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The Mendocino Coast is Haute Hippie Heaven

Join me on a journey to the California coast, and discover five great reasons to visit.


Have you ever wanted to experience a truly magical weekend? A weekend where you feel like you’re literally living in a fairytale? A weekend where you experience not just luxury, but raw beauty. Not just romance, but genuine adventure. Not just an escape, but a transformational awakening. Then look no further than Mendocino, a secret bohemian getaway nestled between the rugged cliffside coast and the imposing, yet inviting, redwood forests of Northern California.

The Mendocino Coast is Haute Hippie Heaven

Mendocino is breathtakingly beautiful

I was recently whisked away to Mendocino, described by the New York Times as the #1 place to visit in North America. During my trip, I discovered some hidden treasures that you simply must experience for yourself. The mysterious forests, roadside 50-foot sandstone cliffs, and a rustic aroma will make you feel as though nature itself conspired with the angels so that, at least for a moment, you could feel an uncorrupted kind of love for this area.

The Mendocino Coast is Haute Hippie Heaven

The drive from San Francisco to Mendocino up Highway 1 is stunning

In fact, as you drive up Highway 1, along the California coast, from San Francisco to Mendocino, you’ll start to feel as though you’re leaving America and entering New Zealand. The natural beauty is shocking.

The Mendocino Coast is Haute Hippie Heaven

The California coast is spectacular

Whether you’re an indoor glamorpuss or an outdoor she-explorer, the dreamy subtropical county of Mendocino has something for you. Here are but six reasons you should visit the whimsical locale home to James Dean’s “East of Eden” and Angela Lansbury’s “Murder, She Wrote”:

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