The Eiffel Tower Apartment + other Weekly Discoveries

Amy Schumer gets schooled by Tina Fey, an Eiffel Tower surprise, and more.


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The Eiffel Tower Apartment + other Weekly Discoveries

Rental Prices in NYC — by Subway Stop

The Manhattan Subway Rent Map plots out the median rent, per bedroom, near every Manhattan subway stop. [Read on via Thrillist] And here’s a more recent map via neighborhood.

The Eiffel Tower Apartment + other Weekly Discoveries

There’s a Luxury Apartment Inside the Eiffel Tower

Yeah. You read that right. [Read on via Slate]

Amy Schumer being schooled on how Hollywood dictates what women are valued for:
The Eiffel Tower Apartment + other Weekly Discoveries

The Problem is the Media, Not False Rape Allegations

Is the real issue getting lost along the way? [Read on via Feminist Current]

The Eiffel Tower Apartment + other Weekly Discoveries

Pack for a Purpose

Help out schools, hospitals and charities by bringing supplies for them when you travel. This charity will make it super easy for you.

‘We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.’
-Anais Nin

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Reader Discussion: 33 Comments

  1. Avatar of Camila Hilhorst

    Camila Hilhorst

    Hollywood in our day is normalizing sexual objectification of both men and women. In pretty much every movie, there’s a sex scene, and naked people like that’s how it should be.I went to the movies with my 13 year old nephew the other day, and he said he hopes we see some “boobs” in the movies. That’s what Hollywood and the media are turning our new generations into.

  2. Avatar of Helena Stevens

    Helena Stevens

    Even landlords know rents are too high in New York. Life IS so expensive in New York. Part of why NYC is so expensive simply has to do with the sheer number of people living here. With 8.5 million people and growing, space is tight. And when space is tight, rents and housing costs are high.

    • Avatar of Kaitlyn Barrett

      Kaitlyn Barrett

      I kindly disagree.

      The only thing expensive about New York is the rent. Otherwise, it’s an absurdly cheap place to live. Food is cheaper than anywhere I’ve ever lived (if you know where to look), transportation is cheap and walking (which is feasible and enjoyable) is free, and entertainment is frequently free.

      The city offers so much for so relatively little that I think that we as New Yorkers are getting an incredible deal. It’s a privilege to enjoy so many luxuries close to home.

  3. Avatar of Olivia Peterson

    Olivia Peterson

    Upeople are social creatures, and all people care deeply about other people’s perceptions of them. That desire to be liked and respected by peers is universal. In this context, an “obsession” with beauty is as simple as an “obsession” with having other people like you and think highly of you.

  4. Avatar of Andrea Mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell

    Looks are the very first thing that people notice about a girl or a woman, and sometimes the only thing. It’s also the first and often only thing people complement girls on, and it determines how people treat them. I deliberately almost never tell my nieces how gorgeous I think they are. I’ve told them once or twice so that they know, but I want them to understand that I value them for WHO THEY ARE as people. I also want them to VALUE THEMSELVES for who they are as people, rather than for how they look. In order to break the image of beauty Hollywood and the media forces up on us, we NEED to teach our children values, and the things that matter.

  5. Avatar of Sydney Nowak

    Sydney Nowak

    As far as I know the only way you can prevent obsession with an ideal standard of beauty is to temper that standard itself. Once you have several ideals of beauty in your repertoire it’s a lot easier to accept the form of beauty you may possess and not feel the need to strive for an ideal that isn’t achievable or compatible with what you are. 🙂

  6. Avatar of Anna Kaplan

    Anna Kaplan

    I’m so happy you have introduced Pack for A Purpose to us. I don’t get to travel often, and when I do, it’s usually not to places that are in need, but I’d love to help, and support this cause, so I’m going to email them and ask if I could be a part of it without travelling.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Avatar of Betty O'Leary

    Betty O'Leary

    Video was so well done!!!

    Everything in every facet of society encourages women to be conscious of their beauty. Everything. From Hollywood to dry academia, beauty is a universal and inborn value that is (and always has been) placed disproportionately on women to achieve. Which is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

    Because where’s the beauty in turning women into same looking mannequins? There’s beauty in every kind of women, large, skinny or avarage. Besides shouldn’t the inner beauty matter more than the outter beauty?

    • Avatar of Shannon Bradley

      Shannon Bradley

      Right. I agree but if anything, while women in this day and age are as obsessed with beauty as ever, that obsession is now competing with the new ideal that personality and intellect are just as important, if not more so, in female accomplishment.

  8. Avatar of Celine Carter

    Celine Carter

    Pack For A Purpose…. Small space. Little effort. Big impact. 🙂

    • Avatar of Julia MacLean

      Julia MacLean

      It is so straightforward which it’s brilliant. You can make a real difference to the lives of children around the world without even breaking a sweat. ?

  9. Avatar of Lana Urie

    Lana Urie

    Awesome collection, guys! From Paris to New York, Hollywood to rest of the world via Pack For A Purpose, very informational also fun friday discoveries, this week. WELL DONE!

  10. Avatar of Monica CONOVER

    Monica CONOVER

    I find it just hard to understand why people want to live in New York, although it’s inarguably a beautiful place yet too crowded and too expensive… Guess you have to be a New Yorker to understand. Hey! New Yorkers! There ARE nicer, cheaper, less crowded places in the USA to live! 😉

    • Avatar of Franny Pimms

      Franny Pimms

      Places where everyone wants to live will always be more expensive. Yes, those that aren’t wealthy or who don’t have a compelling reason to be in very expensive locations tend to move out of expensive areas. That’s how it is supposed to work, as others with a economic reason to be there need to move in.

      • Avatar of Monica CONOVER

        Monica CONOVER

        The rents are high in NYC and SF for the same reason that houses in Greenwich, CT and Beverly Hills are expensive: there are a lot of rich people there. End of story.

        • Avatar of Franny Pimms

          Franny Pimms

          Your example of SF is fallacious! SF is one of the smallest cities in population and size. The reasons rents are so high is because there is no acreage to built! SF has approximately 800k population and 46 sq. miles. Making it the most densely populated city in CA. That’s what makes the rent high – get your facts correct. ?????
          End of.

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