How to Unleash the Tiger in Him

The key is to get him (or her!) to open up and share his fantasies with you. Here’s how.


The power of a fantasy is amazing. Yet few couples ever indulge in each others fantasies. Some feel that fantasies are private issues that shouldn’t be exposed. Others are just too embarrassed to fully release their fantasies to anyone. Others are scared they won’t be able to fulfill them, so they’d rather not open pandora’s box.

How to Unleash the Tiger in Him

In an open and healthy relationship, fantasies can provide the much needed escape from reality. Openly sharing these inner secrets with your partner unlocks hidden desires that will benefit both partners. It is always better to know the secret sexual desires of your partner than it is for him (or her!) to keep them locked inside. Awareness is power.

Do you know exactly what your lovers sexual fantasies are? Most women think they do. At the same time, most can’t describe the fantasy in detail. Remember: detail is a major key to fantasies. When your partner is visualizing his (or her!) ultimate sexual encounter, he is very detailed about how things are developing. How his mind formats the fantasy is of extreme importance. Knowing that his innermost secret desire is a threesome is not enough. Details are what arouse and bring out emotions.

How to Unleash the Tiger in Him

The million dollar question now is, how do you get the juicy details of your lover’s wildest fantasy?

First and foremost, realize that he (or she) may be apprehensive about detailing his secrets to you. Your first order of business is to set him at ease. His first concern is that you may find his fantasy upsetting. Assure him that breaking down this barrier will benefit your relationship in many ways. Opening up to each other is healthy and will help build a solid, unified relationship.

Once you’ve assured him that he can confide in you, the next step is to use effective questions. To get him talking about his fantasy, ask questions that bring out details. How does it begin? Where is it happening? What acts or positions are going on? What about the fantasy excites him? When does he climax? You can also enhance the details by adding your own comments. Excite him with your participation.

How to Unleash the Tiger in Him

A great time to bring out these conversations is at night, while laying in bed. Done correctly, this can be a personal romantic time that will flame the fires of passion. This should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. Be playful. Let your mind go and indulge in the moment. You now have the power to unleash the tiger in him (or her). Enjoy!

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Reader Discussion: 158 Comments

  1. Avatar of Myra Sullivan

    Myra Sullivan

    What about MY fantasies?? Why would want to unleash the tiger in him? I prefer him just laying there and me doing all the work. I won’t allow him getting to climax first, or before I know it he’ll be having good sex and I’ll be orgasming once a month, if I’m lucky!

  2. Avatar of Kathy Beck

    Kathy Beck

    The idea of awakening something in him is a bit scary. What if it’s a fantasy I don’t like? Plus, I don’t like my men out of control. I like them submissive and will obey all my commands. Just like the slaves they really are. LOL

    • Avatar of Ellen Padilla

      Ellen Padilla

      You, my lady. Are the reason why men are cheating.

  3. Avatar of Karla Alvarez

    Karla Alvarez

    Talk it out first and foremost. You won’t like it if he becomes a beast and you are just shocked and can’t enjoy it with him.

  4. Avatar of Patricia Mann

    Patricia Mann

    Men are easy. Women are a lot harder. This should be a tutorial for dumb guys.

    • Avatar of Jodi Thornton

      Jodi Thornton

      They don’t even know where the clitoris is.

  5. Avatar of Catherine Lewis

    Catherine Lewis

    Talking with your partner is your one-way ticket to know his fantasies. Now the question is, would you actually WANT to act out his fantasies???

  6. Avatar of Michele Adkins

    Michele Adkins

    Men have weird fetishes. And we women are always the victim of these. Why must we continue in subjecting our selves to such demeaning actions?

  7. Avatar of Delia Ball

    Delia Ball

    unleashing them? They don’t even know where the G-spot is. guys don’t need to be unleashed. Men, however, is a different story altogether.

  8. Avatar of Harriette Hill

    The best sex is the sex that you don’t even care if somebody’s gonna sees or hear you guys. The sex that you are just consumed by each other’s bodies and desires that you just don’t want to let go!

    • Avatar of Jessie Nash

      Jessie Nash

      Wild outrageous sex it is. The tornado triken bedroom in the morning is a clear sign of that,

  9. Avatar of Sharon Burgess

    Sharon Burgess

    These are really fun ideas, Thank you for sharing this. Will try this later today.

  10. Avatar of Eleanor Guerrero

    Eleanor Guerrero

    I learned how to dance in a pole just to put on a show in front of my man. It serves 2 purposes. 1 is I feel sexy while dancing and seeing him get hard while I do my routine gets me turned on also. 2 is if I improve my dance and routine I can rest assured that he won’t go to that strip joints just to see ladies dancing in a pole

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