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My Adventures in Speed Dating

Three personas, three events. The experiment begins.


Speed Dating: Flight Attendant Persona

Speed Dating Event # 1: British Airways Stewardess

The Event: 25 Dates – age category 25-35

My Adventures in Speed Dating

The Persona: British Airways “Stewardess”


I started by putting on eyeliner to create the “cat’s eyes” you see stewardesses sporting in so many movies. Then I tried to create that “big hair” look but eventually gave up as my super fine hair was just not being agreeable and opted for a high curly ponytail. Lastly, I put on my push-up and a tight blue cleavage-bearing top over which I put a matching tiny (but thankfully still covering) shirt. Both were a light blue embroidered floral pattern. I slipped on my jean skirt and knee-high boots, grabbed my orange Kate Spade bag and was ready to go.

The Schtick

“I work for an airline. Yeah, I’m a stewardess… But I mostly work in first class. Mostly businessmen but sometimes I see a celebrity – that’s pretty exciting. Ummm…I served Johnny Depp once. Yeah, he was sweet… he wanted extra warm cookies. I fly between here and London mostly. Yeah, I’ve traveled all over the world. It’s not bad. Kinda tiring.”

The Talent

Although this event was held at a downtown venue, 90% of the guys who attended lived at least 45 minutes outside the city. Why they wanted to attend an event downtown, I do not know. Since I live right downtown and do not have (or have ever needed) a car, that would immediately discount all but a couple of the guys as I wouldn’t be able to get back and forth to the suburbs easily enough. At least two of the guys who were over thirty admitted that they still lived with their parents. Five or more of the guys seemed to be under five feet tall and another five were rapidly balding. Not exactly top-notch specimens if you’re looking for a sexy guy to go on a few spontaneous dates with.


The first three minute date I went on, the guy didn’t seem to believe me. As soon as I told him I was a stewardess his face contorted into that of a serious skeptic. Maybe he’d seen that episode of Sex and the City – or maybe I was just paranoid. It got easier from there on in. It did feel a bit weird fibbing but I figured I wouldn’t have checked ‘yes’ for any of these guys anyway so they weren’t really missing out on anything. At least they had something to tell their friends because by the sound of it I had the most interesting fake job there.

Things ran smoothly after the first guy until I hit guy number 12 who informed me that his sister is also a flight attendant and that he had worked in a managerial position at an airline for four years. I thought I’d been caught for sure (apparently no one in the know has called them stewardesses for a couple of decades) but he seemed not to care whether I was fibbing or not and continued his line of questioning without incident. He even came up to me at break to see if I’d “had any luck” or “checked any YES’s yet”. No and no. Thanks for asking.

My Adventures in Speed DatingThe Verdict: Definitely suburbia hits downtown. Not even close to being worth the $45.

Dates: 25

YES responses (from them): 15 / 60%

Interest (from me): Zero – I didn’t meet anyone I’d want to spend a couple of hours on a date with.

Results: 11 of the 15 people emailed within the first two days.

Summary:  I got fifteen responses as a stewardess – the average for these events is six YES’s being checked before the matching is done, and three final matches. So at fifteen I’m doing pretty well! Especially since I live so far from everyone, which must have been a deterrent to some. Looks like the stewardess persona was a hit.

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  1. Simon

    I have a speed dating event coming up. Already I feel as though it’s not the women who are being treated like sheep, but the men. First bad impression given by the organisers is that the women are to be allocated a table. The men then have 4 minutes to talk, then it’s the men who have to move table to the next woman while they sit there making their judgement. Why can’t the simplest way of dating/meeting new partners, start on an equal footing? Baaa!

  2. Great article. I totally agree. The great thing about speed dating is that every individual who comes to speed dating is open to getting to meet and know new people. So, with speed dating, you will either leave with your perfect match or a bunch of new friends. Speed dating is a good icebreaker. Thank you for this great piece.

  3. It is always a numbers game and speed dating can help you meet a lot of people in a short amount of time, of course so can online dating but it has its own pitfalls

  4. Stacy Murray

    For real? Are women moving instead of men? Chivalry is dead!! They are more in favor of men, that’s why.

  5. Rose Mason

    Whoa! That’s the deal if you’re lying while on a speed date. You will meet and meet people you met before. It’s up to you how will you handle your lying. It’s better, to tell the truth from the start.

    • Candice Reeves

      Have you ever been on a speed date? Well, better try for you to know how it feels.

  6. Robert Patel

    Wow! Your stewardess character is insane!!! How did you do that? Well, men would like to date a stewardess. who wouldn’t want, right?

  7. Pamela Wilkerson

    It’s hard to lie especially in your career. Like that, what if there’s someone connected to your fake job? It’s hard if you thought you are being caught up! Hahahaha You’re a good liar, I think.

  8. Theresa Figueroa

    I used to lie in speed dating. It’s a way to impress your target partner. It’s normal to lie in speed dating, but of course, make sure you can handle it.

    • Leigh Massey

      I remember when I lied on a speed date and ends up we both like each other. I’m so fucked up that time. Hahaha!

  9. Cora Sanchez

    Speed dating is an old school, right? I remember my aunts talking about speed dating, and how they met guys before.

  10. Cindy Hulsey

    I used dating agencies in the past. The worst thing I have ever done. All I can say is, I’ve regretted ever since and never again. Unfortunately, I am not particularly good looking and hate mirrors.

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