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Ways to Contact the Urbanette Team

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Ways to Contact the Urbanette Team


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Ways to Contact the Urbanette Team

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Ways to Contact the Urbanette Team

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  5. Hello, I am college undergraduate student. I have a homework related to women’s issues and need to include pictures from one of your articles (“Women in Ads: The Good and the Bad”). I read the rules for using your content and one of them requires to write 300 words maximum and attach a link continuing the article on your website, if I include pictures from your page do I have to quote anything?
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  7. kim

    hi I was interested in becoming a model for you guys! I tried signing up with new faces but I was having issues. If you guys could get back to me that’d be great! Thanks

  8. Jeff Roberts

    Do you do sponsored posts or review products? If so, how much do you typically charge?

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