Why People Cheat + other Weekly Discoveries

The real reason why people cheat, how to keep your friends in your 30’s, NYC’s neighborhoods by personality type, and more…


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Why People Cheat + other Weekly Discoveries
The Judgemental NYC Subway Map

A NYC subway map that tells you what kind of people live near every station. Great if you’re thinking of moving, or just want to get a lay-of-the land. There’s also a link to a map with the best bars by every subway stop. [Read it at Thrillist]

Why People Cheat + other Weekly Discoveries

A Couples Therapist Explains the 4 Relationship Killers that End Marriages

Because you can never be too careful, when something’s that important… [Read on Business Insider]

This one you just have to watch to understand:
Why People Cheat + other Weekly Discoveries

Why People Cheat in Relationships

…and how to prevent it. Seriously – this article makes so much sense!! :/  [Read on Mark Mason’s blog]

Why People Cheat + other Weekly Discoveries

The Secret to Keeping Your Friends in Your 30’s

No time? We know the feeling. Here’s how to make sure you don’t lose friends, even though you have almost no time for them. [Read in NY Mag]

‘Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.’
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Reader Discussion: 36 Comments

  1. Avatar of Kylie Johnson

    I say this: a WEAK person will cheat when the opportunity arises. It takes a STRONG person to deny what people believe is nature (and I believe it’s a scapegoat) and be faithful. If you find yourself unable to be faithful in a committed relationship, then avoid them. There’s no requirement of ANYONE nowadays to be married or in a relationship. So if you cheat, just don’t be in one.

  2. Avatar of Carlia Marie

    There are no reasons to cheat. There are EXC– USES to cheat. Ultimately a person cheats because they have decided that is what they are going to do. The reasons or motivations may be different but cheating will always be the act of a willing and able conscious person.

  3. Avatar of Molly Twain

    Molly Twain

    After I’ve had some difficulties in personal life, my *friends* couldn’t handle my depression despite the fact I grew up with some of them and that I had been there for them during their breakups and drama. I was the friend that people used a shoulder to cry on, but when I needed to cry no one was there. I can’t help but feel bitter about it. But it is what it is. At least I know who my real friends are now, which was nobody.

    • Avatar of Evelyn Sandler

      Evelyn Sandler

      I’m so sorry you went through that 🙁 I’ll pray you feel better and get real friends because everyone deserves that. riends should be there for you when the going gets tough.

  4. Avatar of Melissa Princeton

    Melissa Princeton

    people cheat because of lack of honesty. if you are unhappy or feel you cant be faithful, get help, or get a divorce. dont stay for “the kids” they wont appreciate it. theyd rather have happy persons than two miserable people stuck together.

  5. Avatar of Christina Norelli

    Christina Norelli

    Friends are not valued like they were. It’s easy to discard friends and pick up new ones , like new clothes. Whenever there is a change in your life or your friends, it will test the friendship. Many friends fade away once they have no need for you and their life changes, their needs being are fulfilled elsewhere. This is very selfish, but very common these days. There’s no commitment.

  6. Avatar of Helena Stevens

    Helena Stevens

    This story line of why couples cheat is nothing new… it’s been happening for yonks. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and sex therapists etc also cheat. In more ways then you or me because they are at the coal face, and patients who are vulnerable and easily manipulated. The other aspect is what becomes of the children, and the fall out for families? If you are gonna cheat, why get hitched?

    • Avatar of Amanda Roberts

      Amanda Roberts

      honestly, i agree. if you cant be faithful, you should not get married. have an open relationship, leave alone the people that want monogamous relationships. both lifestyles are not wrong, what matters is that people need to be honest, you know?

  7. Avatar of Betty O'Leary

    Betty O'Leary

    People cheat because their feelings for themselves are stronger than the feelings they have for their significant other. Even if those feelings are fleeting and for a brief moment, that’s all it takes. Bottom line…that’s it.

  8. Avatar of Shannon Bradley

    Shannon Bradley

    The judgemental map was created according to what matters in the eye of the map-maker… But look at it subjectively, it’s either narrow-minded or completely dismissive, that’s why it’s so funny

    • Avatar of Sibel Jenkinson

      Sibel Jenkinson

      The person who made it was obviously born in Ohio or somewhere. No idea what they’re talking about.

  9. Avatar of Lucretia Asher

    Lucretia Asher

    The NY Mag’s article on friends is very helpful. In the past year, I’ve seemed to have lost every single friend I’d made since I was 11. I have only three or four friends now, and 2 treat me like garbage. I don’t know whats wrong with me, I’m kind, caring, and considerate. (I’m not trying to be self-involved but I know it wasn’t my fault) I dont know why everyone pulls away from me.

  10. Avatar of Tanja Bartowski

    Just my opinion and I’m not saying this is always the case, but I think men tend to cheat just because they like to have multiple partners/feel desirable by multiple people. And then women tend to cheat when they are unhappy in their current relationship and they’re looking for what they’re missing in their relationship. So for men I think it’s often just physical. For women more emotional. Although I’ve definitely heard of women that cheated because their man couldn’t “satisfy” them in bed too.

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