How to Be Superwoman

Have you ever wondered how some women seem to do it all?


Have you ever wondered how some women seem to do it all?

She’s the superwoman who cooks dinner in 5 minutes, does a load of laundry from start to finish in 3, and cleans the entire house in 1, all while playing hostess to friends and neighbors as she passes out gourmet hors d’oeuvres and chilled cocktails!

How to Be Superwoman

Her friends treasure her, her husband admires her and her children adore her as she flawlessly rises to every occasion.  With focused energy and a knack for detail, she even manages to do event planning for life’s most grandiose occasions that beg for perfection.

Or does she….?  What is her secret?

Superwoman smiles slyly as she pats herself on the back for employing the most capable and talented team of all to help her with all life’s major events, relieving herself of stress and worry, allowing her time to enjoy family, friends, and leisure activities.  Ready to shout from the rooftops, superwoman makes an announcement, because she can contain her delight no longer,

“Ladies and Gentleman, live from the Hamptons, (the crowd gasps) it’s Exquisite Home Concierge!” (applause and cheering!)

Here’s the rundown: Exquisite Home Concierge offers a number of professional services to those lucky enough to have (or rent) a home in the Hamptons.  Beyond property management, house watching, cleaning, and personal shopping, Exquisite Home Concierge is also happy to plan your next party or event. With over 23 years of experience Exquisite Home Concierge not only offers to manage your event, they can dually provide professional valet services, ideal for weddings and receptions.

How to Be Superwoman

Urbanette is fortunate to have engaged in an insider Question and Answer session with the President of Exquisite Home Concierge, Joanna Hernandez.  We are impressed with what she had to say!

Urbanette Magazine:  What is biggest and most challenging event you’ve handled?

Joanna Hernandez:   Our most challenging events are always the two-hour cocktail parties during high season in the Hamptons where we have to maneuver hundreds of cars within that time span.  This becomes a challenge because we know the guests usually have one or two other events to attend and we have to get them in and out in as smoothly as we can so they can get to their next event.

How to Be Superwoman

Urbanette:  What types of special requests have you accommodated for clients?

Joanna:  The most popular special request is usually golf carts.  I often find that event hosts who procure our services usually want to make sure that their guests are taken care of from the moment their vehicles arrive on the property until the moment they depart.  We have also been requested to wear special attire so that we can match the theme of the event.

Urbanette:  What makes Exquisite Home Concierge special and why is it a top choice for weddings and special events?

Joanna:  Exquisite Home Concierge Valet Services offers an extremely professional staff with our top three valets having a combined total of over 60 years experience.  One of the owners of the company is present at every event.  Our repeat customers rely on the friendly service that they know their guests will receive upon arrival and departure of their event.

Urbanette:  How do you choose the members of your team and how do you make sure your staff is on the same page when it comes to delivering services and growing the company?

Joanna: We have a set team that have all grown up together and started valet parking under their high school athletic coach over 25 years ago. We brief the staff before every event, letting them know how many cars to expect, how and where they will be parked so that we can make sure the arrivals and departures go as smooth as possible for the evening.

With the amount of experience our staff have, we have seen all types of parties throughout the Hamptons, Shelter Island, and Montauk; therefore, we feel we are able to handle any situation.

Urbanette:  You obviously cater to some very high-end clients.  Describe your privacy policy and what you do to ensure your clients get the discretion they desire?

Joanna: It is our policy not to share our clientele information with anyone.  As far as our valets are concerned, they are given the date, time and address of the party.  All personal information for an event is kept within our office.

Want to be the woman who can ‘do it all’? Contact Exquisite Home Concierge at 631-603-7909 or

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  1. Avatar of Hannah Meyers

    Hannah Meyers

    Wow. I hope I can pull a superwoman attitude when I get to this phase in my life. It would take years before I get to pay for services that they offer.

  2. Avatar of Auriane Desombre

    They sound like they provide great services. Thanks for the tip!

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