A Tour of Historic Rome

A rundown of the most beautifully historic city in the world.


It’s a hot summer night, you and the girls have decided to take a break from your touristy duties and relax on the Spanish Steps. Yes, the Spanish Steps located in Rome, Italy. You notice a large group of young women and men walk up the steps, smiling and rapidly speaking in Italian, as they separate into two groups. The women wait on the staircase’s located to the right and the men on the left. Softly, the opening notes of Frank Sinatra’s Moon River begin to play, quieting down all the tourists surrounding you. One by one, couples walk towards the center of the Spanish Steps, twirl and descend down the staircase and await the next couple. Now if that doesn’t sound like a movie scene I don’t know what does. Sitting there and experiencing that first hand was surreal. Things that you only imagine in your dreams come to life in a city like Rome.

A Tour of Historic Rome

The Spanish Steps, in Rome, Italy

There’s much more to Rome than most cities. If you’re a history buff, this will quickly become your favorite city. We visited, and came back with a list of our favorite historic spots, where it’s easy to visualize yourself in an old-timey movie:

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  1. Avatar of Nina Smith

    Nina Smith

    I just want to visit the Colosseum. That’s it. After that, I can be drafted by the wind for all I care. I just want to visit the Colosseum at least once in my life.

  2. Avatar of Monica Collins

    Monica Collins

    Thanks! Very useful article. Can’t wait for my trip to Italy this summer. And I’ll definitely be checking this article again a day or 2 before my fight. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Camila Hilhorst

    Camila Hilhorst

    Seriously though I found the city to be hugely disappointing. I went last July and it was too hot and touristy, plus it was one of my first stops on a three-month backpacking trip so I had to eat cheap/badly.

    • Avatar of Hilary Rowland

      I hate going to touristy spots at the height of the heat and tourist season. I try to go to touristy spots during the off-season (when kids are in school) and during the summer I visit places that aren’t as well known.

  4. Avatar of Helena Stevens

    Helena Stevens

    Thanks a lot for the great info, i will definetly keep them in mind for when the moment comes. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Nancy Musselman

    Nancy Musselman

    I visited Rome last year mid May. The sunny days were absolutely perfect, and nothing was ridiculously crowded. May was perfectly hospitable to summer dresses and a quick dip in the Mediterranean! 🙂

  6. Avatar of Olivia Peterson

    Olivia Peterson

    Great review! Very informative. I will be heading there later this year So I feel more prepared now after reading this! 🙂

  7. Avatar of Andrea Mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell

    Thank you for these helpful tips! Rome is definitely a place that many people are attracted to so it is best to be prepared and make the right moves when visiting these spots and truly enjoy yourself.

    • Avatar of Hilary Rowland

      Yes, it’s best to plan ahead and make reservations at quality restaurants, since it’s easy to end up in touristy restaurants otherwise. Definitely go in the off-season.

  8. Avatar of Sydney Nowak

    Sydney Nowak

    Thanks! These are some great tips for Rome. I enjoyed just wandering a little the first time I was there. I eventually stumbled across an amazing piazza, buzzing with life, fountains and cafes…Just magical and I was ever so pleased with myself. I only found out later it was the hugely famous piazza navona!

  9. Avatar of Christina Cavanaugh

    Christina Cavanaugh

    Great post! Found it while I was looking for tips and guides to Rome for first time visitors. One of the things I like to do when going to Italy and want to find a couple nice places to eat close to my hotel is. I will use google maps and type in restaurants near then the address of where I will be staying and google will give me a map of all the restaurants close to my hotel. Most often not only will they show there location on the map but will also have all the restaurants with web sites listed. Then I will go on the site and see if they have there menu on line, that way I will know if it is a place I want to go to.

  10. Avatar of Anna Kaplan

    Anna Kaplan

    Definitely plan to look back here when I finally visit Rome for the first time in June. Thanks!

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