6 Steps to Make You a Flirting Target

Quick and easy ways to prompt guys to flirt with you, without even trying.


You’re crushing on this guy on your neighborhood, but he doesn’t seem to notice you. Maybe he’s shy, maybe he’s not. You want him to approach you so you can test the waters. Try these simple tricks:

6 Steps to Make You a Flirting Target

Be Approachable

When you’re friendly to people around you, men will get the impression that you won’t snub them. Smiling is always the best indicator of approachability. But remember not to overdo the “friendliness,” or you might creep out guys into thinking that you’re a crazy lady – you know, the one who chitchats with everyone who passes her by. Desperation for human contact is, of course, unattractive.

6 Steps to Make You a Flirting Target

Go Solo

Men love to see you being surrounded by friends, but to have them to flirt with you, you need to find time to go out in public solo. That way, men will feel like the timing is perfect to approach you. It’s always intimidating to approach a lovely lady when she’s with her flock.

Dress Down

Contrary to the power-dressing theory that says you are sexier when you are dressed to the nines, casual dressing invites more men to flirt with you. This gives the impression that the woman is not high-maintenance and knows how to have fun. That is, unless you’re attending a ball or formal-wear event. Men love to flirt with you in a casual wear because you reflect personal expression rather than presentation.

Stay in a Comfy Place

Ever wonder why bookstores and small coffee shops attract more flirtatious behavior? That’s because the setting isn’t intimidating and people seem to be more comfortable talking. Compared to a red-carpet event, a comfy place doesn’t make people feel awkward. Oh, and take some time to stay in one place. It’s hard to shoot at moving targets.

6 Steps to Make You a Flirting Target

Enjoy Whatever You’re Doing

Being caught up in whatever you’re doing, and looking both happy and content while doing it, always attracts curiosity. A guy will likely say, “I wonder what she’s doing? She looks so happy.” See, you get attention without even trying.

6 Steps to Make You a Flirting Target

Expect Nothing

Flirting is only testing the waters. If you respond to flirting or teasing, then things may progress into dating. If you don’t, well, nothing’s really lost. This is why (watch out!) even men with girlfriends still flirt with single women (*more about that). There’s nothing serious to it, at least for the moment (*more about that). Flirting is normal, and it can make man-woman interactions more fun. So unless you’re interested in Mr. Flirt, you can just give him a warm smile for the interaction and shrug it all off later.

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Reader Discussion: 16 Comments

  1. Avatar of Chantal Trescott

    Chantal Trescott

    When having a small chat, maintain eye contact, but never stare them down! Make a comely demeanor. If you give off a threatening vibe, you may lose the connection. Being friendly will not hurt.

  2. Avatar of Denisse Isaacs

    Denisse Isaacs

    I try to be modest in anything that I do. I don’t want to get any attention unless I am unconsciously doing it by careless mistakes. It’s a way I protect myself from some dangerous individuals. I don’t want to be in a relationship yet, and not even flings are on my mind.

  3. Avatar of Michelle Norris

    Michelle Norris

    Flirting is one thing, and harassment is another. A woman should always know when a man is taking advantage of her weakness. If he went overboard, don’t be afraid to cry for help. Stop being needlessly victimized.

  4. Avatar of Jennifer Hartmann

    Jennifer Hartmann

    Flirtation only makes men exhibit superiority. They might think that girls always seek their attention. And not every guy you set your eyes to is available. We know them! They will look for any chance to have sex whenever they feel like it. Not all of them, of course, but most are.

  5. Avatar of Phoebe Mueller

    Phoebe Mueller

    I don’t want to draw too much attention, but I also appreciate it when I get noticed by some guy I think is hot. Only to have a chat because I’m not ready for serious commitments. Flings may be fun. I enjoy reading this article. Though some guys are much easier to ‘catch’ than others, I think.

  6. Avatar of Stephanie Craig

    Stephanie Craig

    I think I don’t need these flirting strategies. I want to be my real self every time I’m with people. If a guy wants me, then he can approach me, if not, that’s fine, too. Girls do not need to be that desperate to have guys flock around them.

  7. Avatar of Kaye Hilton

    Oh I know I’m a flirting target. And a target for casual sexual harassment and catcalling also. Why can’t women just approach a guy they like and just say it up front! No more mixed signals and shit.

  8. Avatar of Ansley Barrington

    Flirting is really fun and exciting! I personally believe that it is "ego-boosting" if a man responds to your flirting 🙂

  9. Avatar of Sandra Brown

    I personally think that flirting is fun!

    And yeah… I agree that in order to make him flirt with you, you have to present an "accommodating" image and this can be achieved by simple dressing, smiling and going out solo!

    There's no harm in flirting but I can only advice women to set boundaries 🙂

  10. Avatar of Francis Woods

    Francis Woods

    Well, flirting is really fun but it can also mean attracting “men to avoid” … So be careful, ladies

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