Does Being Sexual Make You a Bad Feminist? + other Weekly Discoveries

Hipster Barbie, Jennifer Aniston, understanding privilege, why posing topless doesn’t make you a bad feminist, and more…


The idea that women can both own their sexuality and identify as feminist is one that doesn’t sit well within our society. But it’s about time we said adios to slut shaming and adopted the notion that all women can be feminists, regardless of their jobs, hobbies and sexual antics, so to speak.

Does Being Sexual Make You a Bad Feminist? + other Weekly Discoveries

Does Owning Your Sexuality as a Woman Make You a Bad Feminist?

“As a model who bares no qualms in posing topless for a photo shoot, I receive my fair share of negative comments from strangers.” Here’s one outspoken model’s take on feminism. Food for thought.

Does Being Sexual Make You a Bad Feminist? + other Weekly Discoveries

What Tabloids Really Talk About When They Talk About Jennifer Aniston

As the rest of the world embraces feminism and moves forward, it seems as if Jennifer Aniston is stuck in an unending loop of interview questions dated from 1952.

A quick lesson in how to be a strong woman:
Does Being Sexual Make You a Bad Feminist? + other Weekly Discoveries

Socality Barbie Hits Uncomfortably Close to Home

A tongue-in-cheek Instagram account underscores the paradox of social-media authenticity.

Does Being Sexual Make You a Bad Feminist? + other Weekly Discoveries

How I Started to Understand the Concept of My Own Privilege

“Ironically, the first thing I worried about when I thought of writing an article about privilege, was whether or not I had the right to be writing an article about privilege.”

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’
– Confucius

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Reader Discussion: 32 Comments

  1. Avatar of Geraldina Lee

    Geraldina Lee

    Wow! you are right. This video shows something special. I am so thankful for this video.

  2. Avatar of Sonja Fallow

    Sonja Fallow

    You know… I have nothing against hipsters.

    So what if they are weird??? Some are really creative individuals.

    They are just doing their own thing and it’s not bothering anyone, so I can see that this lady wants to poke fun at them. That can be funny.

    But it makes me sick to hear her say how sick she is of them.

    Why does she have to be so hateful?

    Not a very good trait to have as a person.

    If anything, it just sounds like crabs in a pot mentality.

    • Avatar of Loraine Aguilar

      Loraine Aguilar

      Sorry, but taking a picture of a coffee cup then sticking an off-the-peg Instagram filter on it is not in the least bit creative. She’s not satirising genuine creatives, she’s satirising idiots that take pictures like this to create a disingenuous social media profile of themselves.

  3. Avatar of Susanna Milton

    Susanna Milton

    The only sexual predilections that would make her a bad feminist would be those that involved a legitimate violation of consent of the other people involved. If she tried to enforce her views or preferences on others, that would make her a bad feminist. Everybody’s free to get their swerve on however they want assuming consent and all that jazz.

  4. Avatar of Winona Miller

    Winona Miller

    Lol, they are actually good shots. I think it’s important to not take ourselves too seriously and that Hipster Barbie is hilarious. I think it’s also important that inspiring people who are enjoying their lives shouldn’t be discouraged or scoffed at for doing so and that people who want to Netflix all weekend shouldn’t feel threatened by someone elses adventures. 🙂 Live and let live, and laugh at Barbie.

  5. Avatar of Leah Helms

    Leah Helms

    Sex-critical feminists are all about sexual preferences not happening in a vacuum and such, but, it’s not something one can change. Okay, maybe our society which still holds patriarchal ideals made her get off from for say being a sub or something similar. And…? Sex is private. There is nothing political about how two sober (or at least sober enough haha) people engage in consensual, pleasurable sex.

    A person can’t change their sexual preferences, no matter where they came from. What matters is what they do and how they behave outside of the bedroom. Isn’t it how it is supposed to be?

    Even so, if on top of being sexual, if they wanted to be a housewife in redpillwomen style, they might still even be a feminist as long as they respect other women’s decisions and fight for their right to make those decisions regardless of their personal instance.

  6. Avatar of Lucretia Asher

    Lucretia Asher

    Jen has been plagued with pregnancy rumours for most of her adult life – she has never kept it a secret that she longs for a family but please, give the woman a break. I can’t even imagine the pain she must go through seeing these stories circulate time and time again for something that she probably longs for.

    • Avatar of Julia MacLean

      Julia MacLean

      So true, maybe she can’t have them and people constantly creating rumours just crumbles her. Who knows! I wish media would give a damn about people’s feelings and privacy.

  7. Avatar of Meggie Chambers

    So many people are concerned about the morals of social media, and then the morals of questioning those morals.

    Why is nobody concerned about how she goes this barbie’s hair to look so good? I don’t know anybody with hair that good.

    Seriously, the whole time I kept thinking that I’d kill for Barbies’s hair!

  8. Avatar of Chanelle Lewis

    You know I’ve thought about this often for the past few months – that I need to get better at accepting compliments. To be honest, I very rarely ever get compliments (other than from my kids and for that I am grateful they are so kind). Do you think that it takes an act of vulnerability to give them as well and maybe that’s why so few people seem to be giving them? Realizing how few I get, I’ve been trying to give more honest compliments to other people.

  9. Avatar of Anouska Leigh

    What does enjoying sex have anything to do with feminism? You take charge of your life, you’re enjoying yourself and you’re not pushed doing something you don’t want. If this isn’t feminism then what is? Humans really need to learn the actual definition and meaning of feminism. Some people are such plebs in the head.

  10. Avatar of Alison Hayashi

    I’ve always thought it’s a cultural thing till I watched that video! I’ve never quite known how to accept compliments because being Asian, my parents have always emphasized on being humble. But now I make a conscious effort to accept compliments and say thank you, even when a little voice inside me still sometimes nags that I don’t deserve the compliment.

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