7 Exciting Seduction Tips: Keep Him Craving You

How to become (and remain) the woman he just can’t get off his mind.

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It’s easy to make a good first impression on a date, but now that you’re an official “girlfriend”, how do you remain the woman your lover just can’t get enough of? By being yourself, of course! But it can’t hurt to also try these fun suggestions that’ll make extra-sure you’ll be floating around his (or her) head all day long:

7 Exciting Seduction Tips: Keep Him Craving You

Make the Plans

Rather than waiting for him to call and suggest a typical dinner-and-a-movie, suggest something different. Like line dancing at the local community center. He (or she) will be amazed by your creativity and sense of adventure. And heck, creative dates are more fun anyway. He’ll remember the great time you had, and appreciate that you suggested it. #BrowniePoints!

Wear the Pants — and the Condom!

Feeling sexy? Men love it when women make the first move! Take charge and surprise him by getting randy in random places. Now you can get the FC2 female condom and insert it up to two hours before you seduce him. It’s pre-lubricated and easy to use. Now that’s sexy!

7 Exciting Seduction Tips: Keep Him Craving You

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Is it Hot in Here? Nope, Just Me

On a date, wear something that you feel über-hot in, like a cute little pair of lacy boy-shorts under your jeans. Even if you stay clothed the entire night, you’ll know they’re there and that extra boost of sexy confidence will definitely be passed on to your date. It’s just a little something to leave with him (or her) until the next meeting.

Be a Busy Bee

Seriously, nothing says “get away from me” like a gal with no outside commitments or interests. Mention your Saturday morning hiking club, how you volunteer at the food bank, and your weekly outings with the girls. Not only will you show him you have spunk and love variety in life, it’ll also create an extra dose of desirability. Let him also feel that he’s important by knowing the fact that you’ll have to squeeze him into your busy schedule.

7 Exciting Seduction Tips: Keep Him Craving You

Kissy Kissy

Knock his or her socks off with an incredible kiss goodnight. Go with what works for you – a light and soft appetizer smooch or a full-blown dessert snog – and you’re guaranteed a starring role in his dreams all night.
7 Exciting Seduction Tips: Keep Him Craving You

Inflate the Ego

This is an obvious one. Compliment him on what he’s wearing and how good he smells, lightly brush against his shoulder as you walk by, make lots of eye contact and smoldering looks. Knowing that a smokin’ sister wants him will make him want you even more.

Stay in Touch

Forget about playing hard to get, you’re a modern woman! Take charge of the relationship and let him know that you’re thinking about him. Think about how good it feels when someone calls just to say hello, or writes you an email just to say they miss you. Now, don’t go overboard with this (ie. stalking), because bombarding someone with text messages and phone calls will reverse the desired effect. Just play it cool, and you’ll put a little extra pep in his step.

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Reader Discussion: 175 Comments

  1. Avatar of Shelia West

    Shelia West

    I like the feeling of being missed by someone you love. The feeling of him being crazy about you all day, and night.

  2. Avatar of Matt Harper

    Matt Harper

    Oh dear. Please share this with my girlfriend. Can someone share this with her? I want her to do this to me. I like the idea of her wearing a female condom.

  3. Avatar of Sherri Cohen

    Sherri Cohen

    We are going out this weekend, and it just right on time that I have a business after that. Let’s see if he’s going to miss me. If he’s not, then he’s a jerk! Haha!

  4. Avatar of Dawn Wong

    Dawn Wong

    I wish this will work for my fiancee. We are getting married soon, but I can feel that he’s okay that I’m just right by his side, and he never begs for my presence. I just want him to miss me, to look for me when I’m not around, but I think it will never happen.

  5. Avatar of Abraham Watson

    Abraham Watson

    A light and soft kiss are what I want. If my girlfriend will kiss me, I will love that. I can feel the love.

  6. Avatar of Grace Reyes

    Grace Reyes

    What if he’s not the type of person who wants to get interrupted? He’s a busy person, and he only focuses on his work. He still has time for me, but I think he never craves for me.

  7. Avatar of Darrel Lynch

    Darrel Lynch

    My girlfriend is always busy, and I don’t think that she just wants me to crave for her, but I think she’s into some other guy.

  8. Avatar of Inez Knight

    Inez Knight


  9. Avatar of Sharon Reese

    Sharon Reese

    When dating, the guy will always try to impress you no matter what. Then if you are already their girlfriend, you’re just a piece of shit in their eyes who is always there for them.

    • Avatar of Antonio Day

      Antonio Day

      Don’t generalize all men. Not all the guys are like your exes. Please stop spreading things like this.

  10. Avatar of Loretta Swanson

    Loretta Swanson

    Saving this article, and I will read this if I already have a boyfriend. as of now, I’m single. LOL XD

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