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A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The many reasons why this fascinating country should be on your travel bucket list… and a complete guide for your trip.


Day 4 – 7: Explore and Glamp in ‘The Lost City of Petra’

Petra is, unarguably, one of the most breathtaking, adventurous and  beautiful places to visit in Jordan. The entirety of this city is covered with ruins from over fifty thousand years ago. The roads are paved with cobblestones, there are ancient houses built from mud and bricks and grand amphitheaters, castles, churches, mosques and temples (Jordanians had versatile religious preferences in the past). The Lost City of Petra is a wonderful place to shop for antiques and for learning the history of Jordan first-hand.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The treasury of Amman

The first thing you see when you enter is the great ancient treasury of Amman. You aren’t allowed to enter it because it contains the buried remains of various kings, along with all of their wealth.  To the left is a rocky trail that leads to several grand temples that a lot of tribal Jordanians still consider holy. After the temples comes the ancient residential area of Jordanian tribes, which consists of various small houses that were made out of large hollowed stones.

To the end of the trail, there are several ruins of amphitheaters, smaller temples, large and intricately designed palaces, various shops and a museum. The museum has been built inside a hollowed stone and is designed to represent how the tribes used to spend their day in their small homes. Artifacts and fossils that have been found at the sight have also been displayed here.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Again, for Petra, it’s best to rent a car or hire a driver. However, if you happen to be coming from the Kempinski Hotel to Petra (it’s just over a 3 hour drive from either the Kempinski Hotel or Amman), then you may want to check out Kempinski’s excellent transportation facilities. They offer cars ranging from cute, little cab-like two-wheelers to stark black four wheelers. A driver is also provided by the hotel. If you’re carrying on to farther south for some glamping after your visit to Petra, then renting a SUV is what I’d recommend.

One of my favorite parts of visiting Petra was going up to one of the castles. There are around five castles in Petra, and while you can visit all of them in two days, it is much more advisable that you just see one of the castles. All the castles in Petra a almost identical, except for few differences in designs that were made due to the changing dynasties.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The castle that I visited was very close to the museum, so I could reserve all of my energy for climbing up the castle. The stairs lead to several rooms, most of which are dark and unfurnished; a sleeping chamber, the dining chamber, the in-built treasury, the slaves’ room, or the meeting hall where the King gave orders.

But the best room in the castle is definitely the one on the roof, where the Princes used to gather to learn. I love heights, so looking down from that room to see all the beautiful ancient buildings in Petra was exhilarating.

Next up: The three best places to go luxury glamping in, and near, Jordan…

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Paakhi lives in the United Arab Emirates and is an avid reader of historical fiction. She is a passionate feminist and blogs about politics and feminist issues. She likes to listen to music and document her life in a series of journals she will probably never show to anyone.

Reader Discussion: 72 Comments

  1. Katherine Swift

    Going to an ancient city should be like this! enjoying the culture, soaking up all the history of the land and just basically enjoying it all.

  2. Dana Rosatti

    Thanks for the info.. I actually had no idea it was so easy to get to & there were so many facilities in the area. Yes this is definitely at the top of my bucket list and yes I will get there one day… your information will definitely come in handy when I do ?

  3. Nicky Bryan

    Was in Petra in November 2014. I saw very bad cases of animal abuse (donkeys being electrocuted with tazers, exhausted horses having to race up and down the site, very young children beating animals) Despite the beauty of the site I felt sicknened by the cruelty and the greed of the locals. Petra should be seen but any animal ride should be avoided.

  4. Your guide on Petra is of immense help. I am trying to put together a trip to Petra. I have few questions. Did you book a private vehicle from Amman and drove all the way to Petra or took local vehicle from the hotel to move between Petra, Wadi rum and Amman? The site guides should we take from travel agent or get one from the tourist center? Could you share which travel agent you used in Jordan? Thanks!

  5. Hi. Great post and great tips for Petra. I am thinking to visit Petra in the beginning of 2017 July. I know that is too hot, right? And do you think that one day is too much to visit Amman? I am thinking to do a 3 day trip. Arrive on thursday visit Amman and maybe in the same day travel to Petra. So i would have friday and saturday morning to visit Petra. Do you think that is enough?

  6. Sasha Rosswell

    Hi, I too enjoyed Petra so much, that I am going back next November. I noticed our entry ticket was a day and night ticket. Can you stay in there overnight or just visit at night?

  7. Nancy Musselman

    Very helpful. I don’t have any set plans yet, but do hope to visit Petra sometime, so this guide is perfect for me. Some very interesting info – Thanks for the brilliant article. Keep up the great work, and safe travels! 🙂

  8. Great advice Lucy! Will definitely bookmark this for when I finally get the chance to go there!

  9. Diana Hewitt

    I have not yet been to Petra but my brother has and raved about it. Your way of writing is very easy to read and imagine being there which is a talent and I look forward to you next post. All the best. 🙂

  10. Brenda Nelson

    These are good tips! I didn’t rent a car while I was in Jordan but will keep these in mind since I definitely want to return there with my daughter.

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