The Sexy Six; Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Reviews of the six sexiest air cleaners we could find, any why you need them, pronto!


Nothing that kills the moment more than stinky air smell. No one wants to be sitting on the couch, leaning in for an after-date kiss and then being subjected to the stink of your neighbour’s garbage, or the idling taxi outside your window. Sure, that SoHo loft might have been worth the arm and a leg you pay in rent but its convenient location might be filling your pristinely clean home with exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide, yuck! How about that vintage farmhouse out of the city? Chances are you have a factory close by sending particulates into the air and right through your open window.

The Sexy Six; Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

How to keep the air inside, as clean as the air outside

Ladies, we curl our eyelashes, we trim our bangs, and we make sure to take precise care of our beautiful selves. But do we ever consider the air we breath to be a part of our regime? Now is the time to read through our Sexy Six purifiers and invest in not only a new appliance (I know you love new appliances) but also our health. Airborne radicals don’t just effect our breathing, did you know they can cause wrinkles? No thanks. Dry air is also a perfect condition for split ends, and cracked hands and feet, which definitely don’t mesh with those new sandals.

So, what sort of nasties are commonplace in our atmosphere?

The popular and most widely known would be car exhaust; it’s the hazy smog you see hovering over the horizon that’s often called “bad” ozone. The lesser known evils include chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and even VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) like cleaners, solvents, and even paint. Gross, right?

The Sexy Six; Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Do yourself a favor and get an air purifier – pronto. Your skin, hair, and nails will all breathe a sigh of relief with the clean and calm this invaluable machine will bring. Namaste!

Don’t worry there’s still a way to keep your air zen no matter your budget or your space. Air purifiers do exactly what their name states, they purify the air in your home or office by filtering out the particles we can’t see leaving clean, fresh air. Many also add moisture to the air they produce, which is an added bonus for glowing skin and shining healthy hair.


Picking an air purifier can be as easy or as difficult as picking the perfect throw cushions to go with your couch. With a little guidance you’ll find your perfect, cleansing companion. Here is Urbanette’s “Top Six Air Purifiers” to help you breathe easy.

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Reader Discussion: 22 Comments

  1. Avatar of Tara Lowe

    Tara Lowe

    I can’t believe I’m supposed to spray paint the Oransi. I mean yeah, it looks like an ugly air conditioning unit.

  2. Avatar of JURIK


    Air purifyers are so expensive. I think I would rather go for plants that can purify the air instead. They’re cheaper and you’re 100% sure that the plants do their job because that’s what they do anyway! No need for expensive purifyers that you don’t even know if they really work. Why not just buy a plant and water it frequently and not only will you be helping the Earth by consuming less energy and less carbon footprint, you’re also saving a lot of money.

    • Avatar of Essie Hunter

      Essie Hunter

      Exactly, I would rather have plants at home. They’re cheaper and effective.

  3. Avatar of Claire Vega

    Claire Vega

    Do I have to keep the air purifyers running all day?

  4. Avatar of Jacqueline Pierce

    Jacqueline Pierce

    Thank you for this information. I’ve been planning to buy air purifyers for quite some time now but couldn’t figure out which one to buy. ?

  5. Avatar of Lorena Joseph

    Lorena Joseph

    I don’t quite like how the BlueAir looks. It’s too big and looks a lot like a CPU. Definitely not good for homes that have kids and are just so curious what this rectangular thing is. If it looks like a vase or something expensive, kids won’t touch it. Compared to one that looks like a box that has something inside for curious cats. I also don’t feel like replacing the filters too often like that. I would like something that’s a little more low maintenance.

  6. Avatar of Shari Pena

    Shari Pena

    Isn’t it better to just use the plants? Plants don’t even consume energy or need filter replacements.

  7. Avatar of Judith White

    Judith White

    I like how the Light Air looks. I just don’t like the fact that it might cause darkening in walls. I’m honestly curious why?

  8. Avatar of Candace Owens

    Candace Owens

    The Viktor one looks like a lamp. Love how it looks!

  9. Avatar of Ora Lambert

    Ora Lambert

    The RabbitAir seems very convincing for me. Not bad at $85 too for the filter. I have pets at home and I also hate how they sometimes make the house smell like dogs and I can’t use aroma diffusers because it might irritate the dogs’ noses. I really have to rely on air purifiers in order to make the house smell better. It’s not like that’s the only job of the air purifiers anyway so it’s like hitting a lot of birds in one stone, which makes purchasing on really worth it.

  10. Avatar of Regina Curry

    Regina Curry

    If you have kids at home that have allergies, air purifyers are really needed. You can always double the purpose of getting the plants as well.

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