Modeling for Urbanette Magazine

Did you get an email about modeling with Urbanette Magazine? Sorry, but it is a scam!


Modeling for Urbanette Magazine

Scam Alert

Note: We have become aware that there are scammers pretending to be affiliated with Urbanette Magazine, and sending fake checks / money to models. Do NOT accept funds (the check will bounce) for any reason for ANY modeling job, before you’ve done the job. The modeling industry does not work this way. Models get paid AFTER they do the shoot, never before. If the email does not end with @urbanette.com then it is not from us. Please see comments below.


If you’re looking for modeling advice, we like this site: Advice from Top Models

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Reader Discussion: 49 Comments

  1. Avatar of Lillian Sanders

    Lillian Sanders

    Thanks for posting this because I recently got an email but I ignored it so I browsed a little on your website and came across this!

  2. Avatar of Loren Burgess

    Loren Burgess

    This is very alarming… I’m thankful I haven’t received anything like this. A lot of people get so blinded by things like this because it’s instant money. Scams are everywhere. Don’t get easily fooled. Most of the people who get fooled are those who desperately need it. I know they’re the worst people to fool because they already need the money, but that’s the reality that we’re in.

    • Avatar of Carole Gibbs

      Carole Gibbs

      I know, money isn’t hard to find so if someone just offers you that, don’t take it and run just yet.

  3. Avatar of Phyllis Valentino

    Phyllis Valentino

    OMG this is scary. Be careful people. Others will do everything to just get ahead of others.

  4. Avatar of Florence Welch

    Florence Welch

    I want to be a model for Urbanette too, but I think I’m not pretty enough.

    • Avatar of Billie Scott

      Billie Scott

      You might want to email them properly instead of commenting here. Who knows!

  5. Avatar of JENNIFER ROCCO


    What do they even gain by using Urbanette’s name? I mean, what can they get from you? This worries me even though I haven’t be contacted by anyone. Anyway, you should all be careful. I follow Insider Diva for their modeling advice and how to not get scammed by agencies and how to land projects and this is nowhere near how it works. Be wary if it’s too good to be true because it probably is.

  6. Avatar of Carolyn Lewis

    Carolyn Lewis

    Nobody pays anyone in advance when it’s a modeling project. Finish it first, then get paid.

  7. Avatar of Leona Wright

    It’s so easy to fake emails now. They use the proper name itself but if you look at the email address carefully, it’s different.

  8. Avatar of Diana Skr

    Hello, I’m a model and I want to work for Urbanette but I don’t know who to contact. Which is why I came across this page, I thought it was about hiring.

  9. Avatar of Lori Morrison

    We can’t help it. The world is full of people like them who enjoy trolling others for the sake of I don’t know what. It’s so rampant now and it’s so dangerous. You have to always do your research so you don’t get fooled by fake agencies trying to recruit you for projects that don’t really exist. For people who don’t have any idea about how modeling works, you have to consult legit sources so you don’t end up getting scammed. Watch out for your own backs.

  10. Avatar of Mamie Howell

    Wow this isn’t funny at all. Whoever does this is plain evil…

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