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A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The many reasons why this fascinating country should be on your travel bucket list… and a complete guide for your trip.


Calling all the history and adventure lovers! A trip to Jordan may be that one thing you need to do before you get too old for walking rocky, long distances. And honestly, even if you are not a history lover and just super interested in adventure and exploring, you’re going to love Jordan.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The lost city of Petra, in the country of Jordan

Situated between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Jordan is a beautiful country, overflowing with history and practically covered in a deluge of the Roman Empire, the origin of Islam and Christianity and, later, the Byzantine Empire.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Camel rides are common in the city of Petra

Here are some reasons you would want to consider visiting Jordan:

  • You love history to the moon and back.
  • You want to go on an adventure and hike and explore unduly terrain (and maybe get ahead on your New Year’s resolution to walk more every day).
  • You love architecture. Jordan is filled with ancient architecture influenced by Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Catholicism and Islam.
  • You want to rejuvenate your skin. The Dead Sea is not only a perfect place to swim for non-swimmers, but it also has many minerals that are wonderful for your skin. And need I mention the Dead Sea mud? That thing left my skin feeling like a soft silky pillow that I couldn’t stop touching.
  • You love Indiana Jones. If you go to Jordan you’ll practically feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie; and at some sites you may even feel like you are in the Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter.

But of course, there’s this huge question that needs to be addressed:

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Jordan is a varied country with lots to explore

Is Jordan Safe?

Yes it is! It is actually one of the safest countries in Asia, and definitely safer than a lot of countries around the world. Jordan has not been affected by the ISIS war, it’s still a thriving place for history and diverse culture. Jordan earns its main economy through tourism, so it takes tourist facilities and the safety of tourists very seriously. So (and I am saying this out of experience) you’ll be fine walking the streets at one in the morning, especially in tourist attracting places like Amman and Jerash.

So, does Jordan sound like your next possible travel destination? If yes, then here’s an itinerary that will make your trip unforgettable:

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