5 Incredible European Wonders to Experience

Add these five European wonders to your bucket list. You have to experience them to believe them!


After an 11-hour transatlantic flight and a two-hour rush-hour cab ride, I finally arrived at my resort just before dusk. A Greek friend had tipped me off to Voliagmeni – the coastline of Athens – promising that the sunset alone would be worth the trek. And it was. The bright orange and dark blue hues were unlike anything I had ever seen and I spent the next two weeks mesmerized by the subtle changes in each sunset, playing out over the Adriatic sea.

5 Incredible European Wonders to Experience

The sunset from Il Tramonto, a fabulous Italian Restaurant in Vouliagmeni

5 Incredible European Wonders to Experience

Watching the sun set in Vouliagmeni

The Greek island of Santorini is well-known for its sunset views and Athens is famous for the ruins, but Voliagmeni has largely remained a locally-kept secret. Relishing in this experience made me want to seek out more one-of-a-kind adventures. Rarely do we travel for a particular experience rather than a destination, but years of travelling (and being part of a travel industry family!) has taught me to do just that.

With that in mind, here are five incredible European wonders you have to experience to believe:

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  1. Avatar of Anastasia Harper

    Doing a tour backpack tour in Europe this summer. Really excited to see all the sights and experience the culture and food.

  2. Avatar of Jacalyn Beales

    Jacalyn Beales

    Love this piece! Would love to visit Santorini!!!

  3. Avatar of Helen Dark

    Helen Dark

    Beautiful! Gosh, I haven’t been to any of these places. So many fascinating places. I’m a fan of fragrances and I would love to visit Le Studio des Fragrances at Galimard. Visiting that place and creating my own bottle of perfume would be a dream come true.Thanks for highlighting these cities!


  4. Avatar of Merry Robinson

    Merry Robinson

    Such an awesome post. Would love to travel to all these places. Wow brilliant pics! they all look incredible. There is so much more to see than the highlight to been found on the web. There’s something eye-popping around every corner.

  5. Avatar of Lela House

    Lela House

    Explicit photographs you have there! i’m interested in visiting that black beach.

  6. Avatar of Rosemary Robles

    Rosemary Robles

    Now I really need and love to get on the road, ? Great article!

  7. Avatar of Kimberly Vigil

    Kimberly Vigil

    Informative list, thanks. I must say that these awesome places are worth checking out. It’s worth it to sit back and enjoy a well-earned meal at Il Tramonto while watching the sun set. I would love to witness that beautiful sunset with my fiance. thanks for this excellent post!

  8. Avatar of Louise Stone

    Louise Stone

    So many fascinating places. Travelling around the world sounds like a goal worth pursuing. I’ve talked to countless people about their adventures and experiences in life. It’s really an accomplishment to see and enjoy the wonders of this world. Time to update the bucket list, perhaps. ?

  9. Avatar of Jenny Garett

    Jenny Garett

    Majestic. That’s the word I could describe to those places. I think that Europe is everyone’s favorite continent. I’m going to Budapest this summer, heard that is an amazing city as well. Great read.

  10. Avatar of Jae Medina

    Jae Medina

    Best Europe related bucket list that I ever came across! Just wanted to stop by and say these are great tips! Definitely a great read. I will definitely be sharing on Facebook! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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