Add Some Magic to Your Party

Make your wedding fun with comedy and magic.


Racking your brain for a way to add some extra and unexpected excitement to your wedding? We have the answer.

Add Some Magic to Your Party

A talented professional magician can easily interact with and entertain your guests. If you take things a step further, and hire a comedic magician, then you’re guests will be guaranteed a memorable time. They can perform in front of many people and take center stage, as well as move from one table to the next to perform the magic tricks with more personalized touch. We spoke with magician, mind-reader and comedian extraordinaire Josh Beckerman.

Urbanette Magazine: Tell us about your business. How did you get into it and what do you offer?

Josh Beckerman: I’m a professional entertainer who intertwines close-up magic, mind-reading, and comedy at events and parties around the world. I’ve been entertaining since I was born and got into magic at the age of four — 28 years ago.

“I’m not just doing magic tricks, I really am engaging the audience, and adding humor to mind blowing feats of magic and mind-reading.”

Add Some Magic to Your Party

Urbanette: Having a magician at a wedding party can be pretty unusual. Why do you think newlyweds should have a magician at their event?

Josh: I really label myself as an entertainer. I don’t think all couples should have magicians at weddings. If you do want some added entertainment besides a DJ and a band, it is a fabulous idea. I do recommend meeting with the magician or entertainer first, to make sure you guys are all on the same wavelength.

Urbanette: Do you have a specific wedding repertoire, or if not, what do you usually bring to this kind of occasion?

Josh: All of the weddings I’ve entertained at, the couple has booked me for the cocktail hour, and then has asked me to stay for the entire night. I’m not just doing magic tricks, I really am engaging the audience, and adding humor to mind blowing feats of magic and mind-reading. The bride and groom always notice how much fun their guests are having and it’s a great added element to the party.

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