How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

Planning a bachelorette? Holiday coming up? Here’s the most perfect girls-only day we could dream up.


Anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorettes, and holidays can feel overwhelming when you’re uncertain of what to plan to make the day special. Want to do something nice for your mother or closest girlfriends? Not to worry: we’ve done the fieldwork for you. Just follow our steps for a day that will be impossible to beat (or forget!)

How-To: Create a Unique and Memorable Day

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

2pm: Glamour & afternoon tea

Start with afternoon tea at a fancy hotel. We recommend The Palm Court in The Plaza (5th Ave and Central Park South, NYC). While sipping tea, chatting about life, munching on biscuits and admiring your surroundings, surprise her with her first gift: a fragrance she’ll love. If you’re looking to buy a gift that is both personal and luxurious, you can never go wrong with perfume.

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

The Palm Court in The Plaza

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

Perfume makes for ridiculously memorable gift (she’ll think of your daily!), and best of all – its fail proof — because no woman can ever have too many perfumes. Even if the recipient already has a signature scent, she’d be delighted to add another to her collection. Our favorite? Avon’s new FEMME Eau de Parfum (only $30!), an amazingly elegant and glamorous fragrance with notes of rich jasmine petals and stunning magnolia, touched with radiant amberwoods. It’s luxuriously long-lasting, and its sparkling freshness and opulent florals will make any women instantly feel powerful and sensual.

4pm: The ultimate spa day

The next step on today’s journey? The spa. We love Great Jones Spa in NoHo, NYC because of their gorgeous little pool with a waterfall – the perfect place to hang out and relax after your treatments. Let’s face it: every woman loves being pampered. It’s a great source of rejuvenation for the senses and makes any woman feel fresh and beautiful. Treat her to a unique and relaxing treatment. After the treatment, try their River Rock Sauna, Thermal Hot Tub, Steam Room and finish it off with a Cold Plunge. 

We recommend the Red Flower Sento Treatment & Massage at Great Jones Spa. This intoxicating treatment takes place in the Vichy shower. The five-step ritual is based on a traditional Japanese bathing practice from the Kamakura era. Flower oils and fruit essences are combined with minerals derived from the sea and the earth, all with the aim of healing and purifying every inch of the body. Yuzu Mimosa Sea Algae is used to purify the skin before it is vigorously scrubbed with Ohana Ginger grass Bamboo, and then polished with Wild Cherry Blossom Rice. Next, the skin is hydrated with Camellia, Rose, and Plum oils. Finally, the therapist performs a Shiatsu massage using Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil. She’ll definitely come out sparkling!

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca

Want something a bit more social? Avoid the ordinary and try the shared (and co-ed) bathing rituals at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca. It consists of a series of different mini pools or baths at different temperatures.  You pass through all of them and feel completely rejuvenated by the end.

How-To: Girls-Only Fun DayShe might think the best part of the day is over, at this point, but she’d be wrong! More is coming, back at home…

6pm: Relaxing at home

When you get back to your, or her, home, you can give her two more gifts. First, pull out Zoya‘s most sparkling (& non-toxic) polishes and place them on the table. It’s time for your at-home mani-pedi’s! You can watch your favorite TV show (or last-night’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for some educational comedy you can chat about) while you’re doing your nails. She’ll love this girl-time together and will sparkle and think of you every time she looks at her hands.

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

Once the mani-pedi’s are done, pull out the sparkling and glamorous crystal candle you’ve been waiting to give her and set it on the table. Once she’s opened it, light it (bring matches!), and let its natural fragrance fill the room. Our favorite by far is the Lavender and Rosemary Woven Crystal Candle by Agraria. These beautifully luminous, fragrant, and clean burning candles are a special blend of vegetable-based premium soft waxes, so they’re completely healthy to breathe. These candles make the perfect gift, as they are presented in a stunning and elaborate box, and the case is made of woven crystal glass with a silver-plated lid featuring the Agraria crest. The design is a modern interpretation of the woven palm leaf cases used for 20 years beginning in the early 1980’s. Stunning!

7pm: Here’s when it gets racy…

This is when there’s a knock on the door, and a two sexy men with ripped abs and bowties walk in. But these aren’t just any sexy men in bowties. One is a chef, ready to prepare you a delicious home-cooked meal — and then leave! The other is a sommelier and has prepared a wine tasting to entertain you while the meal is cooking. Now’s when you pop open the pink champagne and the real fun begins. Wondering where you can find a scantily-clad sex-bomb of a personal chef and sommelier? Checkout Rent a Gent’s catalog of hot men for hire, and their hourly rates. No, really. Guaranteed to make you feel like princesses for a day.

How-To: Girls-Only Fun Day

Rent a Gent chef and sommelier

Looking for even more gifts? The Animal Rescue Store donates all profits to animal shelters, and they have hundreds of great gift items for sale.

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  1. Avatar of Celeste Andrade

    Wow, that looks like fun! I need some spa time for me. Instead of providing the services, I need to get pampered myself! Great ideas! Thank you

  2. Avatar of Tinsley Mortimer

    LOVE this! What great ideas for a perfect day!

  3. Avatar of Gabrielle Williams

    Gabrielle Williams

    That sounds like it would be quite the jam-packed fun day! I especially think that single moms would appreciate the 7pm Mother’s Day installment!

  4. Avatar of Auriane Desombre

    Great ideas! I especially love beginning with the tea 🙂

  5. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    This is absolutely perfect! I need to check out that Great Jones Spa! I need some relaxation. I think we should all try this!!

  6. Avatar of Paula Lowe

    Paula Lowe

    I love these ideas. These NYC spas look like they're to die for, I have to check them out! And gotta love Zoya nail polishes, they're my favorite and the non-toxic aspect is fab.

  7. Avatar of Angela Davis

    LOVE these ideas! When my mom visits from Denver next month I'm going to set up this day exactly how you explained it – gifts and all. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Avatar of Jen Shivettes

    Jen Shivettes

    Oooh the Avon perfume looks like it’s to die for!  I bet my mom would love it for a mother’s day gift.

  9. Avatar of Rebecca Ariane Givens

    Absolutely perfect!

  10. Avatar of Chloe Ambrosia Miller

    This is just impeccably, luxuriously, yet-in-budget perfect!!!

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