Creative Sex Locations

Exciting location ideas to spice up your sex life.


If having sex in bed is getting a bit routine, try changing the venue. Sex outdoors or in unusual places can be incredibly erotic. It’s this kind of wild, extreme sex that you’ll remember forever. It contains all the elements of excitement: danger of getting caught, it’s daring and it ups the lust factor, giving you a rush. It can also bring you and your partner in crime closer. Just remember: Indecent exposure is illegal, so be careful. That said, have fun!

Here are some places to have sex that you are guaranteed to remember for years to come. Print this page and go through the list with your lover (weather permitting!)

In a Museum – Find a secluded corner without a guard nearby (usually easy in a museum) or try the rooftop or an elevator. If you’re really daring, you can try to get away with doing it in a dark exhibit like in the cave at a bat exhibit or in a dark dinosaur exhibit. Make sure you ask when the museum’s off-hours are!

Creative Sex LocationsAt a (Halloween or Christmas) Party – Try sneaking away to a dark room or the bathroom. The change of scenery that someone else’s house brings and the feeling that you’re being ‘bad’ and the urgency of the hurry-up-and-lets-do-it situation all ads to the intense excitement factor. Plus: when you get back to the party, you and your lover can laugh at your little secret.

At a Fancy Hotel – Sex in a fancy hotel with perfectly pressed sheets, a chocolate at your pillow and your own little mini-bar stocked with plenty of alcohol is guaranteed to give you that ‘I’m on vacation. Let’s have fun’ feeling. A nice hotel room is always a welcome change of setting and if you get hungry afterwards all you have to do is pick up the phone for room service.

In a Telephone Booth (at night) – High turn-on factor because it’s like something out of a steamy movie and the chances of getting caught are high. Make sure you wear a skirt so that it’s not too obvious under the little glowing yellow light, and pick a street (or a time of night) that is pretty much deserted.

In the Car in a Back Alleyway – For those times that you just can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off. Just make sure that there is no one around first!

In a Pile of Leaves in the Fall – After raking dry leaves into a huge, cushy pile, jump on/in for a quick romp! This is also fun if it’s not your pile of leaves!

In your Neighbor’s Garden – Make sure they’re away at the time… or to make it more exciting, make sure they’re home.

At a Motel that Offers Hourly Rates – Searching for a motel will give you that ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this, we must be crazy’ sense of adventure that only adds to the heightened level of anticipation. It’s fun, it’s crazy, and everyone should try it once in their lives.

Creative Sex Locations

On the Kitchen Floor/Table – A very sexy setting if you want it to be. Set the scene with a few candles (somewhere where you won’t knock them over!), chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Try making dessert (banana split?) in the nude and see how long you last before the dessert is spread all over your bodies. Check out the original 9 1/2 Weeks for more ideas.

On the Bedroom Floor – Adds sort of a primal instinct, like you couldn’t make it to the bed. Definitely worth a go.

At the Library – A school library or public library is a surprisingly erotic place to have sex. The challenge of keeping quiet and “not disturbing” everyone else is intensely exciting. The aisles are enjoyable, as well as the corner cubicles (cubicle desks are a great height and the chairs work well too!) Dress up in a schoolgirl uniform or as a librarian with glasses for even more fun!

At a Sports Game – Go to a not-so-crowded game and sneak up to the ‘nose bleed section’ to have a little game yourself. Just don’t get caught on the Jumbo Vision!

If the weather is warm enough…

Shower a Deux – This is a fun one, especially if you have a cottage or beach house that has an outdoor shower. Don’t just have sex it the shower, why not give each other oral sex standing up with the water pouring down on you? Soaping each other up with a puffy sponge or just a slippery bar of soap can be incredibly erotic and lead to sensational sex!

In the Woods – The woods give a sheltered sense of privacy and primal instincts. The cool breeze, the earthy smell, sun streaming through the trees… Lay out a blanket on the pine needles or assume a vertical position against a large tree. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring insect repellent and some snacks in a backpack.

Outside in the Rain/Thunderstorm (at night) – This is about as erotic as it comes. Primal instincts mixed with lust and the excitement of being outside in the rain under the stars all make for a night you’ll never forget.

Creative Sex Locations

On a Secluded Beach (in warm weather or on vacation) – Waves lapping at your feet, the wind blowing through your hair. Does it get more romantic than this? During the day: Pack a picnic, a couple of blankets, SPF 30 and your mate. If there are people around you could always find a secluded area and put a blanket over and under you so that no one can see your passionate display.

In Your Backyard – It’s safe because it’s private (nosy neighbors aside) and your house is right there so if you forgot something or have to go to the bathroom it’s no problem. It also has the excitement and animal instinct factors plus it’s outdoors and under the stars. Tip: Set your stereo speakers facing outside and if your neighbors are too close for comfort, pitch a tent for the night.

On the Roof – Looking up at the stars with the city sounds all around you. Need I say more? Just remember to bring a blanket in case the roof floor is dirty.

In a Park – Have a playful match of touch football or plan a romantic picnic and see where things lead. Keep watch for ants, dogs and kids.

