Why Empowered Women are Choosing to Remain Childless + other Weekly Discoveries

Why women are deciding not to have children, photoshopped images, what 100 years of magazine covers tells us, and more…


Hope you’re having a great summer! We really love this particular roundup because it’s all about being an empowered woman, and thinking about how we’re viewed and our choices, as women. Let us know your thoughts below!

Why Empowered Women are Choosing to Remain Childless + other Weekly Discoveries

100 Years Of Magazine Covers

An interesting look at how the image of women put forth by the media has changed over the years… and what it says about how our culture sees women.

Why Empowered Women are Choosing to Remain Childless + other Weekly Discoveries

270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

The Huffington Post and YouGov asked 124 women why they choose to be childfree. Their motivations ranged from preferring their current lifestyles (64 percent) to prioritizing their careers (9 percent). Check out their many reasons here.

Why Empowered Women are Choosing to Remain Childless + other Weekly Discoveries

She Gets What She Wants: 20 Things Every Girl Boss Knows To Be True

“#19. The better you are, the more haters you’ll have. People will be jealous of your talent and your girl boss attitude. Ignore anyone that makes you feel any less than the badass b*tch that you are. Remember, you represent something they want, and they’re giving you slack for it. Use it as a reason to work harder.”

Check out the full list.

Why Empowered Women are Choosing to Remain Childless + other Weekly Discoveries

What Our Responses to Photoshopped Images Really Say About Us

We might be OK with a little Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us.
When photos are airbrushed, they help us form a collective idea about what we should look like, solidifying our own beauty ideals. When we start airbrushing our own photos, the lines get really, really blurry.

‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’
– C. S. Lewis

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Reader Discussion: 46 Comments

  1. Avatar of Paakhi Bhatnagar

    I feel that a lot of people and media outlets value giving birth over adoption or remaining childless. There is this intangible life constructed for us by society where the ultimatum is to get married and have children. I think that its absolutely necessary for women to own their life and do whatever they want to.

  2. Avatar of Lucretia Asher

    Lucretia Asher

    Looking at this it makes me feel ashamed.Honestly i think i was born in the wrong era and i know many people feel the same way.The 50’s,60’s,70’s..how wonderful. I just don’t relate to all these nudity exposure and erotic culture and what we have become .I am thankful for the technological advances which we have achieved so far,but to be honest I’d much rather live in a time where a traditional day with friends wasn’t spent on Facebook or texting. Where a girl didn’t have to get naked on the social media to get noticed. I do know the discrimination was worse but still! we’re medicating bad behavior instead of teaching children self control and respect for authority.

  3. Avatar of Jennifer McSween

    Jennifer McSween

    I don’t want kids EVER! The Earth already has about 6 billion TOO MANY humans on it. Why on earth would I want to make matters worse by adding more? We are striping the rainforests, exterminating the animals, poisoning the seas, and basically destroying the very life support system we rely on with our excessive numbers. To me not having children is a very wise decision.

    • Avatar of Paakhi Bhatnagar

      I agree with you completely and feel the same way! And I am so tired of having people say that I will change my mind.

  4. Avatar of Lauraine Neal

    I love the artwork on early Vanity Fair – beautiful design for something so disposable. The New Yorker continues to have high production and design values – I treat myself occasionally when I know I’ve got a bit of time to do it justice. Anyone else a little uncomfortable that, with the accusations now being made, Bill Cosby’s cover for the “wholesome” Seventeen is included?

  5. Avatar of Danielle Wilson

    Danielle Wilson

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with photoshopping away the odd mega huge, crusty zit above your lip, on a photo from a special occasion. When you’re drastically altering the size and shape of someone’s body, that’s when you have gone way too far. There’s enhancement and then there’s plain old deception.

  6. Avatar of Franny Pimms

    Franny Pimms

    This is ridiculous. No wonder why so many young girls have self esteem issues about their bodies. We all could look good if we could photoshop this well…

  7. Avatar of Deborah Henry

    Deborah Henry

    I feel so much better seeing the actual pictures. I think the industry is using photoshop too much. I understand to fix color issues or maybe a flyaway hair. But messing with people proportions this much??? Makes me sick. These people are role models to kids and they want to be them. The person themselves can not even make it to the photoshop level. I hate it. It needs to change.

  8. Avatar of Evelyn Sandler

    Evelyn Sandler

    I dp not have children nor do I really want any children. Also having not found the right man to have children with is also one reason. I do find though I am discriminated against in society by not having any children. Society has been brainwashed into thinking having children, marriage, the house and mortgage is the ‘ideal’ lifestyle. I have always been different in life and have always have been left our or punished in some way in society for this. But I am true to myself and am stronger for going it alone. I will never fit in to this society nor do I want to.

  9. Avatar of Anouska Leigh

    I don’t think Photoshopping things like different makeup palettes, clothing colors, bruises, or lighting effects on the shots for the -original- magazines (screw any tabloids, they’re all crooks) is that big of a deal. BUT when you start altering the actual physical appearance of these people’s bodies to make them into a Barbie doll, the resulting look is, in a word, freakish. The flat front on Kate Winslet? Blarg. Kourtney Kardashian’s baby belly? Just one of many examples of how tabloids are frickin’ crooks. Removing all signs of aging? WTH is the matter with a few wrinkles??? I’m 26 and have the startings of crow’s feet at my eyes and concentration lines in my forehead, and I damn well earned them by smiling and studying/reading a whole lot. And of course, when we get to slimming down the curves of gorgeous, voluptuous women whose curves are part of why they are worshipped in the entertainment world, I just want to smack the back of the head of any of these people who think there is something so intrinsically wrong with those curves that they need to be minimized. Hell, I better not forget how ridiculous it is to pump up the volume on boobs too. If these women wanted a boob job, they could easily afford it, but they love their modest cleavage so leave it the hell alone.

    End rant.

  10. Avatar of Michelle Hewitt

    I told my now husband from the beginning that if not having kids was a dealbreaker for him, we should split up then because I wasn’t interested, and I’ve brought it up several more times but he chooses to stay. I still feel bad though for denying him something that I know he really, really wants. And he would be a great dad, but I know I’d be the one who ended up staying home with the kid and taking care of it, and having to be the “mean” parent doling out punishment. And I really don’t want that.

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