Worth a Thousand Words

Get gorgeous wedding photos by using Emma Cleary Photography.


We don’t have to tell you that weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion and pictures are the best form of memorabilia. You also know that you don’t want a collection of unflattering photos from your wedding day. What will you send to all your friends? And, more importantly, what will you post on Facebook?

For these, and may other reasons, it is absolutely crucial that you invest in a talented wedding photography team. Preferably, one with great retouching skills. They should specialize in wedding photography, and have worked on many weddings. You want to hire the best of the best.

Worth a Thousand Words

Many people make the mistake of getting cheap and inexperienced photographers. They discover (all too late) that they’ve compromised on the quality or range of photos taken. Their memories are dampened by unflattering shots. Unfortunately, photos cannot be retaken since the wedding ceremony only happens once (we hope, anyway!).

There’s nothing like looking through your wedding photos for the first time and you see your mom and dad getting jiggy on the dance floor…

Talk about surprises. There’s nothing like looking through your wedding photos for the first time and you see your mom and dad getting jiggy on the dance floor or the flower girl kissing the ring bearer. A great photographer understands perfect timing and will capture these candid moments so you can keep them.

You won’t have to worry about posing, because the right photographer will be able to capture flattering angles intuitively. You can simply enjoy the day and the professional will know exactly what angles and positions will translate into the best still moments.

Worth a Thousand Words

Emma Cleary, a very talented New York-based artist, photographer and professional photo retoucher speaks to us about the highlights of wedding photography.

Urbanette Magazine: When did you realize that you wanted to get into the photography industry, weddings in particular?

Emma Cleary: I got into wedding photography three years ago. I have always been artistically inclined, I am a painter and worked as a photo retoucher which was my gateway into photography.

Urbanette: Did you start out alone?

Emma: I started alone and found out very quickly that as a wedding photographer you need to work with a team. I bring an assistant to almost every wedding, big or small and most fashion shoots too. I also book second shooters for some weddings and book them on their own by request, so I somewhat act as an agent for them too.

Urbanette: What would you say is your brand of photography? What makes clients choose you over other wedding photographers?

Emma: People always ask me what my style is. Photojournalism is the nature of wedding photography, you are following the couple and documenting what happens on the day. I try not to interfere as much as possible so as to capture natural moments. Most couples want family portraits too which is completely understandable. I guess coming from a fashion background I am always looking for moments when the bride looks her best.

Worth a Thousand Words

Urbanette: How do you brainstorm with your clients and how do you stay updated with the newest themes and photography styles suited for weddings? What was the most challenging theme that you had to work with?

Emma: I keep an open communication line with my couples from the time I am booked until the day of the wedding. They often send me images they like or shot requests and I keep a file for them. I attend tradeshows and browse online for inspiration often and keep an inspiration folder of images and text on my computer which I often look at before a wedding to get some new ideas.

Urbanette: What do you think are the top three elements of a good and memorable wedding photograph? What is that one shot that should always be taken?

Emma: There are many shots that should always be taken at a wedding but one that often gets left out due to trying to squeeze in family portraits between ceremony and cocktail hour is a post ceremony romantic shot of the couple together sharing an intimate moment, I love doing a first look before the ceremony so that the couple can take those great shots and feel at ease before the days events. Three elements that make a good wedding photo for me are honesty, spontaneity and love.

Worth a Thousand Words

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    Well… It's hard NOT TO BE EMOTIONAL when looking at wedding pictures for the first time 🙂 That's why hiring the BEST wedding photographer is a MUST!

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