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Model for Urbanette Magazine

Want to work with us or appear in our print issues?



We are compiling a list of models, photographers, mua’s/crew for future Urbanette Magazine photoshoots (covers, editorials, advertising collaborations, etc)


How To Apply

Model for Urbanette MagazineWe track everything on
If you could please register and then message us at and we will add you to our Favorites on the site and contact you when we are doing a shoot that you would be a good fit for.

I’m sorry but the magazine’s policy is that we do not accept email submissions, as it’s proven to be too difficult to track and we are looking for models who are willing to be serious and invest in their career.

FOR MODELS: Our model booker has requested that you post at least two headshots in your portfolio, and shots that show your body (swimsuit or form-fitting clothing).

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, MAKEUP, ETC.: Please load up as many photos as possible to your portfolio on as we check your portfolio on the site for samples of your work and can not keep track of other links. Thanks for understanding.

Scam Alert

Note: We have become aware that there are scammers pretending to be affiliated with Urbanette Magazine, and sending fake checks / money to models. Do NOT accept funds (the check will bounce) for any reason for ANY modeling job, before you’ve done the job. The modeling industry does not work this way. Models get paid AFTER they do the shoot, never before. If the email does not end with then it is not from us. Please see comments below.


If you’re looking for modeling advice, we like this site: Advice from Top Models

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Reader Discussion: 57 Comments

  1. Nolan Hardt

    Hello, I’d love to model for you guys. I have a portfolio on model management right now!
    Thanks in advance for the consideration!

  2. Mwila

    Hallo. I am having difficulties signing up for new face. Keeps saying my email is already in use, which I have never signed up for. Please help with this. My instagram is @mwila_kaunda/ Mwila Bijou Kaunda. Really really want to model for you.

    • Please contact New Faces about that… they have a chat support button on the homepage, and a feedback button on the far left center of the screen. Thanks!

  3. Prinal Ram

    I want to be a model, & my photos can be used for modelling purposes , I have a recent fb account named Roshy Saasha which will be changed to Prinal

  4. jugalthomas

    I would like to model for you

  5. I would love to model for you….

  6. sarafina

    I want to model for you

  7. washigntonicey

    Do you have to be thin or small figured if you will in order to be a model? Also do you have to have clear skin?

  8. queenxcleoptra

    Hello I am chavely Issabella estevez piorno I am 15 Hispanic and I would like to apply this job with my legal guardians supervising me with all times I am 5’3 under 5’9 for runway model so I am ok with commercial modeling for clothes line. I don’t have my portfolio yet with my 15 pictures but if you like you can check out my instagram, anyways if you to ask questions or interested please contact me,

  9. I wanted to do modeling for you in low rates 8427933536

  10. AmandaBrown3

    Is there any way that I could contact you without paying for the Silver Membership? Because this is something that I really want to do and I put a lot of money in modeling and I know that no agencies before getting work I’m just wondering?

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