The 30 Before 30 Bucket List


The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

Thirty fun and enlightening things every woman should try.


In no particular order, I’ve put together a list of thirty things everyone should try before turning thirty (or any age, really!) Some of the items listed are things I’m guilty of doing and some are in my list of things to pursue – all of them are important to experience at least once in your before-married life.

1.  Enjoy a One Night Stand

Spend an evening on the prowl knowing that the world is your oyster, and oysters are an aphrodisiac you won’t be needing tonight. Feel the power of knowing that, as a woman on a mission, you’re 100% in control and it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to get lucky. So put a rubber on it and enjoy your time with a hot dude you just met.

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

Bring a girlfriend and make sure she knows the name and address of where you’re going and who you’re going with. Silence the voice inside you that’s pondering if he’s relationship material, or wonders if he noticed your cellulite. You’ll never see him again (on purpose!), so it doesn’t matter. Just be safe and don’t let it turn into a frequent habit!

2.  Move To Another Country  

If you’re interested in making a fresh start, find a way to make the move possible – even if just for a few months. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on life and how the world works. It’ll force you to get out of your shell and give you the confidence to know that no matter what, there are always options and adventures out there waiting for you.

3.   Travel the World

With lots of ways to travel cheap nowadays, there’s no excuse not to travel the world as much as you can. Start with going on road trips with college friends. Or travel by yourself to different cities where you can reconnect with old friends and relatives. Traveling generally gets harder as you get older, so now is the time to take advantage of this freedom.

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

4.  Face Your Fear

I’m still stuck with a phobia of heights, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced being strung up on a very long and high zip-line. Suck it up and face your fear; no one cares if you’ll be screaming your guts out in the process. Do it. Check it off your bucket list. Share the video.

5.  Take Your Parents To Dinner 

Taking your parents out to dinner is not at all cheesy. Rather, it’s something you should have done a long time ago.

Make amends by acknowledging the fact that they too are flawed individuals and that they are only looking out for you. They may have done crazy, unreasonable things, but they did it for your well-being even though you didn’t exactly approve of their means. They deserve this dinner more than you’ll ever know.

6.  Go Crazy In Vegas

If you want to know how it feels like to be in ‘The Hangover’ movie, then go ahead and drive out or buy your tickets to Vegas. Go for a weekend with a few of your friends (because any longer than that and Vegas stops being fun). Party. Go crazy. Laugh your ass off. Vegas is where you can do all sorts of things without being judged.

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

7.  Take a Class

Invest in yourself, but have fun with it! Take dance lessons, learn about photography, or enroll in an art class if you want. You just may discover a new side of yourself in the process.

8. Get a Job — then Quit

Your college degree is there to support you for the rest of your life. But before you land your dream job, you may as well have some fun. Don’t doubt that you’ll end up going through a slew of jobs that suck. If you’re stuck in the job from hell, don’t get complaisant. Start sending out your resume ASAP, and focus on how good it’s going to feel when you can tell your boss ‘I quit!’

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

9.  Be Random

Randomness shouldn’t be taken for granted — especially for someone who’s at a very young age. Enjoy the walk of shame ‘stride of pride’ or walking into a diner at 5am with a group of sexy strangers. These are just one of the things you’re licensed to do before you turn 30.

10.  Have Some Alone Time

Enjoy being alone by doing your mani-pedi, read a book, have a cup of coffee, painting, reading, blogging, going to dinner alone, etc. There are many things you can do by yourself and spending some time alone is a way to reconnect with yourself. It could lead to some great brainstorming or self discoveries and that’s never a bad thing!

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Sarah enlightens us on a daily basis with the newest trends as (and often before) they transpire. She is the consummate globe trotter. Having traveled to over 70 countries, she earns her living writing, blogging ( and modeling while on the road. In her spare time she gets manicures, suntans on yachts in Greece, shops for even more shoes, and lives in the limelight. She loves photography, elephants, sailboats, bangles and ballet flats.

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  1. Blanche Rivera

    Get inked! Permanence might be scary thought, and you are skeptical how you’ll change over the years. But getting inked is has charm of its own. Just make sure it’s something that represents who you are at this point in your life. If you don’t try it how will you know the magic it creates. ?

  2. Flora Kennedy

    Stop having regrets for the things you missed. Realizing that you’ve made a huge mistake might seem like the end of the world but it’s not. As you’ll grow older and wiser, you’ll understand that these things are better to be flipped as old pages and move on.

  3. Learn to forget the past. You don’t need negativity in life, and it’s better to set those cold feelings aside. Try and sort your differences with the other person and let go of something that’s not required in life.

  4. Let go of the past. Learn to leave all the negative things where they belong.; behind you in the past. You’ll be happier and peaceful. ?

    • Sherry Johnston

      I agree. Let’s leave all the negative things behind.

  5. I appreciate this article I’ve been thinking about the things that I have not done yet and things that I still want to do before I reach the age of 30, thanks for these ideas!

  6. Stop holding grudges. You’ve grown up enough to stop holding on to past grievances and understand that they are simply overrated. There’s no point in sticking on to something that has happened years ago and feeling low about it.

  7. Ginger Mccormick

    Date someone who’s not just your type! ? Dating someone who’s not your type will add interesting chapter to your 20’s story. You’ll learn and grow from being around that person who is absolutely different from you. Maybe the relationship won’t work out in the end, but you’ll surely figure out what kind of a person you wish to be with, in future. No matter what happens, you’ll either have a great time, or a terrible time. but you will learn from your experience. This will also enable you to understand how you are, as a partner.

  8. Rose Walters

    Get rid of your bad habits! Before you hit the 30s, it’s important to let go of the bad habits.

  9. Margie Jensen

    Perfect bucket list before going 30! I like it. It might seem too early to make retirement plans, – but there’s no harm in saving early, right? ?

  10. Jaime Mcgee

    Solo trip will give you valuable thinking time, to discover your passion and to walk down the unknown trails with strangers . ?

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