Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’s

Let’s face it: we all like buying ourselves gifts.


Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’s

Let’s face it: we all like buying ourselves gifts. A nice little treat occasionally to say “I think I’m neat!” Stumped by what to buy this month? We have a few suggestions.

Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’s

Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’s

Made from butter-soft (and we mean soft) Shagreen and Nappa leather, Penhaligon’s leather collection comes in a variety of seasonal colors and is exquisitely crafted. The Penhaligon’s Metal Clasp Coin Purse ($30 US) reminds us of classic glamour, with its timeless design and simple yet elegant appearance. Be sure to put lots of coins in it so you can show it off to anyone who asks you for change.

In the mood for some serious pampering? Enlist the aid of Penhaligon’s Makeup Brush Set ($170) and Manicure Set ($220). Both are gorgeously supple Nappa leather pouches with a concealed magnetic catch. This luxurious pouch encases the finest quality grooming accessories available anywhere. We know you secretly want to pamper your face with the touch of the softest brushes money can buy. Seriously. Made of the finest sable, the set is comprised of an Angle Shadow Brush, Lip Brush, Applicator Brush, two Shading Brushes, an Eyebrow Comb and Powder Brush. Available in a variety of colors, the brushes are so light you hardly notice that they’re touching your skin. Heavenly.

Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’sPenhaligon’s Travel Slippers ($100) are simply divine. Made from Lamp Nappa leather, they come in sizes small, medium and large. Who wouldn’t want to sashay around the house or hotel in these? It’s like walking on a cloud. And if you’re into fragrance, Penhaligon’s is known as one of the finest perfumeries in the entire world. Stop in and get a whiff of their hundreds of perfumes, bath and body oils, and fragranced products. Guaranteed to lift any mood!

Another reason to love this stuff: the items are presented in a super-cute pouch and their famous maroon box. Unwrap and enjoy!

Treat Yourself to Penhaligon’s

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Reader Discussion: 24 Comments

  1. Avatar of Caroline Schack

    Not sure if my friends will appreciate this as a gift, BUT I DEF WOULD.?

    • Avatar of Eleanor Pendleton

      Eleanor Pendleton

      Anyone would appreciate perfumes and expensive looking items.

  2. Avatar of Kristina Prizemnaya

    I actually collect their pouches whenever I buy something from them. Their packaging is really luxe and I just can’t get over how great their items are. I even put their perfumes on display at home because they just look so pretty in my vanity table. Penhaligon’s fragrances are something that you can collect and you won’t regret buying it. I have about 10 of their fragrances that I switch on a day to day basis. Even my mom likes their store! It’s the best source for beautiful items.

  3. Avatar of Mary Leest

    Do they have soaps too? My friend has one of their perfumes and I really love how it smells.

  4. Avatar of Flora Kennedy

    Flora Kennedy

    Their store looks like it’s for old people…?

  5. Avatar of Caroline Beck

    Caroline Beck

    Their prices are very affordable, considering that it’s high quality. This is my favorite shop!

  6. Avatar of Vicky Valdez

    Vicky Valdez

    What I love about Penhaligon is their packaging. There’s something about maroon and gold that makes everything feel so classy and elegant all at the same time. I’m not very good at wrapping gifts so it’s a hassle for me to buy separate wrapping paper just so my gifts look presentable. It’s almost Christmas and I’m already hoarding gifts for my family and friends. I don’t really have that much time to wrap them all individually, so the cute pouch that comes along with Penhaligon’s is a nice touch.

  7. Avatar of Anita Cortez

    Anita Cortez

    I swear my grooming kit can’t get any more fabulous in leather.

  8. Avatar of Dixie Hawall

    Dixie Hawall

    Penhaligon’s is known for their perfumes and they deserve that recognition. Their perfumes last the entire day and it’s not overpowering.

  9. Avatar of Megan Nelson

    Their store reminds me a lot of L’Occitane.

  10. Avatar of Victoria Lawson

    Victoria Lawson

    Penhaligon’s store looks like royalty. I love going there just to buy random stuff. I honestly get out of there buying loads of things that I don’t really need.? I agree that their brushes really are soft. I just hope that they make more variations of the brushes. It would be great if they also had powder brushes, contour brushes, and complete eye brushes, etc. Let’s be honest, nobody uses a sponge applicator for the eyes and nobody uses a brush for the brows. We use spoolies and blending brushes.

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