daily basis cause aging. As in wrinkles, age spots, and sagging that weren’t there before. That’s aging that doesn’t have to happen if you just change your lifestyle.

Don’t worry — all that change doesn’t have to happen at once — you can do it gradually, as most people do. Believe me, when you’re 50 and you look 35, you’ll be glad you read this.

Here are several things you can fix today, that will dramatically impact how quickly you age:

Animal Products

Dairy and meat contain proteins that are very acidic (high PH), and therefore highly inflammatory. Inflammation is your skin’s #1 enemy when it comes to aging. Dairy also contains components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin. Pair that with some serious inflammation so the bad oil can’t escape your pores, and you’ve successfully set the stage for acne.

Things You’re Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging

Not to mention, when you eat dairy or meat, your body pulls important nutrients out of your bones in order to counteract the acidity and the inflammation it’s causing in your body, weakening your bones and dramatically increasing your risk for not only osteoporosis, but cancer.
Things You’re Doing Daily That Cause Premature Aging

Sleep Deprivation

You. Need. Sleep.

Just because you can sort-of function without sleep doesn’t mean that you should –or that it’s healthy. Your body uses sleep time to regenerate cells (that’s why it’s called beauty sleep), repair your organs, build your immune system and detox your body. Plus, it’s delightful to snuggle up at the end of the day and relax. Why would you deny yourself that? Need help getting quality sleep? Here are 10 hacks to help you get better sleep.

Plus, when you’re not getting enough sleep, it shows on your skin. Sleep deprivation robs the body of adequate time for cell turnover and regeneration. Not only will you look dried up after successive sleepless nights, but you’ll also have breakouts. The acne and oily skin are actually a result of stress that triggers the release of the hormone, cortisol.

To make matters worse, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body craves carbs and fat. Not good!

But wait, before jumping off to bed to pay your sleep deficit, remember not to always lie on one side or directly on your face. Sleep wrinkles and skin thinning can form from pressing your head into your pillow night after night.

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Reader Discussion: 144 Comments

  1. Avatar of Sheena Osborn

    Sheena Osborn

    never smoked never took a sip of alcohol i sleep on my back never fake tan !! damn i’ll stay young forever ?

  2. Avatar of Lynn Dixon

    Lynn Dixon

    Can anybody tell me my face seems wrinkled and folds ( not actually wrinkles) while laughing and when I get angry and I’m only 23…. Why’s it happening?? I don’t drink and smoke and keep myself hydrated and never forget to wear my sunblock… An it’s been happening to me since my school days… But only when I laugh or get angry. I’m too disturbed with this ??

  3. Avatar of Marlene Collins

    Marlene Collins

    You can do all the diet and exercise you want and do all the right things but if you have a bad attitude unfortunately it will age your face quickly… hasn’t done it to me yet but it might eventually if I don’t shape up

  4. Avatar of Kim Benes

    Kim Benes

    Thank you for the advice, Hilary. I’m wondering how my mum looks so young, she’s almost 50, but looks 35. And she barely does skincare.

  5. Avatar of Elisa A

    Elisa A

    My biggest problem is my phone ? I don’t drink alcohol and I avoid everything you said — but I look older than my age just because of this ??

  6. Avatar of Ruth Burkes

    Ruth Burkes

    Yes, I have already started aging… I am already getting wrinkles… I hate the world AAARRRGGHHH

  7. Avatar of Maryann Carlton

    Maryann Carlton

    According to who? Sun ? is really good for you especially for dark skinned people. ?

    • Avatar of Sheri Smith

      Sheri Smith

      I totally agree. The sun has vitamins that help plants grow. Nobody talks about that. We cannot live without our beautiful sunshine, and not being in the sun can cause major depression that would actually add to the aging process.

  8. Avatar of Maddison Gibson

    Maddison Gibson

    There was this guy I knew who was an alcoholic, he looked like he was in his 70’s or 80’s, his hair was grey and falling out, he had wrinkled skin with droopy ears and cheeks, and a big red nose, as it turns out he was only in his early 50’s, when his brother died and he was attending his funeral, I thought he was his father because he looked so old.

  9. Avatar of Rachael Wise

    Rachael Wise

    Yep, my sister says the “Hello Miss” changed to “Hello Ma’am” at 35 ??? My biggest fear is getting old.

  10. Avatar of Helen Vincent

    Helen Vincent

    Thank you for these tips! I’m 30 years old, with a dry skin. Do you have any recommendations on a good moisturizer for my age?

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