The Perfectly Elegant Cake

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Choosing the right wedding cake and cake designer can be a very challenging task, especially with so many designs and types to choose from.  What makes the selection process even harder is the pressure that comes with the cake being one of the most memorable attractions of any wedding celebration. But fear not, beautiful brides. Finding a fantastic cake designer will take away much of the work.

The Perfectly Elegant CakeThere are so many factors to think about! It is ideal that the cake matches the overall theme and colors of the wedding, so those details should be discussed with the cake designer.  Since you’re dealing with a professional who can offer choices presented in very simple and convenient ways, you only need to give general guidelines.

Thankfully, choosing the right wedding cake will help guarantee that your wedding will be memorable. A beautiful cake will look great in photos and impress your guests throughout the celebration. Aside from the delightful appeal of the creation during the cake-cutting part of the program, guests will also be thrilled about its wonderful taste.

Fortunately, Urbanette was able to obtain a one on one interview, with Brooklyn-based and Paris-educated wedding cake baker and designer Lindsey Gamble, for some insider info on wedding cake protocol!

The granddaughter of a professional recipe tester (and notorious sweet-tooth) and the daughter of an artist, cake is definitely in Lindsey’s DNA. She moved to Paris and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu where she graduated in both the culinary and pastry programs, earning their most advanced degree, Le Grand Diplome. She found that her previous experience with drawing, painting and sculpting blended naturally into sculpting cakes and painting sugar flowers.

Lindsey Gamble of Elegantly Iced tells us how a wedding cake can help transform a simple wedding into a very elegant and memorable occasion.

The Perfectly Elegant Cake

The Perfectly Elegant Cake

Urbanette Magazine: How do you translate a couple’s vision for their wedding to your cake creations? How do you brainstorm with your clients?

Lindsey Gamble: I work in a lot of different ways with my clients to pull together all their ideas and translate it into a cake that’s tailored to their event. I always ask that if they have any pictures- of the dress, the venue, flowers, other cakes, etc.– they bring these into the consultation for me to view.

While a couple is in my shop, I also have them go through my portfolios and flag things that spark their interest. We then sit down and discuss all the pictures they may have brought to the meeting, anything they have flagged, as well as their thoughts on the wedding as a whole.

This lets me learn a lot about them and be better equipped to design something that is truly a reflection of the couple and their vision for their wedding.

One bride wanted a cake that was 6 feet tall, and covered in roses! I had to take the cake in pieces, along with over 600 pink roses, to the site and set everything up there.

Urbanette: What’s the most challenging order you’ve had and how did you manage it?

Lindsey: There are always a lot of challenges that come up with orders, so several come to mind. One of the most challenging with was a bride that wanted a cake that was at least 6 feet tall, and then covered in roses! The delivery was going outside of the city, so I had to take the cake in pieces along with over 600 pink roses to the site and set everything up there.

Getting everything finished and there in one piece, and then making sure we were set up and cleaned up in the time-window the site gave me was definitely a lot of pressure. In the long run though, it all went off without a hitch!

The Perfectly Elegant Cake

Elegantly Iced can be reached at (718) 938-9062 or

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  1. Avatar of Joanne Samonte

    Joanne Samonte

    Aside from the bride, yeah, the cake is the center of attraction! Indeed, it is a challenge to find that cake designer who can help you make your “visualization” into reality. Of course, when the wedding preparations begin, the couple (the bride to be in particular) has an idea of what she wants for their wedding cake design. And sometimes, it’s really terrible to find that “perfect cake decorator.” More often than not, the couples are forced to just choose from the cake decorator’s existing designs, which for me is not really exciting.

    This is a great article! And I would have to say that the designs in the images are fantastic!

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