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Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYC

My picks for the best doctors in NYC …speaking from experience.


Without further ado, here are my picks for the best doctors in NYC …and I speak from experience:

Dr. Raphael Kellman

Your new GP / Primary Care doctor who can do everything

Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYCDr. Kellman is a wonderfully curious and thorough doctor. When other doctors tell you the most obvious, and often incorrect, diagnosis, he digs deeper to find out the real cause, and to fix the underlying issues. He’s incredibly patient and explains everything in scientific detail, so you actually understand what’s going on with your body.

He specializes in setting up individualized treatment plans that include oral and intravenous nutritional supplementation and detoxification support, diet modification, exercise plans, stress management; all based on the results of specialized functional testing.

He’s also the author of The Microbiome Diet, a bestselling book about how gut bacteria and nutritional absorption affects our health. Here’s a video of him talking about it, and another (longer) video where he’s interviewed about gut health. And if you just want a quick introduction, here’s Dr. Kellman talking about his practice:

My first appointment with him took about 90 minutes, he created a complete health profile on me, and he did a slew of tests on me (I mean, enough for 15 vials of blood to be taken). He tested me for environmental toxins, genetic detoxification issues, heavy metals (from makeup and seafood), etc. The Kellman Center is in midtown Manhattan, but lots of his patients come from out of town to see him or get IV’s at his clinic. As with any doctor, double-check what he tells you by doing your own research, as all doctors make mistakes — Kellman included.

Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYC

Serena Ma, ND @ Serenity Natural Health

Visit her for eastern medicine treatments and to set up a herbal and vitamin supplement regimen

Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYCSerena is a wonderful naturopath who can help you to come up with a customized supplement regimen (including both off-the-shelf and custom herbs) that will fix most issues you may be having, such as skin, energy, sex drive, brain fog, etc. Your first visit with her will be 90 minutes and a complete health history will be taken, which considers physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and other factors. As your health partner, she will then identify and help you to remove the underlying causes of illness.

Serena is an expert at acupuncture and Eastern methods of treatment and healing. Strong emphasis is placed on diet, supplements, lifestyle, and exercise. She’s also the person you’ll want to see to help you set up a healthy and customized detox.

I have personally witnessed her extensive knowledge in customized supplementation (she even pays for third-party effectiveness research on all supplements), herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, physical medicine, hydrotherapy treatments, and nutrition. I can attest that she knows much more about how the body works than any of the other tens of top “regular” doctors I saw in NYC before her.

Her spa-like office is on Broadway just north of Houston and you can check her out at Serenity Natural Health and subscribe to her greatly informative blog.

Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYC

Dr. Elena Klimenko, MD

Visit her for a second opinion on specific issues you’re having

I’ve only gone to see her once so far, but she seems very knowledgeable and has the right motto: “Treating the person, not the symptoms”. She practices integrative and functional medicine, which basically means that if you have an itch, she doesn’t just prescribe a cream, she finds out why you are itchy and how to fix the root cause. (*Why other doctors don’t do that.)

She’s board certified in internal medicine and licensed in acupuncture and homeopathy. Her and her husband Marc, who works with her, both practice acupuncture, albeit with different styles and needles. I got acupuncture from Marc, who has a gentle touch and uses tiny Japanese needles that are so thin I couldn’t even feel them.

She can do any test you need (heavy metals, environmental toxins… you name it), and can also help you with travel medicine and vaccinations, as well as Botox and derma fillers. She is not a GP, so you won’t get your yearly checkup or a pap smear done here, but you can visit her for specific and acute issues. You can find her online here and her office is at Madison and 40th. She doesn’t take insurance, but if you have out-of-network coverage, they’ll submit the claims for you.

Hands-Down the Best Doctors in NYC

Looking for someone in-network?

Dr. Maurice Beer is an Integrative Physician in NYC that is in-network with Aetna, United Healthcare, HIP, and Oxford Freedom health insurance, and his office will do the submitting of claims for you. His office is on 57th and 7th, and you can find out more at Integrative Medical’s website.

Have you had a good or bad experience with a holistic / integrative doctor in NYC? Sound out below!

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Reader Discussion: 9 Comments

  1. Avatar of John David

    I Still trust my specialists. Regardless of whether I realize they are draining me with my cash. It’s simply that they don’t have a decision. they are additionally unfortunate casualties in this. Regardless of whether they truly prefer to fix, they are compelled to treat it.

  2. Avatar of Hope Lee

    Hope Lee

    I Still trust my doctors. Even if I know they are milking me with my money. It’s just that they don’t have a choice. they are also victims in this. Even if they genuinely like to cure, they are forced to treat it instead.

  3. Avatar of Cornelia Green

    Cornelia Green

    a must read!!! It is essential to visit and talk with your doctor regularly on what you can do to keep you healthy. if you notice a sudden change in your body and health you do not want to wait for your yearly consultation and checkup with your doctor to discuss it with him/her. With regular checkup the doctor can spot and detect early problems and make recommendations to resolve or at least prevent the problem before it is too late. They can talk to you about your health’s needs and this is your opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns about your health. By scheduling a regular checkup you can always keep your health in check and build a good relationship with you your doctor.

  4. Avatar of Kimberly Vigil

    Kimberly Vigil

    I love this! I’m always believing in the saying that prevention is always better than cure. Having a check up is essential to prevent any health issues from worsening and help you to full recover. When do you visit your doctor? when you’re hurt and have injuries? of course you’re thinking that it’s the right time to visit and seek for medical care, that kind of mentality is wrong. it is also important to visit a professional and clinic for checkup and consultation even if you don’t have diseases and not sick, to know if you’re are okay and prevent diseases if detected as soon as possible.To keep you healthy and prevent yourself from getting sick, it is necessary to schedule regular check up with your doctor to maintain your ideal well being.

  5. Avatar of Esther Earl Harris

    Esther Earl Harris

    Thank you for sharing this with us! it is rare for me and for my son Carl to visit a doctor and have a check up because i’m always making sure that we are always eating right. It is essential to look for a doctor who’s trustworthy and reliable. Ensure that you are in the right place, in the right hands of people whom you will trust with your life and well-being. Our health is utterly important. It is important to get involved and educated even with some of the common health issues.

  6. Avatar of Hazel Collins

    Hazel Collins

    Agree! doctors are always all ears and available to answer the questions of their patients. they are ready to give their patients some tips. It is important for them to explain the diagnostics of the tests and they will explain it in a way that you can clearly understand it. I also think that they will also seek out and ask for their customers experience for them to improve and make their service even better. You are in utmost importance. A good doc and staff will do everything to minimize the stress level and calm you because it is their duty to help you feel comfortable; not to make their patients feel awful.

  7. Avatar of Jenny Garett

    Jenny Garett

    Absolutely right! whenever you’re with your doctor you shouldn’t feel rushed because you’re a patient and you are asking for treatment. One of the traits of a good doctor is that you are always able to ask him/her questions and get feedback.
    A good doctor talks to you and discuss about the findings and make recommendations. if there is abnormality your doctor is ready to discuss these details with your options. Your doctor is always making sure that you clearly understand her and will ask if you have questions before leaving the clinic.

  8. Avatar of Margaret Arlington

    Margaret Arlington

    I’m so glad I live in Canada and don’t have to worry about the cost of going to a doctor or getting charged for diagnostic tests. Obamacare is better than what you had but it’s too bad that the US didn’t go the public healthcare route.

  9. Avatar of Auriane Desombre

    Great list! It can definitely be hard to find good medical care.

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