Luxurious Housewarming Gift Ideas


6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

Glamorous and luxurious additions that will transform your home into a luxurious oasis. They also make unique housewarming gifts!


We all know that money can’t buy happiness. It’s the little things in life, like accepting an award, being praised by colleagues, or hearing sweet words from a loved one that really give us joy and meaning in our lives. So what’s all the fuss about buying the latest Range Rover model and driving it off to the mountains for a weekend getaway? Or getting a glam new metallic Chanel bag and sporting it to your High School reunion? Or surprising your husband with a new Rolex watch after you crack a project and got a hefty bonus from your boss? These are all luxuries in life that we need money for. Material things that we spend on; but the question is, is it worth it?

6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

If you worked hard for it then go ahead and reward yourself!

Treating yourself to the luxuries you’ve been lusting after has its perks. It makes you remember your hard work. Luxurious items are expensive. But if you worked hard for it and you saved every penny of your salary, then you know you earned it, dammit! Your parents might say that you should have just bought a second-hand SUV, but the thing is, they aren’t you. Some people might question why you needed to buy the limited edition 24K Gold iPhone, when you could’ve just bought a normal iPhone. But it isn’t the same, is it? You worked hard and you’ve got your eye on the prize. In fact, these prizes motivate you to work harder — and motivation to work hard is always a good thing. Nobody else works on our behalf, so why should they get a say on how we spend money?

Here are six of our favorite splurges that give your home a luxurious bang-for-your-buck:

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Reader Discussion: 59 Comments

  1. I like the knife set idea. Allows for some serious carving and doubles as a weapon for intruders, lol

  2. Are we forgetting cars?

  3. My husband will definitely disagree with me if I said this all to him. I should ask him to read this article then.

  4. Hannah Mayers

    The expensive kitchen stuff reminds me that my mom is still waiting that I give her that expensive garlic crusher.

  5. Francis Woods

    I’ve been meaning to spend all my college savings on that Prada purse!!! My friends think I’m insane to even think it. But I deserve it. 😀

    • Hannah Mayers

      Wow. You have savings for a Prada purse? I can’t even get a Prada wallet with my little savings. Hehehe.

  6. Yes to the faux flowers. I love that you found a way to fill my home with flowers, minus the maintenance…

  7. Christine Muchoe

    Towel warmers are definitely a part of my dream home! I wish they weren’t so expensive. Also, totally agree about the knives. You don’t realize the difference it makes until you buy a good set.

  8. Ansley Barrington

    Silk flowers?! These are really beautiful (and innovative)! Definitely worth trying!

  9. Hmmm… I wonder if I’m going to enjoy cooking if I’ll have these high end knives.

    • Arabella Clarington

      I’m pretty sure you would enjoy cooking with these knives!

  10. Courtney Watson

    I ordered one of these from Amazon and I’m not disappointed at all. The designs are also well-thought of. I feel pampered just wrapping the warm towels after a nice, relaxing bath.

    • Francis Woods

      I had a short vacation in Europe over the winter and I am love with their towel warmers as well!!! 😀

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