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A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

The many reasons why this fascinating country should be on your travel bucket list… and a complete guide for your trip.


Day 3 & 4: The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world, isn’t too far off from downtown Amman. The sea is called “dead” because it has so much salt in it that it prevents anything from living in it. It’s a peaceful one-hour drive from the heart of Amman with very little traffic and a calming scenery throughout the journey.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Salt buildup on the shore of the Dead Sea

The most conventional and easiest way to get there is by a car. Now, there are two ways to go about this: you can rent a car or you can hire a driver. My family and I hired a driver and I personally found this to be much better than when we had rented a car for our visit to Petra. Most upscale hotels and glamping sites can hook you up with a trustworthy driver. Our driver was a native Jordanian and had extensive knowledge about the history of Jordan, so our two our trip was in no way mundane. He also knew where to stop in between to buy beautiful mosaics, shop for Dead Sea products, or stop at some of the best restaurants on our way.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Covered in Dead Sea mud

Going swimming in the Dead Sea is an absolute must. The Dead Sea mud is absolutely amazing for your skin; it helps to control skin oils and acne and makes your skin softer. But I would suggest that people who have very dry skin use little to no mud, because the mud mostly works on removing excess oil from your skin.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

A view of the Dead Sea from an infinity swimming pool at Kempinski Hotel

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is right on the dead sea and is an absolute must-stay. You cannot say that you had the full Jordan experience if you haven’t stayed here for at least two days. This luxurious boutique-style hotel has an excellent view of the Dead Sea; the hotel provides you with fresh Dead Sea mud, slowly heated in a large clay pot, to put on your skin after your relaxing swim. And despite having the Dead Sea right at its threshold, it has plenty more freshwater swimming pools for when you need a break from floating in salt water.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Kempinski Hotel

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

A swimming pool at Kempinski Hotel

The access to the Dead Sea is the best through Kempinski Hotel, although there are other public beaches that can be used. But the sand and water under the Kempinski Hotel is especially clean. They also provide complimentary use of their beach-themed sauna.

If you want to switch it up, stay a couple of extra nights at:

Evason Ma’In Hotel

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Evason Ma’In Hotel, Amman

Evason is a luxurious and large hotel, a little further away from West Amman. It is snug between mountains and hot springs that make your stay here even better! Evason has one elegant Honeymoon Suit that is privately located on the top floor and is perfect to spend you night in with your partner. Evason serves some of the best foods in the region, ranging from regional to international cuisine. It even offers various dining options, including dining at the edge of a cliff that hangs over the Dead Sea.

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

A Week in Jordan: Adventure, Glamping, History, Beaches & Food

Next up: The local cuisine, the lost city of Petra, luxury glamping, and what to wear…

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  1. Katherine Swift

    Going to an ancient city should be like this! enjoying the culture, soaking up all the history of the land and just basically enjoying it all.

  2. Dana Rosatti

    Thanks for the info.. I actually had no idea it was so easy to get to & there were so many facilities in the area. Yes this is definitely at the top of my bucket list and yes I will get there one day… your information will definitely come in handy when I do ?

  3. Nicky Bryan

    Was in Petra in November 2014. I saw very bad cases of animal abuse (donkeys being electrocuted with tazers, exhausted horses having to race up and down the site, very young children beating animals) Despite the beauty of the site I felt sicknened by the cruelty and the greed of the locals. Petra should be seen but any animal ride should be avoided.

  4. Your guide on Petra is of immense help. I am trying to put together a trip to Petra. I have few questions. Did you book a private vehicle from Amman and drove all the way to Petra or took local vehicle from the hotel to move between Petra, Wadi rum and Amman? The site guides should we take from travel agent or get one from the tourist center? Could you share which travel agent you used in Jordan? Thanks!

  5. Hi. Great post and great tips for Petra. I am thinking to visit Petra in the beginning of 2017 July. I know that is too hot, right? And do you think that one day is too much to visit Amman? I am thinking to do a 3 day trip. Arrive on thursday visit Amman and maybe in the same day travel to Petra. So i would have friday and saturday morning to visit Petra. Do you think that is enough?

  6. Sasha Rosswell

    Hi, I too enjoyed Petra so much, that I am going back next November. I noticed our entry ticket was a day and night ticket. Can you stay in there overnight or just visit at night?

  7. Nancy Musselman

    Very helpful. I don’t have any set plans yet, but do hope to visit Petra sometime, so this guide is perfect for me. Some very interesting info – Thanks for the brilliant article. Keep up the great work, and safe travels! 🙂

  8. Great advice Lucy! Will definitely bookmark this for when I finally get the chance to go there!

  9. Diana Hewitt

    I have not yet been to Petra but my brother has and raved about it. Your way of writing is very easy to read and imagine being there which is a talent and I look forward to you next post. All the best. 🙂

  10. Brenda Nelson

    These are good tips! I didn’t rent a car while I was in Jordan but will keep these in mind since I definitely want to return there with my daughter.

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