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6 Ways to Minimize Stress

Learn how to control stress. Don’t let stress control you.


Stress plagues our everyday lives. It’s sad, but true. When we’re not worried about dodging deadlines at work, weaving through strangers on hot, overcrowded subways, or precariously avoiding family drama, we’re stressed about what to wear to that party on Saturday, and how on earth we’re going to make time to get our nails done before then.

The fact is, stress is everywhere, and it permeates all aspects of our everyday living.

6 Ways to Minimize Stress

And if you’re anything like me, getting bad news can take the relaxation out of my sails and make something as pleasant as a stroll in the park or a day at the spa somehow “stressful.” While I’m not trying to be Polly Pessimistic, it’s something that we have to embrace and deal with. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to help mitigate the unpleasantness and succumb to the terrors of stress (which for me, includes sleepless nights, terrible skin rashes, internal havoc, and periodic eye-twitching).

Because stress is but a mere symptom of our physiological and psychological breakdown, we can still alter the situation and manage to keep our sanity before things turn awry. When we learn to recognize and deal with burnout, we will have the power to do what we actually want and take better care of ourselves.

Being mindful of your stress, and integrating different practices into your daily routine can help minimize the likelihood that you’ll have a nervous breakdown. Here are some ways you can keep control of your stress throughout the day:

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  1. Jenny Garett

    Awesome! For me the best way to minimize stress is to meditate and exercise. It will not just help you to lose weight but it’ll also make you fell good. Exercising is also good to achieve healthier and more glowing skin. It is also a good remedy for acne,wrinkles and other skin problems. Exercising can improve complexion and also your mood too.

  2. Crying ease the pain and misery caused by frustration and weakness, thus minimizing stress 🙂

  3. Jen Garcia

    The tips presented by the article are all amazing. I feel like I’m on my way to a very “stress-free” life. It seems that modern technology is somehow making our lives complicated. It feels like we are more pressured to do more (and even the impossible) because of technology. Indeed, it is important to learn how to manage and balance work and play. Putting yourself at “awkward moments” once in a while would definitely help!

  4. I personally think that "good nutrition" helps in minimizing stress. Based on my experience, if I'm properly nourished, I feel that life is light and easy, thus I believe that good nourishment causes good disposition and healthier mind… reducing or totally eliminating stress 🙂

  5. Hannah Mayers

    “Stress-free” life is a choice. You can choose to be free from it and be happy. There’s going to be stress in life,  that’s inevitable, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

  6. Courtney Watson

    For me, giving yourself some credit is the “best” way to minimize or rather remove stress 🙂

  7. I tend to stress about, well, everything so this was a really helpful article for me. I'll try to keep all this in mind, thanks!

  8. Jen Spillane

    "You have all day to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow"–YES!

  9. I believe laughing and crying are two stress relievers. Sometimes you just need to cry and let everything out in order to calm down and relax. Also laughing is just good for your soul. It cheers you  up! And technically you’re burning calories while doing it lol.

  10. Joanne Samonte

    I definitely agree with taking things one at a time and ‘LAUGHING OUT AND BE SILLY.’ When my work is stressing me, I make some childish acts and think of the times when my life is totally stress-free 🙂

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