How To Get People To Like You + Weekly Discoveries

The best life hack, manipulation tips (on how to get people to like you) from an FBI expert, free artwork galore, and more…


We are all part of a global community, and in that spirit we take each Friday to spread the love to others who’ve inspired us. In our Great Discoveries series, we feature the most interesting articles, a must-watch video and the most inspirational quote we discovered this week. Please spread the love and enjoy your day!

How To Get People To Like You + Weekly Discoveries

The Perfect Spouse Is the Best Life Hack No One Told You About

We’re supposed to believe that relationships tie people down, that they are the death knell for creativity and ambition. Nonsense! [Read in The Observer]

How To Get People To Like You + Weekly Discoveries

How To Get People To Like You

7 ways from an FBI behavior expert. [Read via Barking Up The Wrong Tree]

A great series of empowering video interviews where women undress while talking about their lives:

Liked it? View the rest here.
How To Get People To Like You + Weekly Discoveries

Why I Love the Upper East Side

A few reasons why this proud and pioneering Manhattan mainstay is one of the best neighborhoods in New York. [Read via National Geographic]

How To Get People To Like You + Weekly Discoveries

The MET’s Entire Collection

Everything in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection is now digital, browsable and downloadable in high-ish resolution — from your sofa. [Check it out at The MET]

‘Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough!’
-Oprah Winfrey

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Reader Discussion: 44 Comments

  1. Avatar of Naincy Winget

    Naincy Winget

    What a great post ! . This is full of useful information . But I think live your life full of happiness . Do whatever you like and enjoy . don’t worry about people what they are think about you

  2. Avatar of Pasty Clin

    Pasty Clin

    What a fantastic article! This is so chock full of useful information. I love the article about “how to get people like you” . I start utilizing the resource you have give me. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Avatar of Rachel Swindon

    Hi. Great collection again. Enjoyed everything I’ve read and watched. But I’m gonna have to disagree with Ryan Holiday. I see his point of view, and it’s a very well written piece. But I must respectfully disagree with this article. The Hollywoodized culture has definitely formed many minds on a soulmate mindset. It’s so wrong to sell such wrong ideas to people.

  4. Avatar of Monika Smith

    Monika Smith

    Great list of ideas. I like the article about the perfect spouse life hack and How to get people like you.That is really helpful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Avatar of Kylie Johnson

    I enjoyed reading the article about the perfect spouse being the best life hack. But how will I know when I have found the perfect spouse for me?

    • Avatar of Tanja Bartowski

      You may not think that someone is “the one” at first, but as you learn more about yourself you come to find that your ideas on who “the one” is change. I believe the person you want to marry shouldn’t have to be perfect. If they were, there would be no way to grow closer to that individual by working through disagreements together.

    • Avatar of Odeta Klucinska

      Good question. Since no human being can be perfect, I would say you’re going to need to look for the perfect love. When it feels right, you’ll know it. Good luck! 🙂

  6. Avatar of Mishale Brighton

    It’s so refreshing to see such courageous women like Gail Chovan in this narrowminded male dominant society of ours. I’ll be sure to share this video on any platform I can to show my support. It’s the least we can do.

    • Avatar of Carla Marie

      Gail Chovan certainly is one of the strongest women of our day! After watching the video on here, I visited the YouTube Channel of StyleLikeU and came across many other inspiring women like herself. 🙂

  7. Avatar of Cynthia Keller

    Cynthia Keller

    This is very inspirational in and of itself. I checked out the 2nd article and absolutely loved it. That is a really great advice. It even fits perfectly with my focus for this month. I’ll re-read all of these again today to bolster my spirits.

  8. Avatar of Selia Szczepanska

    Wonderful news about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection! As a visual arts educator for 8 years, this would have been a valuable resource for Art History lessons. With budget restraints, buying prints, etc has been nearly impossible. I thank you Urbanette Magazine for helping us find out about this amazing news!

  9. Avatar of Andrea Beasley

    I can relate to the article about Upper East Side. In my opinion The Upper East Side is the only real authentic New York neighborhood left in the city.

    • Avatar of Meggie Chambers

      . The Upper East Side is an authentic New York neighborhood .. but certainly not the last. I love the fact that it is clean, quiet, devoid of crowds and tourists and the less desirable types (i.e. certain disrespectful students, drunkards, loudmouths, those that litter, etc.) and the UES has more pleasant weather (not as hot in the summer or cold in the winter as downtown – as proven by a recent study, and without the horrible winter winds). I still visit downtown but am so happy when I return home.

      Yes, the neighborhood is “buzzing thanks to a spate of restaurant, bar and retail openings” (including gourmet grocery stores) … so now I have even less of a reason to leave my neighborhood – unless of course I am traveling to the airport to jump on a plane. 🙂

  10. Avatar of Aylin Sanli

    I see some skeptic comments about MET’s digital gallery. And its sort of upstes me. The museum has published what is fundamentally an educational resource. Not every person who has access to the internet has the opportunity to travel to large cities to see big art collections. The ability to peruse “digital” collections provides a significant boost to art appreciation, art history studies and just plain enjoyment.

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