Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex

The famous design duo talk to us about how to tell if a bag is quality, how to care for it, and who their muse is.


When Lambertson Truex first hit the fashion scene, this New York-based company gathered buzz as the biggest up-and-coming designer bags and accessories company. Their gorgeous bags, which got constant exposure in all the top fashion magazines, were priced between $950 U.S for a slouchy bag to a hefty $4,250 for a small gold crocodile handbag — and yet they sold like hotcakes!

Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex

When they were acquired by Tiffany & Co. a decade later, Richard Lambertson and John Truex became not only the designers behind Lambertson Truex, but the design directors of Tiffany & Co.’s Leather Collection, the first handbag collection of the world famous jeweler.

We’ve been proudly sporting a number of their bags and accessories and getting non-stop compliments. Not only that, but they’ve proven to be very durable and versatile. Their larger bags transition perfectly from the office to dinner, and it’s clear from the level of craftsmanship why the company has been growing by leaps and bounds.

First off, the quality of the leather is incredible – soft, warm, luxurious. All the bags are easy to open and close – most using embedded magnets or a simple flip catch with an embossed logo. Inside, the bags have built-in wallets and key holders that can be removed if so desired. The interior of the bags are either made of leather or, more often, a supple and soft periwinkle blue suede that makes it a pleasure to fumble around in.

Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex

Graduates of top design houses such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Carlos Falchi and Geoffrey Beene, Richard Lambertson and John Truex know what they’re doing. It is obvious that meticulous attention was paid to every detail no matter how seemingly minor. It is, after all, the attention to all those tiny details that made Lambertson Truex recognized as one of the highest quality bag and accessories manufacturers.

With a classic and current styles, it’s not unusual that their list of clientele includes Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Debra Messing and Renee Zellweger. Soon, we’ll be sure to see more celebrities carrying the famous LT logo.

“I want each bag to be carried for a long time. They soften; get more personality as they age. Each one becomes a little jewel to be rediscovered over and over again.”
– John Truex

Now, the amazing duo talk to us about how to tell if a bag is quality or fake, how to care for your bag (if it rains — run!!), and who their muse is.

Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex


Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex


Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex

Urbanette: What is the difference between a high-quality bag and a lower quality bag?

Lambertson & Truex: Many higher priced bags are due to the function inside, the quality of leather, etc… Lower quality strips away the fun in order to set a good price.

Urbanette: What kinds of leather do you primarily use for your products and why?

Lambertson & Truex: We have focused, as designers, on purity of leather. We like “natural” leathers without any top finishes. Top finish cheapens leathers. Natural/vegetable tanned leathers get more fabulous as you use them.

Urbanette: How can an inexperienced person tell the quality of leather?

Lambertson & Truex: There’s a sort of seamlessness to a quality leather. It is warm.

Tiffany & Co’s Lambertson & Truex

Lambertson & Truex at Tiffany & Co.

Urbanette: What is the best way to care for a Lambertson Truex bag? What is your advice if it starts to rain?

Lambertson & Truex: If it rains–run!! Just kidding. A bag is to be worn and enjoyed. It should tell a story. If it is wet, let it dry naturally. Sometimes, people spray their bags with protective. Fine – you can do that… but I like when it ages naturally. Try to keep your bag away from oils and such – that gets into the leather and will never come out.

Urbanette: How can a person tell a real Lambertson Truex (or other designer) bag from a fake?

Lambertson & Truex: That’s easy… a fake just looks and feels fake. It’s cold. Fakes look more like cut from a cookie cutter… they have no personality!

Urbanette Magazine: What kind of women do you envision wearing your bags and purses? Do you have a particular person or celebrity in mind when you design certain items?

Richard Lambertson & John Truex: Independent women with an individual approach to her style. She is a leader of her own trends. She is secure and strong. Julianne Moore is an amazing inspiration. She is so secure as a woman. Confident. Her personality is so pure. All of our women have a strong direction in their lives.

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  1. Avatar of Terri Wyzkoski

    Terri Wyzkoski

    I received Lambertson Truex soft briefcase as a gift and have loved it. However, the hardware on one sise snapped off (fastens on two sides), now there is no way to fasten it. Do you repair your products as Coach does?

  2. Avatar of Caroline Schack

    Whoa celebrities love the bags here? Well, duh!!!

  3. Avatar of Mary Shum

    I love bags so much. I don’t even care if it’s luxury or not. As long as it’s functional and fashionable. I’d take it!

  4. Avatar of Whitney Lynne

    Leather bags don’t change temperature whether it’s cold or not.

  5. Avatar of Patrycja Stachura

    T&C is so famous for their color. I know it wouldn’t be fun to create a line of bags that are of the same color, but for those who like the classic T&C vibe, this color would be extra gorgeous!

  6. Avatar of Elsa Walton

    Elsa Walton

    Now I know where jLo gets her bags. I super admire jLo for being fab!!

  7. Avatar of Deanna Harper

    Deanna Harper

    The worst enemy of bags is moisture. Don’t throw away dustbags and learn to collect those silica packets that you get from shoes, bags, etc. I also learned that you have to properly store your bags in a cool dry place and that you have to make a habit of airing them out at least once a week to prevent the deterioration of the leather. If I have bags that need to stay upright and those that need support so it doesn’t lose its form, I’ve also learned not to throw the cardboard or stuffings they came with.

  8. Avatar of Leona Palmer

    Leona Palmer

    Not exactly a bag person. I love shoes and jewelry better. Though I must say that these bags look fine!

  9. Avatar of Faith Bass

    Faith Bass

    Crocodile handbags? Isn’t that illegal now? ?

  10. Avatar of Ashley Vaughn

    Ashley Vaughn

    I don’t actually find their bags stunning. I love Tiffany & Co as a brand but not a fan of the bags. SORRY!

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