New York City

12 Super-Secret Hotspots in NYC

Perfect for impressing a special date or wowing your out-of-town friends.


The Big Apple is full of gems that are literally hidden – think camouflage, subterfuge, secret passageways – and span from classic to offbeat. Perfect for impressing a special date or wowing your out-of-town friends.

Here’s a list of the best hidden hotspots in the city:

Bathtub Gin, 132 Ninth Ave., 646-559-1671

12 Super-Secret Hotspots in NYC

Walk toward the light – the red light that is, inside the back of the tiny Stone Street Coffee Company, indicating this speakeasy’s false-wall entrance. There’s a claw-foot copper bathtub in the middle of the bar, natch. Avoid the pitfalls of 1920s bathtub gin (such as blindness and death from wood alcohol) and instead try the Martinez or Clover Club. The bar menu is modern fusion and there’s a rockin’ DJ on weekends.

The Backroom Bar, 102 Norfolk St., 212-228-5098

12 Super-Secret Hotspots in NYC

One of only two Prohibition-era speakeasies still in operation in NYC, The Backroom hosted numerous actors and the occasional gangster (think Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky) during the Roaring ‘20s. A hidden entrance, rich vintage décor, cocktails served in teacups, secret room behind the bookcase… If it was any more hidden, even we wouldn’t be able to find it!

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Reader Discussion: 9 Comments

  1. Avatar of Dylan


    Definitely want to try some of these bars! What is the dress code for say, Little Branch?

  2. Avatar of Hannah Meyers

    Hannah Meyers

    Bathtub gin is one of the greatest in NYC. Its my go-to place with my college buds. 😀

  3. Avatar of Chris Naselli

    What a great resource! I’m going to use this list the next 12 dates I go on LOL

    Instrata looks pretty cool. Their “Gramercy” location is more like Murray Hill though… Cool concept. More buildings should have concierges and other services like that.

  4. Avatar of Jude Vargas

    Will definitely check out these places when I’m in NYC. Who knows, I may even hop from one place to another, they are all gems! 🙂

  5. Avatar of Francis Woods

    Francis Woods

    The Raines Law Room and Death & CO looks so cool! I’m going to get a drink (or three) at them this weekend. Please do more articles like this!!!

  6. Avatar of Gabrielle Williams

    Gabrielle Williams

    These look so hip! But am I too old to go? What’s the average age range at these places? What should I wear??

  7. Avatar of Rebecca Givens

    Fantastic list! I love checking out spots like this — you always meet interesting people at them.

  8. Avatar of Langley Fox

    I’ve been to a few of these places and they’re great. It’s always impressive when someone brings me to a truly hidden gem like some of these, rather than the typical spots (like Top of the Standard, although I love it there too…)

  9. Avatar of Courtney Watson

    Courtney Watson

    What a great list!! I’m going to save this and check these places out one-by-one.

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