Reader’s Location Ideas:

In a House That’s Under Construction – Find a neighborhood where new houses are under construction, and go in and ‘make youself at home’. If there are no floors yet (plywood or concrete), better bring along a blanket. Also, you can take along a bottle of wine and candles for a ‘special’ adventure!

At the City Park (in front of fountain at night) – This is always a rush! Even more so during rush hour, in a large city. All the headlights and people walking by will really get you excited. It even makes for an appealing sight if you have a fountain that changes color!

At the Drive-In – It’s nice to know you’re probably not the only one getting to know your partner better. Others are probably sharing each other beside you! It’s the feeling of being noticed that makes you hot, and gives you an ultimate rush. There’s nothing like a good movie and a good day.

On a Crowded Dance Floor – Loud music, lots of people, close together… wear a skirt and get really close in a dark corner with loud music playing and everyone paying attention to dancing.

Behind a Building – At night behind your old highschool, your office building, your parent’s house… just make sure it’s not anywhere dangerous!

Creative Sex LocationsAt the Office During Work Hours – Needs to be in a conference room that has big windows and a locking door.

In a Building Stairwell and Elevator – You can get caught so easily, so it makes it spicy like chili sauce, and exciting. This is an exciting place. You can lean against the wall, sit on the stairs, lie down if you don’t mind getting dusty, and have fun (ahem…)!

At the Laundromat – Very kinky and a high risk factor. If you would like an added twist bring along some extra quarters and sit on the washer during the spin cycle. Plus, the washers are a good height for bending over (if you know what I mean!)

At the Movies – It’s fun and secretive – just try not to be loud. It’s very exciting knowing that the risk of getting caught is high. Make sure you have a seat in the back! Try to wear a skirt so you don’t draw to much attention trying to get undressed.

On a Dressing Room Floor – Must be a room that feet can’t be shown… maybe bring in a bag and have the guy stand in it if feet showing may be a problem.

On a Ferris Wheel – Very nice in the evening since you see all the lights of all the other rides and you also get some fresh air/cool breezes. If you are afraid of heights it makes it more exciting, since you hold on to your partner for dear life.

In the Parent’s Bedroom – When the ‘rents are in the living room, sneak into their bedroom. If doing it on the bed is too close to home (!) then try the floor! Bonus: It makes you feel like your in high school and the risk of getting caught – especially by your parents – is a huge rush!

Nightclub Bathroom then on Roof of High-Rise Building – In a crowded nightclub bathroom with all the patrons knowing what you are doing until security comes, then going back to apartments and finishing off on the roof of the building.

At a Bowling Alley – Go to the far alley and sit at the score keeping station… wear a skirt for convenience. (Very high risk factor on some crowded nights.)

At a Public Lake or Swimming Hole – Very enjoyable if you like the suspense of getting caught. Dark water makes it less visible to other swimmers, and everyone will just think you’re playing around…

In a Tree House (or a neighbor’s tree house!) – Get a sweet taste of nature, and (if you’re lucky), a breeze to cool you off.

In a Hot Tub or Pool – A steamy, warm, bubbling hot tub, or a large outdoor pool. It’s really sexy, and oral sex is great fun in a hot tub!

On the Moon Bounce – That thing at the carnival (with the floor filled with air) where all the kids play. Try to sneak in after hours.

Have you tried these? Did you like or hate them? Give us more ideas to add to this article in the comments below!

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Reader Discussion: 10 Comments

  1. Avatar of Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez

    My fiancé and I had sex on a hotel balcony in Atlantic City and he caught a women in her mid 30s starting at us so he whispered in my ear and told me so I told him to go harder give her shoe and she watched the whole thing I think it was the most thrilling craziest thing I’ve ever done but I’d do it again

  2. Avatar of Trisha Muller

    Location is not important, to be honest? even at a crowded train, it’s doable. you just need the guts.

  3. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    These are all interesting suggestions. The Museum seems to be the mot though. I never really here people say "yeah, I had sex in a museum" lol. I can't wait for one day for someone to tell me

  4. Avatar of Maria Bolevich

    My choices are on the kitchen floor/table, in a hot tub, on a dressing room floor, and the best thing; when you go out with your boy or husband DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME PLANING, being spontaneous is always the best part.

  5. Avatar of Randie Cadiogan

    Randie Cadiogan

    I definitely love… the closet! LOL 😉  

  6. Avatar of Courtney Watson

    Courtney Watson

    I saw an episode of the Tyra Banks show where they made their guests’ sexual fantasies come true. One girl wanted to have sex by the window of a hotel facing a park. Lots of people looked at them while they were at it and even took pictures. LOL! I don’t think I would dare to do something like that though.

  7. Avatar of Sandra Brown

    Hmmmm. I’m not so sure about doing it in the woods, though. All the insects and crawlies and creepies. *Shudder

  8. Avatar of Mickelito


    Dead end streets work very well. Grave yards are perfect, go all the way. Construction zones on freeways after dark or at dusk can be thrilling. Between clothes racks at a department store. We go often to a car wash after hours.

    • Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

      I bet no one would ever think of a graveyard lol

    • Avatar of Jessie Mendiola

      Jessie Mendiola

      Haha. Graveyard is perfect. You can moan all you want and nearby people would just think there’s howling and creepy ghosts somewhere. 

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