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Planning a Party, New York-Style

NYC is ridden with parties galore. What makes yours special?


Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you can run off and die

Don’t hide just because your tired. Follow up with all your new friends and stay in touch! So get off the hibernation cell, get up, have  coffee and get cracking on your 108 new notifications on Facebook and start editing those dreadful, half-eye-closed party photos. Stay in the spot light and stay memorable. Ride the wave onto your next big bash!

Planning a Party, New York-Style

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Sally Golan is founder and executive producer of Social Exposure Media, a high concept, theatrical PR company producing some of the most talked about events and creative productions in the city. Social Exposure has been written up by every major magazine from Time Out New York to the New York Times.

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  1. Avatar of Ashley Moore

    Ashley Moore

    Yes Invite people! more people who will be attending your event the merrier. There are lots of ways to contact people with the use of technology because it is fast and efficient. You can send them messages by group in Facebook or message them with snail mail which is the old- fashioned way of sending a message to other people. It will also create an impression to the person you have invited and also the feeling they will get when opening the invitation they have received is thrilling. Lastly, make sure to talk to them and ask them if they are enjoying your event.

  2. Avatar of Cornelia Green

    Cornelia Green

    There will be an event happening on the next few months, doing it yourself is stressful and it needs a lot of work. My first option will be hiring someone to do the job for me.

  3. Avatar of Esther Earl Harris

    Esther Earl Harris

    Why don’t you just hire an event planner to make it easier for you. Hiring an Event planner/company to help you organize your event is essential nowadays. They have great knowledge and experienced in planning an event and they know a lot of suppliers that can also give them discounts. They have the stress while all you need to do is to attend and enjoy the event. With an event planner you can have a better and enjoyable party without shouldering the responsibility in planning the event.

  4. Avatar of Grace Stirling

    Grace Stirling

    Great tips! Planning an event is really an stressful task to do. I think it is also important to create and set a theme that perfectly fits the tone and content of the event (you do not want to confuse your guests on what kind of event they are attending).Create ideas that will also engage both the fans and the sponsors.
    Be innovative when planning what is the atmosphere you want for your event and also think of ways on how you can entertain your guests like hiring a DJ or a band. Lastly create impression that guests can share it to others on how good and awesome the event they have attended.

  5. Avatar of Hazel Collins

    Hazel Collins

    Event is not just about party, music and food it is also a good way for business owners to promote their brands and business. It is important to plan and list your ideas about the event before executing it. When an event becomes successful it is also a great technique for the company’s marketing, networking and engagement. Follow some great pointers like this article on how you can make a successful even whether it’s a sports event, business event or etc. When organizing and planning on executing event esp. big events, you should know first the purpose of the event and why are you going to perform this event.

  6. Avatar of Ansley Barrington

    I went to one of Sally's naked body painting parties. It was SO crazy and fun 🙂

  7. Avatar of Genevieve Scarano

    Planning a party is definitely all about your guests and making everyone feel like they achieve something by being there. I really like these planning tips a lot, especially the last one about staying connected. If your party is awesome and professional, it totally is a reflection of who you are and what you bring to the community. Plus, it gives you a chance to meet people and make new friends who want to help as much as you do!

  8. Avatar of


    Wow, I always assumed clubs were the go-to venues for events but glad I got the memo now! Where else are good places to host events? Also, being a calm host is totally important. There's nothing more uncomfortable than being around someone who's buzzing and nervous

  9. Avatar of Carina_Isobelle1989


    I actually Youtube-ed “Bitter Sweet” and “Hotel Costes”. I must say, perfect music for my next party!

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