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How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

You just woke up, and it’s seven in the morning. You aren’t home. You need to be at work by eight. Here’s how to deal.

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You just woke up, and it’s seven in the morning. You aren’t home. You need to be at work by eight. You definitely do not have the time to commute home and change only to rush back to the street and panic on your way to a meeting. Running home is futile, and making excuses is unprofessional and could inspire gossip at work.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Now, I know it’s called the “Walk Of Shame”, but I want to be clear that you shouldn’t actually be ashamed of anything. That said, if you’re like me, you value your privacy — especially in an office setting, or when you’re meeting with your boss or a client, or worse — gossipy colleagues. After all, nobody wants their colleagues to start rumors about them!

So what should you do? Next time, come prepared.

Here are a few products to help you avoid the morning-after gossip whirlpool, and turn that ‘walk of shame’ into a ‘stride of pride’:

A Bag with Detachable Handles

Nowadays, most bags are designed to be carried in various ways. Shorten the strap and you get a shoulder sling purse, lengthen it and you get a cross-body bag. Take out the strap, replace it with a longer one and hook it on top, you get a backpack. Attach an even shorter strap and you get a wristlet. Some bags even have smaller pouches that can double as clutches or wristlets.

A Reversible Scarf

Forget necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. They’re often loud and always attract attention, and unless you want to carry your jewelry box with you, you’re better off using just one accessory: a reversible scarf. These usually come with one side in a solid color and the other side adorned with a pattern. Get one that matches seamlessly with the general color scheme of your closet so that you can use it in lots of situations.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

A Multifunction / Convertible Dress

Every woman should have a convertible clothing item. A multifunction dress is as versatile as an LBD, but with even more options. You can turn this piece of clothing into a halter top, a strapless number, or even a one-shoulder asymmetric wonder. Seven-way dresses are popular due to their chameleon-like properties, so take advantage and stock up.

A Reversible Skirt

Black one day, navy blue the next; pinstripes for the board meeting, and solid gray for the cocktail party the next day. The beauty of having a reversible skirt is that nobody will ever know that they’re the same item – unless you take them off in front of the same person twice, but that’s another story.

A Pair of Black Pumps

Black pumps are a classic staple – no one would think that you didn’t have time to change. Make sure that your shoes don’t have any fancy or garish embellishments that people will notice, so the fact that you’re wearing the same shoes to work as you did to the bear can fly under the radar.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Foldable Flats

Black or nude is always the safest color, and since these babies are foldable, you can stash them in your bag and use them the next day instead of your heels. They’re also good when you’ve had a rough night partying and need to walk to (or crash at) someone else’s place.

Your Bare Necessities

Remember to bring a phone charger, a dual-purpose makeup remover / moisturizer, makeup essentials, a mini eyelash curler, tampons, hair accessories, a toothbrush, a mini-toothpaste, lip balm, and a pair of fake diamond studs with you everywhere (in a cute little makeup bag, of course). Anything else is unnecessary and excess baggage.

How to Turn Your ‘Walk of Shame’ into a ‘Stride of Pride’

Don’t leave tracks that will lead to your whereabouts the night before.

The next time you pull an all-nighter, whether it’s at a party, a girlfriend’s place, or your man’s flat, make sure you have everything you need so you can go back to work the next day without your colleagues suspecting a thing.

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  1. I had fun reading this article!!! Multi-function dress, tops and reversible skirts help! One thing I learned is that WE NEED TO BE READY… always… everyday! LOL

  2. Francis Woods

    Foldable flats are a godsend, even if you're not doing a walk of shame. I personally can't stand wearing heels for that long, so those are also perfect for when your feet need a break. Also make up remover is great thing to always have because no one wants to wake up looking like Courtney Love.

  3. Jen Spillane

    I wonder where I could find a convertible dress? I really like the one featured.

  4. Courtney Watson

    I love this article so much! It made me laugh! Probably because I can relate?! Hmmm….

    Due to my “walk of shame” experience (which is an experience to remember by the way), I  nowadays make sure to wear (or at least bring multifunction dress) 🙂

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